Worst First Names for a Boy

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401 Yennk V 2 Comments
402 Cadence
403 Asher
404 Diego

Sorry but no, I dislike this name - Organ

405 Seamore V 1 Comment
406 Norman
407 Trevor

What would you name your other kid? Michael? Franklin? Nervous Ron? - doodie

408 Spanky
409 Bow
410 Tummus V 2 Comments
411 Phil

Phillip is a classic name and really isn't all that bad

412 Honzo
413 Mikhail
414 Demoman

The parents must really like Team Fortress 2

V 1 Comment
415 Jan

In Germany it's actually a very common boys name. But it sounds too similar to girls names like Jen when you pronounce it the american way so yes, it deserves its spot on here. - Organ

Sounds to girly for a boy. Better name for an old lady.

Janice is not a bad name- for a girl! This should be a lot closer to the top. - EdRed

This is my brother's name. And yes, people thought he was a girl. - thomwim

416 Gus

Gustav is actually a pretty cool name. - EdRed

I think it's a pretty ugly name

417 Cartman V 2 Comments
418 Jin

This is a girls name

419 Bismarck
420 Benedict
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