Worst First Names for a Boy

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441 Kahlif

It's alright if you believe it's it's a nice name but come on you need to be a bit more realistic.

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442 Thankyou

Thankyou to everyone who didn't name their child Thankyou. - AlphaQ

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443 Dipper

Gravity Falls fans, this one is perfect for you. - Lucretia

444 Stanford

But this a smart name, your kid could go there. - Lucretia

Um Grunkle Stan was kind of named this in girlfriend and he's the best character ever!

445 Vicky
446 Wodney

WO SIunds liek WOOD

447 Raphael
448 Laid
449 Blasius

Nice name bro

450 Wyatt

I looove this name. Had only girls so named my male pomeranian Wyatt!

451 Manuel

Nah, wouldn't name my son this - Organ

452 Florian

Awful - Organ

453 Lars
454 Tim

Not as bad as "Facebook" or something like this but I still dislike this name - Organ

455 Dahvie
456 Marco
457 Rafael
458 Luigi

Mario is found in the list - Minecraftisawesone

459 Khaled
460 Marc
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