Worst First Names for a Boy

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441 Carter
442 Slipknot
443 Dildas V 1 Comment
444 Kahlif

It's alright if you believe it's it's a nice name but come on you need to be a bit more realistic.

V 1 Comment
445 Thankyou

Thankyou to everyone who didn't name their child Thankyou. - AlphaQ

V 1 Comment
446 Dipper

Gravity Falls fans, this one is perfect for you. - Lucretia

447 Stanford

But this a smart name, your kid could go there. - Lucretia

Um Grunkle Stan was kind of named this in girlfriend and he's the best character ever!

448 Vicky
449 Gideon

OH MY GOD I hate this name so much! I would rather have cancer than have this awful name

450 Wodney

WO SIunds liek WOOD

451 Raphael
452 Laid
453 Blasius

Nice name bro

454 Wyatt

I looove this name. Had only girls so named my male pomeranian Wyatt!

455 Manuel

Nah, wouldn't name my son this - Organ

456 Florian

Awful - Organ

457 Lars
458 Tim

Not as bad as "Facebook" or something like this but I still dislike this name - Organ

459 Dahvie
460 Rafael
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