Worst First Names for a Boy

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481 Jacob

Jacob is a great name

This is my name. It's a name from the bible at least I don't have a name like gary

What the heck are you guys talking' about! Jacob is an awesome name! :(

For those of you that don't like the name Jacob 1, that's my name 2, that is a great name 3, it's very cool 4, I'm NOT THE ONLY JACOB 5, the name could be common or rare and 6, some people MHIGHT LIKE The name JACOB

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482 Nicholas

This name is a black name, am European there a museum in Europe with original Saint Nicholas who is black

This name is awesome. It's my brother's name.

Nicholas Cage - Iamcool

Feel free to disagree with me- it's a really popular name, but I just think it sounds disgusting. Reminds me of an old fat lumberjack sitting in the forest.
(no offense to any nicks out there :P)

483 Sean

My brothers name is Seanand he's awesome this list is bs whoever made it

This name is plain awful

484 Ace

Makes people have high expectations. And make cheap homes at every pass...

This guy better ace everything

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485 Levi V 2 Comments
486 Waggner V 1 Comment
487 Kruz
488 Olav V 2 Comments
489 Doyle
490 Onslow
491 Darina
492 Vernon

Like Harry Potter. His uncle can go sick ass really I Hate him

493 Boaz

My cousin named his kid Boaz and I just... Don't understand how they could think that was a remotely good name.

494 Brighton

Is this even a name?

495 Mitt

Mitt, can you grab the oven Mitt for me? Oh thanks Mitt! You're the best!

I respect that some people like Mitt Romney and want him to be president but what kind of name is MITT?! Laugh out loud Glovernor Romney. Get it GLOVErner not GOVerner!

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496 Flidd
497 Jay V 1 Comment
498 Dominique

I thought this was a girl name?

I kinda think Dominique is a hot name

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499 Udean
500 Selver
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