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41 Hitler

Seriously, parents are really deranged if they name their child this.

Even I hate that name and I'm German

Honestly it's like the parents want the poor kid's @$$ to get kicked!

Who would their kid over the worst leader in history? - anonygirl

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42 Beau

I love this name because it has a really unique spelling and.. Of course, beau brooks

Hot name though like beau brooks man

Beau means beautiful in French, and this is a beautiful name

Beau is always a douchebag. No exceptions.

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43 Eli

What's wrong with Eli. I have a friend named that. I think it's a good name

There's nothing wrong with the name Eli. It's a great name and it totally doesn't even go in the same category as the other names on this list.

I think that this name sould be taken off the list. I have a friend at school named Eli. He's cute maybe even hot and kids are friends with him. Whoever made this list did not do very good-my opinion

I know someone who named there son Eli Richard.

Why's Eli on the list? My brothers name is Eli!

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44 Dat

Number 1 best name

I only give you permission to name your kid "that" as long as his last name is ass

Well, if its name was that, the best surname would be Donkey, a variation or it in some different language. I think it's funnier.

Watch out, here's come dat boi! - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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45 Facebook

Anyone who decides to name their kid Facebook needs mental help.

Why, just why? The parents must be obsessed with social media, too much that they even named their kid Facebook. What's his sibling's names? Twitter? Instagram? Tumblr? - AnimeDrawer

Laugh out loud! Why would you name a kid after a website?! - Powerfulgirl10

Interesting... - Hermione_Granger220

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46 Ivan

That's my name... And I hate it!

What?! No! I plan on naming my kid Ivan!

Ivan is actual ya Russian traditional name!

What a stupid name

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47 Robert

I am called robert so the person who made this list can kiss my ass

That's my dad's name I like rob better

What kind of CREATURE put this here!? It needs to die! - EdRed

I love Robert and Bobby. - anonygirl

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48 Marluxia

KInda sounds like a disease

49 Bernard

There is a reason why I hate my parents - they called me Bernard. Everyone mocks me because of it and they make fun of me. They say that my name is the worst and I totally agree.

My "Friend" is Bernard. He's Strange so maybe that has something to do with his name.

This is a species of dog! Imagine if they are a vegetarian!

Bernard isn't so bad. Better than Little Sweetmeat. - EdRed

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50 Owen

That's my cousins name! It's a good name, at least I think it's a nice name and it suits him well.

My brothers name was gonna be changed to this lol but parents weren't aloud

Owen seems like a name for a nice guy. - EdRed

This name... It's Dumb

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51 Gaylon

Made up crap, you are pathetic if you name your son this

Whoever has this name must be fabulous

Sounds like a mix of Gay and Salon. - KianaLexi

My friends names is Daelon. Better.

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52 Dustin

It's just yuck. It's so close to the quite acceptable Justin! Why the D? My ex was Dustin- I used to mumble the name when telling others about him.

Actually some people call their moms mum! Like you've never had a texting error before

Your mum can tell you what to do and call your name... Have dun dusting for the rest of your life (only works if your mum doesn't pronounce g's

Dust bin? - GreenDay_Killjoys

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53 Mustafa

Um... The parents must have really liked lion king

What the heck some of the names on this list are really really damaged who would name their kid dick if they did they would be really really really stupid

What kind of name is this!?!?
Insanity Arabic?
This sounds so odd for a name. It sounds funny too. It's not even a little close to a boys name. - alecola90

Um I have so many words...

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54 Billy

Billy's not a bad nickname, but it's not really a very good real name for adulthood. Its not very formal. Maybe you should name them William (an underrated, cool name) and call them Billy for short. If you don't like William, you could also name them Bill and call them Billy. - EdRed

Oh damn you. That's my effing name. Why not something dumb like that weird gibberish name or Anal? I like my name!

Stop making fun of peoples names. It is very offensive

What! How you put BIlly name?! That was my school cottage worker who named Billy! - David39

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55 Camel

I'm going to name my kid this. And if I have another kid I am going to name them Cow.

While your at it name his twin donkey or horse

Camel more like mamel

56 Ashton

Ashton Kutcher. Enough said.

But ashton irwin is perf so bye

This is my son's name. I don't think there is anything wrong with the name.

Ashton is the dumbest name in the planet

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57 B.J.

Laugh out loud! If you know the real meaning, you don't want to name someone that

The person that named their child B.J. must have either watched too much Barney before giving birth or had given birth to a orange dinosaur that they named him after B.J.

If I had a name like "Barney Johnson" I would stay with it and not call myself "B.J."

Why after a Barney The Dinosaur character? Why? This show stinks anyways. - AnimeDrawer

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58 Donkey

Sounds like the parents are big fans of shrek

Who would name they're kid Donkey, for cryin' out loud?! What?! This should be #1 on the list of worst names for a definite

Weird name who would call there kid donkey looks like they are a BIG fan of shrek

And his last name is Kong! - KianaLexi

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59 Toby

Toby or not Toby.

Okay wow. Just because you take peer meditation with him does not make it a fact that he is nice. That's a pretty nonsensical reason. Also, caps lock isn't necessary. We all understand, you might be friends with this dude or have a crush on him. Cough cough might cough cough

That is a good name! That's one of my favorite boy names!


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60 Nigel

But Nigel is a smashing name.

My brothers name is Nigel

Get this smashing name outta here - 445956


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