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61 Tred

Sounds like someone who would dip Pringles in "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. "

Why not call him tyre?

A guy with that name probably has some crazy nickname like Ham Steak.

And his last name is mill! - KianaLexi

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62 Brianna

What the what? Brianna is a girl name, so whoever names their son this is sick.

Excuse me, but my names Brianna and I'm a girl! That's so insulting to call your son that!

This is NOT a guy name whoever names their son Brianna must've still wanted a girl and thought naming him Brianna he would magically turn into a girl

Briannna is a girls name - Ihateschool

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63 Brick

This is a hot name, especially because it's the name of my favorite rowdyruff boy.

I actually like this name, even though it sounds weird, I like it. - AnimeDrawer

Ha speaking of the middle Axel's also on this list

I actually love this name. My favorite character of my favorite modern sitcom, The Middle, is named Brick. - anonygirl

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64 Camel

I'm going to name my kid this. And if I have another kid I am going to name them Cow.

While your at it name his twin donkey or horse

Camel more like mamel

65 Shabazz

Stupid people. Shabazz is the historical name of the Father of Black people (Tribe of Shabazz) that currently live in some parts of Africa and the western hemisphere. 50, 000 years ago he left Arabia for Africa and started a new civilization there. This is a real name. Too bad people only learn history through the eyes of white supremacy. You should study before you speak.

Lets say that shabazz is a real name it would still be in the top fifty worst names ever I mean seriously who would do that their just putting a fake name!

Say, what?! Seriously? Oh boy, someone is looking for attention by giving their kid a ridiculous name.


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66 Rudolfo

Oh, sure, take a Christmas character, add and O, and you get a super genius baby name! On opposite day...

Oh, wow. Naming your kid after a Christmas mascot. - Garythesnail

67 Gary

Gary is a nice name!

Gary and Ib? Really?

Gary isn't a bad name. It could be Bruce, or Toby, you know.

Gary the snail from Spongebob Squarepants - Ihateschool

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68 Sedona

This is the name of a town in Arizona. No joke, I was looking up a city named Sedona and it appears to be located in Arizona in the United States of America. Good name for a desert city, but not for the name of a kid. - AnimeDrawer

Isn't this a name of a town? - Minecraftcrazy530

69 Sarah

Yes it is a very bad name for a boy because it means princess in hebrew and it is short for Sallyv

Sarah is this person's mom I knows name and she is very immature and annoying. Sarah is a girls name. - Lucretia

My best friend's name is Sarah and she looks like a boy! How ironic! - KianaLexi

Love the name.

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70 Garrett

I don't think this is a very bad name for a boy its actually a very good name for a boy this should not be #17 on the bad name list for boys it should be that in the good list for boys names

Laugh out loud my little brothers name is garrett

Wow he must be hot if girls see him in the hall way... They will run towards him and give him lap dances or kiss him, hug him.

I didn't do it

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71 Vincent

Wow unless it's some over used white soccer dad name like David or John you guys are quick to bash it. Vincent is a amazing Italian name.

This is a weird name

I like Vincent though... A lot of these names are bad but Vincent is cool :-)

This name is awesome. What the heck? - Powerfulgirl10

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72 Hank

Sounds like a handkerchief

This is the name that you give a kid who likes to bully someone

Will you name your next kid Dory

73 Tristan Tristan

haha wow this is my name... but I'm a girl. - MrsBrightside

Wow my name is Tristan and I'm voting for this to be off not on so ha :I I love my name its because I'm and Irish kid and Tristan is and Irish name

Don't know what's wrong with it...

It's means sadness.
It's what I called the child who possessed Golden Freddy in FNaF, until I decided it should be a girl (the child's giggle when Gold is activated sounds female), so I changed it to Thalia Farwell.

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74 La-a

It is pronounced ladasha! I think his parents are to lazy to just put ladasha instead of la-a on his birth certificate!

I'm laughing my ass off right now

Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la la la la la-a

That was a worst girl name Too

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75 Brady

Here's the story of a lovely lady
Who was bringing up three very lovely girls
All of them had hair of gold like their mother
The youngest one in curls
Here's a story of a man named brady
Who was busy with three boys of his own
They were four men living all together
Yet they were all alone...

The brady bunch!

Yeah no funking way will I ever name my child this I had to Google this show even to find its lyrics by it is so stupid. But still yeah no way. Yo...

Just sounds like a fat stuck up buy

That's my name your name is worse

So, your first name is a last name. Makes a whole lot of sense to me.

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76 Ness

This is a gay and creepy name come on man

PK Fire.

77 Trump

No one would name there child not even if they like Trump. - Lucretia

:I enough said

Yay it's Donald Trump did I stop dying yet

Wow a name after Donald trump. Make your last name Donald and when you write your name backwards it'll be Donald trump.

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78 Colin

There's a guy in my class named Colin! Gonna try and keep my mouth shut wish me luck we're pretty tight and honest! :O

This name pisses me off because it was the name of my ex-stepbrother who was a douche - Tylerlangford1234

My friends name is Colin. This is a really good boy name

I've got a friend named Colin, he's a fun guy, but Colin is the worst name ever. Sometimes we call him Colon. haha lol

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79 Colton

I like the name personally

Cool name in my opinion

Colton is my teachers sons name! Along with her husband, Eli. There both handsome and nice.

Colton is the last name of my very boring and lazy maths teacher - GriffinDoge

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80 Clinton

Because of this political family, I can't imagine naming a boy this!

She's a stupid bitc#

They stink...

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