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101 Va

Sounds like part of an ancient chant. - username34

Only people whose mother die half-way through announcing their sons name are called this

And his last name is Gina. Sorry lol I have a dirty mind! - KianaLexi

First Ib now Va

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102 Lucifer

Anyone named Lucifer will end up leading a cult someday.

It has such a nice meaning but it is a Horrible story.

What really bugs me is that its #665 on the list. One away.

To be fair, it means 'Bringer of Light', so...

103 Eugene

That's the name from mr crabs

Rename yourself Flin Rider... No wonder the Eugene in 'Tangled' hated his name... I know a girl named Eugene anyway...

Every. Guy I know with Eugene in his name turns out to be verbally and mentally abusive

His last name is Krabs lol! Mr. Eugene Krabs, Spongebob reference? No? - KianaLexi

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104 David

Hey this is my name

David is the best name ever!

David is the best name ever

Aw seriously

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105 Stump

What hillbilly thought this name up

I liked the name. It has a ring to it.


cool name

106 Demon

What the who in the hell who name there Child dat it's more worse the Adolf hitler


107 Nevin V 3 Comments
108 Marmaduke

Ok your son isn't a dog from a cartoon. That's just child abuse...

This is awful! I can't imagine naming a kid after a dog!

Who would name their kid that?

I'm naming my first child Marmaduke.

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109 Dallas

And meet his brothers, Houston and Texas!

A boy at my schools name is Dallas...

Like Cameron Dallas

110 Aggin V 2 Comments
111 Clem V 1 Comment
112 Cyril

Ugliest boy name ever this name is as bad as Donald Trump being president Cyril is my worst ever i

I hate this name so shut up and go away! - FinnsWorld

Sounds pretty cool. Don't know what you're on about.

Cyril raped the ferrit" just sounds right

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113 Evan

I don't think this is a bad name. What is wrong with it? I mean seriously I guess I', a little biased because I know people with this name, so it makes me like it more. I'm naming my kid Evan.

I love this name, it's my sons name. It's these best in the world.

This name is really really really really cool. My best friends little brother is has this name.

Is this because of EvanTubeHD? - Ihateschool

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114 Lance

My name is Lance and personally I think it's a nice name and not a lot of people are named Lance which is good

This is the lance vance dance, lance no chance, no finance no romance. Funny name. Really a funny name. Don't like mine, too.

Let's name people after weapons.

*Thinks of Pokemon
I I was a guy I would want this name :3

Better than bob

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115 Manfred

Anyone who calls their son this obviously wants him to be manly when he grows up, but what if he isn't? Manny and Fred are awful nicknames. And what if he ends up as a cross dresser?

Anyone who names their son this obviously has no idea he might turn out to be a crossdresser one day! It's like they're trying hard to make him super masculine.

To the guy commenting on the name manfred " Dude, your name is STAIN and your talking about bad names? " jesus...

Manfred? What is this, victorian age england?

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116 Butch

Like the rowdyruff boy? Yeah I have to agree this is a horrible name for a boy.

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117 Bruno

Like Bruno Mars.

No offense but it sounds like some dirty thug name lol

118 Clyde

Honestly I think this name is pretty cool. It's still namish and much more unique than most other names.

Or Bonnie and Clyde.
An animatronic rabbit and a crybaby.

119 Clark

Does naming your kid that just automatically make your kid Superman? I can get behind that.

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120 Oliver

I like this name... It's my brothers name and he's alright sometimes!

Dude... Best name ever! My aunt had an exchange student with that name from Germany, I think. He was awesomely awesome. so swag and Oliver. Ah lee ver is how you pronounce it according to my bro.

"Please sir, I want some more! "


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