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121 Oliver

I like this name... It's my brothers name and he's alright sometimes!

Dude... Best name ever! My aunt had an exchange student with that name from Germany, I think. He was awesomely awesome. so swag and Oliver. Ah lee ver is how you pronounce it according to my bro.

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122 Diaper

Which kind? Cause I hear pampers is quite durable, but huggies are good too.

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123 Willard V 3 Comments
124 Ralf V 3 Comments
125 Obama

I know there's a troll behind this one...

Its awesome African name

This is a legit t name you should take it off

I do like this one because is used to be president Obama.

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126 Sugou

Whenever I see someone with this name, a certain anime character always haunts and disgusts my mind... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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127 Austin

My name is Austin... I am very involved in charity work. Tutor all my friends. And sacraficed both of my legs to save an infant girl from a falling lifegaurd tower D:

That is my boy friends name and it is good

I have a friend named Austin. This is a cool name. - Randomsoldier23

Will you name your other kid Pablo

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128 Alex

This is my name you can all screw yourselves, plus haven't you heard of a great warrior named Alex the Great?

Alex isn't to bad, but Alexander is terrible, my sister in law named her baby Alexander, and it just does not suit an 8 month old baby, and she will not have it shortened either! She said if anyone trys to shorten it, it will be Zander not Alex-I think that's even worse laugh out loud

This is my name. And it's a great name. Personally, this list is offensive to me. There are nice people in the world with these names. So stop judging others and judge yourself. - alexcousins

The man who put this list together is an @$$ whole, he is going to die.

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129 Brett

I don't see what is wrong with this name. I find it rather cute in its own way. It's not at the top of my list for what I would name my child, but I know many people named Brett. I find this to be a fine name. Brett should be lower on the list.

One of my bros is named Brett I love the name and is there really a bad name? People can name their kids what the hell the want I mean my names Kailey and some people think that's a bad name.

Don't you dare to say bad about it! ( for Brett lee after all) - Ananya

Muscle fetish

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130 Milk

Who names their kid milk?!?

131 Wayne

Wayne Gretzky was in one fight in his 20 year career

Bat man and his son, Lil Wayne etc... - JaysTop10List

The name Wayne is associated with serial killers, there are more violent offenders with the name Wayne.

Wayne is a name usually used for old men but all the Waynes I met are nice - Ihateschool

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132 Fagito

Sounds like potato chips for gay people. - KianaLexi

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133 King

I named my blue bear Blue King. Its his birthday. "my milkshake bring all the boys to the yard, damn right it better than yours damn right..."

What redneck thought of this name

I don't know, it kind of has a nice ring to it.

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134 Chris

This is a great name I am named after my grandpa and his name is Chris and so is mine

I have a brother named Chris and he is really annoying! And he never leaves me alone, but I still love him!

I like this name I want to name my son that

He likes sex

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135 Ezekiel

Hey Ezekiel is a great name I'd love to be named after Ezekiel Elliott Ohio state buckeyes

Ezekiel? Like the one from Total Drama Island? Eh, there's nothing wrong with the name. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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136 Nicole

Laugh out loud there are guys with female names like this - ronluna

I'm a girl and my name is Nicole, never heard of a guy named this...

Will you name your other kid Richard

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137 Geoffrey

It's pronounced Jeffrey. my dance teacher spells it weird like that

Jeffrey isn't exactly my favorite name but this weird-spelled version is even worse - Organ

Believe it or not They said Geoffrey instead of Jeffrey

Jeffrey is ok but Geoffrey is just weird - GriffinDoge

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138 Connor

Defiantly no! Because my name is connor so hahahahah its the best if you type up the best it comes up with this so crap yeah and the worst is bob and bill so yea

What!?! This is a great name!

I'm also a Connor, this name is the best and anybody who says otherwise gets cut!

I thought this was a last name - GriffinDoge

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139 Caleb

This is a good name, what's this doing on the list!?!

Man, that's a dumb name

I have a friend that goes by Caleb. - 906389

Okay, seriously, whoever put this on the list is an idiot, okay? Caleb is a good name. It's very manly, and rolls right off the tounge.

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140 Pootis

Heavy: Put dispenser here

No need to comment...

First Diaper Now THIS!?!

Just named my sin that testerday

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