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161 Fred

I don't know it's just weird

Ok, this is a pretty bad name! Henry isn't that bad, sure it's not the best name. Back to Fred. Short for Frederick, which is also pretty bad, and can you imagine meeting a baby named Fred? It only works for someone between the age of 60 +.


Hey its FREDDD

162 Randy

Sounds like a kiddie fiddler.

That's my dad's name, not cool.

163 William

Oh and my friend William broke up with my girlfriend (she liked him better) now it's time to get her back

My friends name is William It's so cool

William is awesome okay screw you list you suck

Proud to be a William - wolphert

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164 Brendan

You don't deserve to live. Brendan is the best name in the world, after Lucas. You don't know what you are talking about.

165 Girlie

It's a SIN for a parent to name their son this name!

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166 Duck

Works for a Thomas and Friends character, but not for a person.

WHYY WOULD YOU NAME YOUR CHILD DUCK Okay say that he or she is in school and his/her friend comes and says "Hai Duck how are you" HOW TERRIBLE IS THAT!

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167 Nathan

I once had someone in my class called nathan - FinnsWorld

My cousins called nathan

168 Bieber



169 Bill

Why is this a bad name, classic but not dorky psi am Bill
Jordy and cadence are are awful pathetic new age names

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170 Ollie

I think this is a cute name. Um hello? Oliver Queen? Green Arrow?

171 Trucker

I can't believe the names parents give to their sons and daughters nowadays, I think these people don't understand what's coming when you name your son Trucker or something dumb like this. Here's a scenario. Career day is at school and your son Trucker says he wants to be a doctor like one of his relatives, then some obnoxious kids say-
"Nope! You're gonna be a Trucker, like your name. " Or " I'm gonna be the doctor, not you, and you'll be the patient. "
Then Trucker goes home crying and he explains the story to his mom and dad, then his parents realize how awful it was to name their son what they named and they say " We should have named him something reasonable like Jimmy or Lucas. Actually, let him suffer. We're in the process of naming our new twins, we'll call them Jimmy and Lucas. " How awful!

The saying "you are what you're named" really applies with this one. - username34

Sounds like a guy with a small penis

172 Harvey

There was a kid on my cousin's t- ball team named Harvey, also there's the old movie with a rabbit spirit named Harvey.
It's not one of the worst names ( Dick is by far the worst) and it's not the best.

173 Kyle

The parents might like south park. I love kyle! He is cute in the show! That's a good Name for a boy! - meows

That's my name! Not a bad name to live with

I one had someone in my class named kyle - FinnsWorld

It's my name and I kinda hate it

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174 Shaun V 1 Comment
175 Hector
176 Serge

Pronounced s-eh-r-sz-uh in french class we all got french names and I got the name serge ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE NAME sorry to anyone who's parents gave them such an awful name ( my real name is Seamus pronounced shay-mus I know it is kinds weird but I love it okay )

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177 Eric

I hate this name because I kid in my class who got arrested has this name

It's my teacher's name

If I knew somebody with this name. I would put them out of their misery

Eric Cartman... - TwilightKitsune

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178 Enus

Too much like anus.

Sounds like anus

When you can't decide between naming your child Agnus or Edward - TwilightKitsune

His first name would be P and his first name is Enus. Again, I have a dirty mind! - KianaLexi

179 Steven

No it's the best name ever I have a brother called that

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180 Reginald

Reminds me of an asparagus

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