Excuse me? I do not have a problem with this. I don't like it when people take these things so seriously. This is all just a suggestion. If you don't like this website then just GO AWAY. Stop making all of this into such a big deal. This is such a shame that these words comes from a 9 year old. People, get a life. Seriously. You guys probably have better things to do than to go on here and complain. Just don't come on to this website at all. And if you think that Mckenzie or any name isn't bad or something then just GO. I'm tired of listening people complain about how their feelings are getting hurt. JUST LEAVE. It's not like someone would grant you a wish and cancel this website. SERIOUSLY. You guys are so pathetic. -.-

To: The person who called me a "basic-butt"
Excuse me? I know that you are helping to defend everyone here named "Mckenzie" but I would appreciate it if you would stop calling people with classic names a "basic-butt." That is bullying and there is nothing wrong with names like Emily or Chloe. I understand that you don't like beautiful and vintage names but that doesn't give you the right to bully someone with those names. Have your parents ever told you that if someone bullies you, you don't bully back? I understand that you like creative names but that is just your opinion. You can say that you like this name but you can't just criticize people with prototypical names.This isn't my job to teach you common sense, this is your parent's job and I'm only 9. So shameful...

My name is Mackenzie and people should not base their opinion on personal experiences. Say if you were bit by a dog, does that mean that all dogs will bite you? Not all dogs are the same and the same goes for people. I personally love my name and know a few others with the same name, their personalities all very on the personality scale. It's the raising and experiences of the child that shape them. If your child is a brat then I am sorry but you raised them to be like that. - MackenzieDelaney

I have a cousin and two friends with the name Mackenzie and sure it's not spelled the same as McKenzie but it's still the same name. I think it's a beautiful name so if you don't like it that's fine but you don't have to share that with the whole world and make people with this name feel bad. It's just strait up mean. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. And to all you haters STOP MAKING OTHER PEOPLE FEEL BAD. JUST GO AWAY!

To: The bully. I don't have a problem with this website, but it sound like you do because you are complaining so much so you GO AWAY. It also sounds like you are taking my comments to seriously. So YOU leave, not me. And it's not like someone will grant YOU a wish to stop my comments. Get YOUR facts straight. From: The nine year old.

To the nine year old (now probably 10): I'm not a bully. You just don't go around calling people that, how would you feel like if I called YOU a bully? You would probably feel bad so I won't. But I'm happy that you don't have a problem with this website! Then I would assume that you would've stopped whining here, which is AWESOME! Thank you so much! Finally, there would be no eye-sore comments anymore. I salute you.

Mackenzie might be the name of a mean girl in some books, but aren't the authors trying to make the mean girls sound perfect. I want to name my kid Mackenzie! My friends name is Mackenzie and she is pretty, smart, nice, and a talented singer! I have no idea why people think that is isn't a good name!

Names don't change personality. Whoever said this name should be for rude, mean and snotty popular girls, you are wrong. Mckenzie could be the greatest girl you'd ever meet. Don't judge by a person's name. Mckenzie is lovely. I honestly love this name.

This name is really pretty, it's just that EVERY girl has this name. I probably won't name my child McKenzie, but I have almost no problem with it. Whoever put this on the list must be picky or something. - JHLover321

Its okay but the name is way too common please no one take offense I'm not insulting I'm just saying my opinion but I'm not a big fan of the name. I can see the name on a teen but not on an adult. Don't take offense

I love this name! Anyone who thinks this name is ugly is out of their mind! I know at LEAST 2 people named Mackenzie. One of them was the NICEST person I've EVER met.

My name is Mackenzie. I get told A LOT that my name is a boys name and it's strange. In no way do I get offended by that, I'm proud to me called Mackenzie and anyone else should too!

Mackenzie (with the a) was my best friend when I was younger. It really sounds fun and bouncy to me, though some would say that it sounds like a stuck up snobby name. I feel like with some people Mackenzie or Mckenzie fits their personality perfectly. Now people who say it's an ugly name, speak for yourself. I tyhink it's a really cute, fun name.


I like that name because my aunt has a dog her name was also Mckenzie. You let me remember my aunt's dog name. I really miss my aunt and Mckenzie

Every single Mckenzie or any derivative of the name that I have ever known were absolutely the meanest girls I have ever come across. I have yet to have met anyone nice with this name.

I do t get it. I call myself McKenzie all the time. My name is not even McKenzie. Sorry for the names that are on here. You people are beautiful. This writer is a stupid nut job. Stop being mean. Stop judging

My name is MACKENZIE! PLEASE! Just, just... wipes tear from eye I HATE YOU ALL!

It's a cool name and I would consider naming my daughter that

I would feel bad for her when she grows up some guy will ask what is your name? She will say Mckenzie, and he will say what is your first name? Last names just sound awful as first names.

! How is McKenzie a bad name! I know someone called McKenzie and I have thing it's a beautiful name!

Everything is wrong about this name for a girl. Unless she is inter sexed. The parents are confessing to wanting a boy. In Scots gaelic, Mc or Mac= son of; Mack is also a boys name. Ken= a boys name. Ken-zi= a Japanese boys name.

Lol my names Elizabeth which is like 7th or 8th on the best names for girls list and it's so boring I'd change it to Mckenzie in a heart beat

Did anyone think of Dork Diaries when they read that?

I hate that name it's the world's worst name and a pies of poo poo McEntire is the most worst of all the names there are ever! But it is my brothers name!

You all are so stupid. Mckenzie is the most gorgous, beautiful name I have ever heard. My best friends name is Mackenzie and it's so unfair for people to judge her based on her name. I hope that one of you reading has one of these following names... Sarah, Emily, kaitlyn, Chloe... Because all of you are basic butts. So unoriginal