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181 Dilara

I love this name! Sounds mysterious and also curious. I would like to get to know a girl named Dilara.

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182 Candice
183 Mary Jane

Good grief! That is my aunt's name! It is quite mean, you know being so judgemental on other people's names! It may offend someone.

Um excuse me but this is my cousin's name. I personally see nothing wrong with it. She's my second best friend so yeah. Doesn't deserve to be on here. - Garythesnail

Goodness gracious sakes alive! Why in tarnation is the lovely name of Mary Jane on this list! You gotta love that original southern name.

This is an amazing name! Also, it's in the amazing and lovely song Gasoline by the beautiful Halsey - lovefrombadlands

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184 Melanie

How dare you put this name on a stupid list like this? Melanie Martinez makes perfect songs, this name is also perfect, I wanted my name to be Melanie but it's Victoria, Melanie is a amazing name and you people need to realise it. :(

Awesome name and it is good to say.

Hey my name is melody and that's so close too my name

Melanie Martinez? The second best singer ever has an amazing name - lovefrombadlands

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185 Mist

Mist sounds pretty. I like it.

Wow, that poor girl should never travel to Germany. Mist means crap or dung in German. As fairytale as it might sound in English... not a good idea if that girl is going to travel...

Mist is such a pretty name and if it were my name I would go by Misty.

Misty! eh, eh!

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186 Beyonce

You love it because it's a singers name. And this name means butt in another language. What do you think about that? - funnyuser

Don't like it, its not bad but it sounds like a perfect stage name not a real name

I love that name!


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187 Nina

Hay nina is a wonderful name my favorite actress is called nina dobrev she does loads of episodes of vampire diaries

Nina is the name of my 104 year old grandmother!

It's the name of the racist lesbian from Code Geass!


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188 Tammy

That's my sis nickname, and I like it

I hate it I'm called Tamzin and people call me Tammy to annoy me I hate it

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189 Cassidy

Honestly, this list has included like half of the names I love. Haha then I found my own name. Long story short, there is honestly no such thing as an ugly name. Anyone with a name that one considers ugly, another can consider beautiful. If one person is rude enough to write your name on this list, I can assure you that you have a much more beautiful inside.

Wow. I can't believe my own name made this list how sad who ever created this I bet your name is just as bad!

To me, this name is cute and beautiful.

Ok, obviously they have ran out of names.😒

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190 Gretchen

This is a spectacularly horrid name. This is the sound I make when I throw up. Parents can be cruel. I think Greta is so much better.

The most popular girl in my school is named Gretchen. She is really nice and pretty. So back off!

Rhymes with retchin'. I have always imagined the baby to be in the form of a demon and devour everyone in the hospital room right after birth.

Yes the name Gretchen is so fetch.

HORIBLE NAME! Sounds like the name of an evil old woman

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191 Samantha

The name is cool because you could be called Sam or Sammi. I have bad experience with this name because I know a Samantha who does child abuse. But just because one person messed up doesn't mean you judge other books by their cover.

I love this name it is the name of my sister I can't believe its one of the worst names that is sad

Bro... My cousins name is Samantha, we call her Sammi or Sam. It's perfect just the way it is. Don't hate. You just want the name - LovethescarletspeedsterWalker

I really like this name! Except for one thing, people shorten it to Sam, Sammy, or Sami. I HATE THE NICKNAME SAMMY!

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193 Ally

Um excuse me, but this is my name! And I know at least 4 others Allys. So um vote it off the list. Please thanks.

That's my nickname! For Alexandra- I love it

UM EXCUSE me this my friends name

The name is really nice! Why u guys think its ugly? Come on, take it off the list. Whoever made this site is totally rude

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194 Madi

Madi is a good name that is also my friends name so yeah

This is my name and I think it is amazing. You quite obviously roan out of names so you just put on every name you could think of, ugly or beautiful! In my eyes, every name is a beautiful name

I like this name because it's short for Madeline, my favourite name

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196 Alexia

Quite popular recently in many European countries, mistakenly being related to Alexandre, it actually means a mind disease (inability to read).

My cousins name is alexia and its beautiful

I'm shocked my name, Colleen, wasn't on here yet. This name is beautiful

Ew I hate this name my enemy is named this she stole all my friends and crushes

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197 Henna

This name is the variation of Hannah, it stinks!

They use this name, in Finland. Very much.

It reminds me of "Henna Tattoos" - GreenDay_Killjoys

Is that a chicken name?

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198 Tulula V 4 Comments
199 Monique

I liked the name at first, and I think it is lovely and old. Some girls, however, over use it and walk around like they are perfect. The name is Nice, but a few girls take advantage of it too much

Reminds me of Monique the Freak by Ween. It's a good song from a fantastic band.

No offense but I personally hate this name

Some guiers with this name are annoying and act like they know when they don't.

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200 Boofie

When ever I hear this name I think of the word boobie

It reminds me of barf

Is that seriously a name

What the heck

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