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221 Demi

I think this is a pretty name it reminds me of Demi lovato

Just so ugly its like dummy but demi

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222 Izzy V 3 Comments
223 Zane

This name is mostly used on boys and hardly on girls.

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224 Angelia V 2 Comments
225 Golzar

The name of my horrible science teacher. - 1337

No no no. Noo no! I'm done. I'm out. Go away. No. just No. stop trolling me. This can't be real. Lord have mercy on humanity.

226 Nicki

That's my dance teachers name and I love the name nicky

It's just a regular, normal name?

That's a good name

I love this name :(
why just why is this on this list... - _Ash_Lyn_

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227 Cami

Cami is a wonderful name, it was based after a girl in the hospital, and died from Cancer. She was futured in Movies, to raise money for Cancer.

228 Tonya

This is the name of my cousin I haven't seen since I was like 3, so yeah! I also think it's a really gorgeous name!

I prefer Sonya it sounds so much better than Tonya

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229 Zoe

This is my name, and I like it! Although whenever my teacher says 'so' I jump in my seat because I think he's calling on me. But I still do not appreciate it being refered to as ugly. You've put about every thinkable name on this list! What's YOUR name?

When you say it fast it sounds like "so. " - urnotmecuzimme

My name is Zoe thank you very much. I'm trying not to split my computer in half right now...

Which idiot will put this name here?

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230 Claire

What! Claire is so lovely name!

My nanas name is this. she died not long ago :(

I Hate this name I have a friend and I hate her and I call her claire

Love this song how dare u put this song on this list

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231 Barbra

This is the blessed name of Saint Barbara. I'm sure all you Catholics and Orthodox Christians know of whom I speak. Saint Barbara was held captive in a tower by her heathen father. After Saint Barbara tried to tell him OUR LORD'S Good News he killed her and she became a martyr. There is nothing wrong with the name Barbara. It is ludicrous to have it mentioned on this list.

HEY! That's my grandma's name. She's a great person who likes crafts&has a cute dachshund named Slinky after Slinky from Toy Story. Her name is actually spelled Barbara, but it's basically the same

My grandmothers name is Barbra and I think it is a beautiful name

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232 Myrtle

I just hate this name. It's sounds like turtle and who would want their name to sound like a turtle.

All I think about is moaning myrtle from Harry Potter

This is the name of my great grandmother who was a true devout catholic! Lets be more considerate now, shall we?

Sounds like a fantasy name - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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233 Elise V 2 Comments
234 Paige

This is my name your name is probably so bad that is why you made this stupid website to make you feel better. BAM

My name is Paige and I hate it I'm tired of getting called "page in a book" or my teachers saying "Paige turn the page" I laugh but I really hurts I hate my name

Just plain ugly and boring. Stupid meaning as well. When did we start naming children after stationary.

This is the name of the girl that likes my boyfriend... - NightmareIsHere_

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235 Mia

Mia is such a cute name! That's my dogs name

I had a nice friend named Mia

Not Mia! MIa is a beautiful name so please stop. - AnonymousChick

My name is Mia Ella (Ella is my middle name)
Personally I am proud that my name is Mia.
I think it illustrates a strong independent young woman and I love that. Also it sounds cute and angelic. I was named after the famous actress Mia Farrow. It's a extremely popular name and I recommend it as it is a cute short but sweet name. I really look like a Mia cause I have a sweet angelic but grown up face. Also people also called me Me- Me as a nickname which I think is adorable. People are always saying to me what a beautiful name I have and how they would die to be called Mia.
Mia X

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236 Maya

I have always loved the name Maya or Mya. I named my daughter Amaya and always get compliments on her name.

HEY this is my friends name

Maya is my friends name

So cute

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237 Anna

That's my first name it so awesome

Anna is a great name because that's my name.

Uhh, this website has some funny ideas on which names are the worst names ever! Anna is my name, and I think it's the best name ever.

Have a friend named Anna u guys r stupid

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238 Sylvia

I think Sylvia is beautiful. I just think some people are putting names on the list because they know someone mean that's named it.

I think Sylvia is one of the best! It sounds pretty and magical, I am proud to name my daughter that!

Sylvia is a queens name and just so happens to be my best friends name!

I used to love it, but this girl I despise has this name

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239 Peggie

That's my grandma's name

240 Mariah

Maria is my middle name and I love it

Lovely name! I totally disagree!

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