Worst First Names For Girls

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261 Meghan

I love this name

This is my sisters name

It is spelled weird

This is my name it is very very very rude!

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262 Roberta

It just bad would you liked to be named roberta

That's my name and I love it as it's unique and different and I go by Robbie which I love
I'm happy that I'm not named amy.

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264 Latisha
265 Caroline

Me: WHAT THE HECK I WANTED TO NAME MY NEWBORN DAUGHTER CAROLINE AND LOOK WHAT I FOUND! Other person: I don't really know what kind of idiot would do this lets just save her name

My mums name

Have a friend named Caroline I hope u r reading this! It is rude to put down names that r pretty! Like my name Catherine it is a classic! come on guys! And a lot of my friends names including my bffs name u guys r rude and insecure dummies who need a life thank u! 😌I feel so much better now!

266 Gay

Rather rude and biased to call your child that before you see their personality. The blame's on the 'rents.

This is now just becoming homophobic rather than true.

Well, I mean you can't be gay when you're a girl right? :/

That is just messed up

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267 Beyonca

"i like this name a lot"

268 Nafcy

It sounds weird however I respect if you have a relative called that.

269 Alexandra

If anything I'd love to change my name to this - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Sounds like a boy name


It's ugly.

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270 Erin

This is my friends name and I think its great!

...This is my name. I don't love it but it's not horrible. Should not be on any kind of a list of worst names.

Erin is my best friends name,my mums name, my daughters name and the name on my headstone.

This is my name I don't think it should be on the worst name lists. My name actually means peace and harmony. My name is also the name of a Greek goddess, the goddess of war and love😀😀😀I don't think anybody's name should be hated

271 Vergina

Not really a nice name at all sorry to those people with this name but I hate it.

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272 Flossie

I'm sorry buy your crazy! ' 1738 million people die

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275 Sukey

Suki is a beautiful Japanese name. Sukey was also a slave name. Nothing ugly about ait.

Polly put the kettle on and Sukey took it off again. Sue is bad enough! - AutoUnder

276 Velvet

I think this is quirky and sweet

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277 Ebola

Ebola. Why Ebola. First of all, I'm sorry if anybody is called this but I'm sorry if people make fun of you. Why would someone name their precious little girl after a CRAZY disease! - Louiiiizwashere

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278 Chandler

It reminds me of Chandler Riggs lol

279 Willamena
280 Akiko


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