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281 Logan

I think this name is a really REALLY cute name. It's like an old-timey name.

282 Abby
283 Latreasa
284 Melania

Melania is beautiful name.

285 Joyce

I really like this name, and there are so many ways to spell it!
PS: I had no idea what that other person was talking about that posted something before me.

286 Jean

This is really an awful name, listen to the way it sounds, and people can ask, you mean like a bottle? It's my name which sucks...

No this is my middle name and I happen to think its gorgeous

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287 Zach

I used to have boyfriend named zac he said I was a mistake shut up zac

I used to think that was a boy name...

Zach is cool. What is wrong with it?

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288 Elissa Elissa

I have a friend named elissa and I love her name!

It's a beautiful name and it's my cousins name so shut up whoever thinks its ugly because you won't like it if I called your name ugly

My best friend is named Elissa, Shes so sweet. I personaly have always loved this name. not for my children though, I prefer more 'Unique' Names.

My sister's name is Melissa

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289 Gwen

Gwen is 100%. Better then my name which is Daisy Jane which is just yuck! And also the Name Courtney yuck!

Gwen is a terrible name by the way it sucks...!

Please put it of I love the name Gwen it's gourgous! There is a girl called Gwen on Chrissa stands strong and she's not one of the bullies! There is also a girl called Gwen stefani but what does Stefani mean?

I love the name GWEN

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290 Guntas

Yes, I actually had a classmate last year named this! She was mean, too. That didn't help her case.

I actually had a classmate named this. She was mean, too. That didn't help her case.

Ew this is a horrible name! It sounds masculine, but it would even be a bad name for a boy!

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291 Ryen

That is a great name my friend that is also my friend's name

This is my best friends name, and frankly it has grown on me.

292 Hannah


Hannah is an awesome name. My best friend is called that and shes awesome

There is a girl in my class called Hannah and she's alright, we used to be best friends but then she started to get a bit mean and flirty. We are friends but she is really rude sometimes when u talk to her

I love this name

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293 Alice

Such a great name... It should be more common!

Oh and by the way, take it off the list. Peeps are right this list of names just can't get enough names so they get awesome names to fill in the spaces

Alice is my name. People thinks it suits me but I don't. Yes its old fashioned, so what? I agree its not the best, but its decent enough!

Alice is one of my best friend's names! Take it off the list now

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294 Jamie

Jamie is a great name, there was a boy with the name of Jamie who died in a terrible accident when he was only 11 or 12 :'( so don't judge it!

Jamie is a great name! But that's just my opinion.

My BFF'S mum's name is Jamie it is a lovely name. - Smileybunny123

There is a girl at my school and shes a derp

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295 Starla

Cute my name

296 Randa V 3 Comments
297 Esquisite

This sounds like a parasite or the foreign version of the Chipettes :/

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298 Rocquel V 3 Comments
299 Nancy

Nancy is my aunt's name. It's nice, I think!

I Agree with you cause there is a mean lady on my street, named Nancy.


Sadly I don't care for this name, and it's my grandma's name. - funnyuser

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300 Marcelene

'sounds like that vampire from that show my kids watch

Marcelene the vampire queen from Adventure Time

Like the vampire from Adventure Time. - Catacorn

I love this name

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