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301 Darcy

EW! I hate that name (No affiance to anyone called Darcy) It reminds me of Dorothy and sounds so weird.

DARCY? What! My friend wants to name her child that.. It just sounds so weird I call my vag Darcy..

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302 Madeline

I think madeleine is a better name because it isn't common unlike some names. My name is madeleine and I love it!

That is my friends name

I LOVE this name! Madeleine is even better


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303 Melissa

You people! Seriously! This is my aunts beautiful name! I will leave you with this to think over. " Judge not, or ye shall be judged"

This is my sisters name! Seriously!

I hate this name it's my middle name

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304 Saumya V 1 Comment
305 Agnis

Replace ag with pe and... it really is bad

You misspelled it. It's Agnes. I think it's a fine name.

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306 Paula

My French teacher's name and really pretty!

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307 Aryanna V 3 Comments
308 Carolin

Spell it Carolyn then it's not a bad name

People always call me that

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309 Dylanii V 1 Comment
310 Turk

I am a Turk too and in Turkey, there is no name like this. But I like my nationality so much!

Turk is a singular person from Turkey. Turk is not a child's name.

I'm a Turk and it's not a name!

Um...ok! I have never heard of this name. Reminds me of Turkeys

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311 Diana

! This is MY name I hope the person who posted that it is had falls off a cliff! This is the best name ever! Diana is a beautiful name and some of the names here are also beautiful.

Diana is beautiful, especially for a dark-haired person.

The name of a goddess or princess!

There is a song named Diana and I am in love with this name.

312 Sinead

Why is this name here? You know nothing compares to this name.

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313 Donnesha

I wouldn't name my kid this, but it's a hell of a lot better than the names I've seen on here

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314 Lydia

Well that is my friends name and also my name:(! /

I used to love this name but now it's just getting boring now! I used to have a friend Called Lydia Clarke but she left me!

This name is wonderful, I hate u people who think it's ugly!

Shes from skyrim. I love that game

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315 Lana

Sounds nice? Spell it backwards.

I actually agree with this, but I am being biased because this was the name of the girl who bullied me from day one in primary school.

Spell it backwards...

Lana del rey - krabsnation

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316 Phoebe

This is my girlfriend's name! Not a bad name - 1337

Terrible name!

This is my new best friend's name. I'm suprised my name is ALL BELOW. I would make my name the ugliest one on earth. :(


317 Bebz

Reminds me too much of Justin Bieber

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318 Ursula

Isn't that from the movie Ariel

Creepy sea with from the little mermaid! - krabsnation

I know a girl named Ursula. She is so sweet.

I just love that name. Ursula is so underrated! It's a very lovely name, sweet and at the same time, strong. To start with "U" is an exotic name. Its meaning is too cute, "little bear". - Palmeiras

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319 Candy

What a cute name.

Sounds like a drag queens name

I love this name


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320 Respusha

Haha this name is such a ghetto black girl name

Laugh out loud this is a fake name from a movie

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