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321 Brianna

Baby sitters name!

MY NAME IS BREANNA *starts sobing*

This is my girlfriend's name.
Mess with Bri...
You mess with ME.

Get this off the list now or I'll start WW3.

What? That's a beautiful name! also that's my name! 😂👌🏻Stupid

322 Jillian

Sorry to anyone who likes this name but I don't

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323 Anastasia

This like my name but the English verion Anastazja so I think it's a lovely name

324 Buttalynn

This name is terrible! This name is probably even worse then Bertha. If you don't believe that this is even a NAME then here is proof. My name is Buttalynn Chase and I resent my parents for naming me this. Seriously, they could've named me anything BUT this. I always wanted to be named Caroline... I got bullied on an app by a mean girl named Carol(Caroline) and I really hate my name. I get bullied everywhere I go and 1 time, it got so bad that I had to temporarily change my actual name into my nickname which is Chase Lynn. I am so horrified and I pray that you would NEVER name your child Buttalynn. This name brings me bad memories and it gave me horrible experience.

I feel sorry for you Chase Lynn. That was not a good idea of your parents naming you that. - AnimeDrawer

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325 Snartice

Who would name their child that they are just cruel

This isn't as bad as the name Flor...

Think of going out with a girl named Snartice to a restraunt or naming your child after a snorting pig!

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326 Poppy

That is what I call my gradpa

327 Hirmidy
328 Dime

That's basically saying your kid is worth 10 cents

UGly girl that is usually short and stuck up

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329 Cherry

Cherry is a fruit not a name for a girl

Well not if you name your kid sherry

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330 Shanequa

I am sorry but this name is just bad. I am not dissing the people who are called this, I am dissing the name. This just seems like a black girl with her weave falling out who wants t be a street rapper. I am black so it is not racist.

331 Memont
332 Flabella V 2 Comments
333 Donna V 1 Comment
334 Krystal

So cute, who would dislike this name?!

This is my name.

Love this name

I love this name.

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335 Traci

This name is so cool. I wish that I had it.

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336 Okeilia

Does this name sound like a all religions name, well even if it is I still like it. Who knows I might even name my child this considering how cute it is.

So cute.

So cute.

I like this name but it be better if its more poppuler cause pretty much nobudy likes it so I don't really like it

337 Superman

Superman is a name no matter how different it is compared from everyone else. I think that it would be so cool to have this name considering that when you are a toddler and your name is Superman, you could pretend to be what you actually are named after... that would be so cool!

SuperMAN, not superWOMAN. Who would even name their kids Superman in the first place?

It's not exactly a girl name


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338 Caroline

Have a friend named Caroline I hope u r reading this! It is rude to put down names that r pretty! Like my name Catherine it is a classic! come on guys! And a lot of my friends names including my bffs name u guys r rude and insecure dummies who need a life thank u! 😌I feel so much better now!

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339 Gay

Rather rude and biased to call your child that before you see their personality. The blame's on the 'rents.

This is now just becoming homophobic rather than true.

Well, I mean you can't be gay when you're a girl right? :/

That is just messed up

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340 Hatsune V 3 Comments
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