Worst First Names For Girls

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341 Traci

This name is so cool. I wish that I had it.

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342 Okeilia

Does this name sound like a all religions name, well even if it is I still like it. Who knows I might even name my child this considering how cute it is.

So cute.

So cute.

I like this name but it be better if its more poppuler cause pretty much nobudy likes it so I don't really like it

343 Superman

Superman is a name no matter how different it is compared from everyone else. I think that it would be so cool to have this name considering that when you are a toddler and your name is Superman, you could pretend to be what you actually are named after... that would be so cool!

SuperMAN, not superWOMAN. Who would even name their kids Superman in the first place?

It's not exactly a girl name


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344 Hatsune V 3 Comments
345 Hayley

It's a beautiful name and its 1 of my friends names I love it

Hey that's a beautiful name

346 Catherine

My name! U guys r dumb and need a life! U remind me of someone in my class I'm surmised his name is not on here! But still U guys r unbelievably stupid and rude and mean and u r jerks

This is the number one worst name ever!

This name is amazing. Why can't this be my name? Thanks mom.

Best name since it's MY name! - Untildawn8

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347 Wynne

I love the name Wynne, it's adorable in my perspective

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348 Olive

Terrible name for a girl! Guaranteed to be teased to death. Hey Olive, did popeye pick up spinach for dinner?

I'm sorry but this has to be the worst name to stick on a sweet little girl. - FinnsWorld

This is a lovely name! It's unique and classic.

My names Olivia, so that's really offensive bitches!

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349 Arline

This is the name of my horrible art teacher. - doodie

350 Sanaz V 1 Comment
351 Tristan

My sister is naming her daughter, my first niece Tristan Jameson. I hate it. - Lucretia

This is a verry handsum name for boys

352 Kiera

WE don't WANT TO HEAR YOUR OPINION. MY FRIEND IS CALLED KIERA AND SHE IF nothing LIKE THE ISIS! You can say the name is ugly and all but saying it's like the isis is just stupidly idiotic. My friend is kind clever and loyal! I can't believe this!

This name just makes me think of isis, do you want your daughter compared to isis?

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353 Maddy

My name Is mad filmy and we shorten it to maddie � -

So ugly ergh!

354 Bessie
355 Brigid

Brigid is a very pretty name for girls not for boys! Brigid is a verry Irish name. There is= all sorts of ways you can spell it like Brigit, Bridget, Brigitte, Brigid, Brigett.

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356 Noodle

Swimming noodle, haha

Who would name there child after some food

I did

357 Lala V 1 Comment
358 Florida V 1 Comment
359 Obama

Obama myself it's a miserable name after the 44th president

That the 44 president, so that is just awkward.

360 Kendra

I Think kendra is a horrible name

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