Worst First Names For Girls

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361 Chetan
362 Kimberly

I feel sorry for guys named Kim. It's such a girls name. Very effeminate for the poor male who grows up with it.

363 Veanna
364 Mona

Mona sounds like doll in Spanish

365 Gory

Little baby Gory. Do me a gargantuan favor and don't name your kid this.

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366 Tommy

It's a boys' name, so why name a girl that?! This is just stupid...

Tammy for a girl sounds better. No offense to female Tommies, though. C:

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367 Sayarhina
368 Mercurea

I actually like the sound of this name

369 Wilda

Funny, this is actually my grandmas name

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370 Lesley V 1 Comment
371 Irene

That's my grandmother's name

372 Sam

Love this name but Samantha sounds better

I love the name Sam, for girls and guys - _Ash_Lyn_

No it doesn't Samantha is the worst name ever


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373 Gloria

This name so unique!

374 Shaurice
375 Pamela V 4 Comments
376 Sheila

I personally think Sheila is a beautiful name. It's a little old fashioned, but it sounds beautiful!

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377 Sandra

My mom's name is Sandra. It's a pretty name.

My grandmother's name is Sandra, it's a normal name and it's not ugly.

My inspiration is named Sandra and I like it

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378 Wanda

Wanda is my BFF's name and it's also a nice name not a bad one :(

Um this is my mom's name, and my great-grandma's name...it's NOT that bad!

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379 Isabella

Well I hate my name very much. I wish I had a different name. I'll never see my parents the same way again ugh. my parents lied... Again:(

Love this name come on guys!

There is a rock song called 'Sensuella Isabella' by the Swedish rock singer Tomas Ledin. And he's completely awesome!

Worst name ever. Sounds very bitchy and bossy. Isabelle is way better. No need to add an a.

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380 Cecilia

That's the name of the saint of music.

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