Worst First Names For Girls

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361 Majesty

Majesty reminds me of a queens servant saying what would you like majesty

362 Tasha
363 Kathleen
364 Baylee
365 Chuck
366 Chetan
367 Kimberly

I feel sorry for guys named Kim. It's such a girls name. Very effeminate for the poor male who grows up with it.

368 Veanna
369 Mona

Mona sounds like doll in Spanish

370 Gory

Little baby Gory. Do me a gargantuan favor and don't name your kid this.

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371 Tommy

It's a boys' name, so why name a girl that?! This is just stupid...

Tammy for a girl sounds better. No offense to female Tommies, though. C:

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372 Sayarhina
373 Mercurea

I actually like the sound of this name

374 Wilda

Funny, this is actually my grandmas name

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375 Lesley V 1 Comment
376 Irene

That's my grandmother's name

377 Sam

Love this name but Samantha sounds better

I love the name Sam, for girls and guys - _Ash_Lyn_

No it doesn't Samantha is the worst name ever


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378 Gloria

This name so unique!

379 Shaurice
380 Pamela V 4 Comments
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