Worst First Names For Girls

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401 Lita
402 Gillian

Gillian is such a wonderfully unique name!

Sounds like Gilligan. By the way nice name

403 Savannah V 2 Comments
404 Jill

I do not like this name because someone on my softball team is named jill and they are super fat

This is my sisters name get it off of here!

V 3 Comments
405 Lynn

Love this name

406 Veronica

Why is this picked for ugly girl names this is a beautiful name and this is my brothers girlfriend so if you think its ugly SHUT UP Cause u don't know what you are sayings u won't like it if I called your name ugly

Why? This is my older best friends name, she is cool and confident with everything, why do you do this?

Sounds like a veruca

Me - Lunala

V 1 Comment
407 Tallulah

My cat's name (but shortened to Tilly)

V 1 Comment
408 Kirsten

Poor Kristen from the clique books and movie

Apparently that's my cousin's name AND I HATE IT! Even worse than Daisy.

There are so many different variations of pronunciation. This is my name and I've lived a life if being called everything but how I say it (curse-ten). Also when people shorten it is curse.

V 3 Comments
409 Mae
410 Magdalena
411 Jocelyn

How dare you! This is my name! 😡

412 Teddy

My therapist says that I should get rid of my fear of teddy bears so this is controlled exposure I'm sorry world
@TaylorSwift13 my son is looking for a date and he said you look ok please date him I will pay you $10 cash

V 2 Comments
413 Eugene

No joke I actually know a girl whose middle name is Eugene. And the worst part is that she's proud of it and tells everyone as if she has the best name ever! Ugh!
And yeah I've never liked this girl...

V 3 Comments
414 Cameron

This is my name and to be honest I think it's really cute. I think it is a nice name because it can be used for both girls and boys. I actually was looking for my name here but I'm not mad because people can have their own opinions.

I can't believe no one said this one. Considering that this is my name (spelled differently) it is quite irritating to tell people my name.

V 4 Comments
415 Paris

The name Paris is as pretty as the place.

V 4 Comments
416 Patsy

Sounds like fats - krabsnation

417 Fanny

Reminds me of a butt.

I always think of underwear when I hear this name.

It reminds me of a fanny. Translated butt

Reminds me of nunus

V 4 Comments
418 Matilda V 2 Comments
419 Tronquischa
420 Belinda

That's my mother's name and its also a skank I knows name so is kinda blah

It's a beautiful name and I don't agree with any of your comments

Belinda reminds me of a blender

Belinda is my bus driver she's evil

V 3 Comments
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