Worst First Names For Girls

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421 Ilya
422 Kelsey

This Is is my cousins name I love it

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423 Tony

That's my mom's brother's name. What the...? - Powerfulgirl10

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424 Shaquisha V 2 Comments
425 Alyssa

I think Alyssa is a beautiful name

My BFF is named that, it is pretty, no, beautiful

I love this name. I don't see why it's on here

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426 Margaret

It sounds like Margarita. But this name is good. - Powerfulgirl10

This is my name but it's girly I hate it though

Classy, it's my granny's name

Margret more like maggot

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427 Natalie

That's my friend's name

Why is Natalie on the list? That's one of the best names ever. All the other names on this list totally suck. - FinnsWorld

I like natalie but it's not as good as my name

Why?! Why?! Whyyy This is my name and I think its absouloutly beautiful! >:( u made me cry

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428 Tantra
429 Darby

There was somebody from Jojo's bizzare adventure with this name, 2 people in fact, they were brothers

430 Trudy V 2 Comments
431 Fatiqua

What the heck is this name?!? Fatiqua? You've gotta be kidding me.

I died of laughter reading this! - Powerfulgirl10

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432 Makayla

I love this name! It is so pretty and I always get so many compliments

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433 Kim

Kim is my mom's name. Not, great, but it's nice, and it really shouldn't be on the list.

Kim can't be on here before megan, kim is not the worst name

I think if Kim kardashian looked at her name on this list,she would be quite offended

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434 Alison
435 Sarah

Are you kidding me? This is my name, great name people! - Catacorn

I don't know why, I just don't like this name

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436 Ash

Did anyone else think of Ash Williams from the Evil Dead?

Its strong and gorgeous

God I feel sorry for peps that are called this!

Gotta catch em all! - Catacorn

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437 Maricar
438 Brunhilda

Like Hilda isn't bad on it's own, they chose to put a Brun in front of it!?

439 Kelly V 2 Comments
440 Gavin

That's the creepy ginger boy in my class's name haha - krabsnation

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