Worst First Names For Girls

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441 Kelly V 2 Comments
442 Gavin

That's the creepy ginger boy in my class's name haha - krabsnation

V 1 Comment
443 Alessia V 1 Comment
444 Laquisha

Favorite name laugh out loud

445 Olivia

That's my friends name and I have known her for 9 years and I'm only 11 years old and she is the nicest person I know

I don't find this name bad, in fact, its beautiful. But there is this girl I really hate who is named Olivia. - Catacorn

Anyone who thinks this name is ugly should be executed

WHAT THE HECK?! this is my sisters name and I think It is just lovely! whoever posted this, go back to daycare!

V 8 Comments
446 Julie

This is a name of a little girl who helped me in school. People were bullying me and she scared them away and she helped me with everything. She is even YOUNGER than me and she's really kind and polite to everyone, no wonder she wins points?

This is my best friends name! She is the best, kindest, most creative and fun person I know!

Are they just going to name almost every cute name there is and say it's ugly? Julie is so CUTE!

V 4 Comments
447 Kira

I don't think this name is bad. Partly because this is my name. Kira is very pretty and also simple.

I don't like this name because it means "dark". I would never name my child this. Having a name that means "dark" is just sad.

Kira means rent in Turkish. It is pretty funny.

That's my niece's name

V 2 Comments
448 Anum
449 Ruby

I love this name! How dare you insult it!

Beautiful name don't think it should be here

Ruby is like a diamond its beautiful

Max and Ruby

450 Priya
451 Lilith

This is my I name don't like this list it will make people feel bad about their name my name is lilith - camisFrog

I kinda like this name

That's my sister's name she is nicer than you - lovefrombadlands

Mean old list - camisFrog

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452 Womano

Sorry but I began pissing myself when I read this name. I feel sorry for the people called that.

Woman rights super hero from the 40's - krabsnation

This just cracks me up because it's so unoriginal! What's next, Girletta?

Are you a Mano or a womano I don't Nono

V 1 Comment
453 Anal

This is just disgusting and cruel. Why would you call your child after such a vulgar act. This isn't even a nice sounding name

This sounds wrong but I have actually seen FIVE people who are named this. just gross

That moment when Anal is ranked a less ugly name than yours. Haha wow thanks for the self esteem booster.

That's Lana spelt backwards - Iamcool

V 2 Comments
454 Mary Sue

Mary sue- a bad original character (oc) who does not have any flaws, and mainly has powerful flawless traits - krabsnation

455 Jerry V 1 Comment
456 Bellatrix

I hate this name who wants to name there kid after the person who killed Sirius black!

This is just the worst name I will ever discover

Maybe she'll grow up to marry Voldemort.

I like this name - lovefrombadlands

457 Rhonda

That is my name and I have never liked it. I can't understand why my parents gave me such a ugly name.

458 Kasey
459 Mikaila Mikaila

I love this name it has nothing to do with worst names!

V 1 Comment
460 Mara V 1 Comment
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