Worst First Names For Girls

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441 Jerry V 1 Comment
442 Bellatrix

I hate this name who wants to name there kid after the person who killed Sirius black!

V 2 Comments
443 Rhonda

That is my name and I have never liked it. I can't understand why my parents gave me such a ugly name.

444 Kasey
445 Mikaila Mikaila

I love this name it has nothing to do with worst names!

V 1 Comment
446 Mara V 1 Comment
447 Chlamydia

Child of a Chlamydia infested parent...

448 Angel

Kinda a stripper name but I like it

V 2 Comments
449 Kirsty V 2 Comments
450 Avery

Avery is my best fiends name so you haters can back off!

Every time I turn around there is another child named Avery. I swear, it is the dumbest sounding name for a little girl. It makes me want to scream. And whats worse, is that every child with this name [that I know] is a horrendous brat.

V 1 Comment
451 Agatha

It sounds like someone is mean. sorry for those whose name is agatha

However named their child this must've been hit on their head.

That's Matilda's mean head teacher's name!

452 Ugg-Lee

WHAT! Who would be cruel enough to call their child this? WHO?

Imagine someone asking you what you named your kid UGLY-LEE

Lee is my last name and my dad wanted to name me ugg

What the fudge...

V 4 Comments
453 Haley
454 Maryann
455 Mollie V 3 Comments
456 Billie

You not want to be stuck with this

457 Oakley
458 Mackenzie

It's a awesome name! My friend has cancer and her name is Mackenzie

This is a man's name

459 Gaylord

This is going to be my daughters name

That sounds like 2 words gay lord

V 2 Comments
460 Shaney
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