Worst First Names For Girls

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461 Angel

Kinda a stripper name but I like it

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462 Kirsty V 2 Comments
463 Avery

Avery is my best fiends name so you haters can back off!

Every time I turn around there is another child named Avery. I swear, it is the dumbest sounding name for a little girl. It makes me want to scream. And whats worse, is that every child with this name [that I know] is a horrendous brat.

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464 Agatha

It sounds like someone is mean. sorry for those whose name is agatha

However named their child this must've been hit on their head.

That's Matilda's mean head teacher's name!

465 Ugg-Lee

WHAT! Who would be cruel enough to call their child this? WHO?

Imagine someone asking you what you named your kid UGLY-LEE

Lee is my last name and my dad wanted to name me ugg

What the fudge...

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466 Haley
467 Maryann
468 Mollie V 3 Comments
469 Billie

You not want to be stuck with this

470 Oakley
471 Mackenzie

It's a awesome name! My friend has cancer and her name is Mackenzie

This is a man's name

472 Gaylord

This is going to be my daughters name

That sounds like 2 words gay lord

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473 Shaney
474 Ellie

Umm, the heck? This is MY Name, I honestly think this page should be took down, it's offensive to people who have these names, I would like to see all of your names and judge them!

Who put that in it's my sisters name

Ohhh sweet lord Jesus this is the worst girl name especially Ellie Jane

475 McKinley

My cousin named his daughter 'Kingsley,' which is sort of similar to McKinley. Please, PLEASE don't name your daughter Kingsley or McKinley. Maybe Kenzie or something. I don't know!

476 Ebony

My friends name it's beautiful, Ebony Dunn we love you

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477 Pantion
478 Rockelle

This is a terrible spelling of this name...

I love this name, it's like that monster High doll Rochelle Goyle

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479 Gagan

It doesn't matter how you try to pronounce this name, it still sounds wrong...

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480 Lacey

Someone at school has that name but it's spelled different. They like 21 pilots so they have a good taste in music. Also, I just really like this name. - lovefrombadlands

This is a nice name, what do you have against it?

What's wrong with lacey? It's a great name. - Catacorn

Lacey sounds posh.

That's my sisters name.

That's my horses name, to...

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