Worst First Names For Girls

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481 Baby

Baby isn't even a real name, it's an expression like babe, honey, or sweetie. Whoever suggested this is a dumbass

This is my cat's name and I love him so much he means the world to me.

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482 Aliza
483 Thumbelina

I kinda like that name, I mean I personally wouldn't name my kid that, but that's just because it would be hard to spell

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484 Shryer

Makes me think of Voldemort

I think it is horrible

485 Thereasa

My sisters name wasn't on here. Just doing my job.

486 Kiers
487 Hanna
488 Ustiniya
489 Odette

It is the name of that princess that turned into a swan.

This is the cutest name ever stop hating

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490 Bertolina

A feminine version of Bert?

491 Cherenko V 1 Comment
492 Ermengarde

I think this is a terrible name. It sounds like it should be for your pet tarantula or pet snake. I mean seriously who would name their child this?!

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493 Frances V 1 Comment
494 Sienna
495 Yarna

Yarn a is a lovely name

496 Thomasina
497 Pascale

Eww it sounds like a lizard not a human girl. I am not a fan of this name...

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498 Ireland

My friends name is Ireland. Whenever I hear the name Ireland it reminds me of the country Ireland and makes me feel calm and serene. Who put this name up here?

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499 Pauline

Vin Diesel named his baby girl Pauline when his best friend Paul Walker died in a car crash

This is my 85 year old aunts name so back off!

Sounds like a person with bowel issues

500 Brigette

I think it's a lovely name but I like brigid better

My DANCE TEACHERS name is that and I think it is a horrible name! So let me tell you a story. One time she was teaching me and I called her ms.B. AND SHE HATED IT! NOW KEEP IN MIND THAT I AM ONLY EIGHT

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