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41 Peyton

I agree peyton does not sound like a name, ashley, tony and mary do but not peyton. The only peyton I've ever heard of was peyton list from Disney channels Jesse. Granted I hate the name jesse or jessica.

Really? Personally, I think Peyton's a very pretty name. Not every girl's name has to be "girly." A good friend of mine's is named Payton, and she's one of the nicest girls you could ever meet.

Here's why that's the name of a leading character in One Tree Hill. - PinkflASHES


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42 Maline

It's pretty, but no. Just no. It's halfway between Malicious and align.

May-leen? Sounds dainty and sweet.

My name is Mallyn

I think it is worst... Did you know - In czech language is one word - Malina, what means raspberry :-)

And just look at these words: MaliNE/MaliNA...

43 Faith

Really? Faith is such a beautiful name!

Faith is my cousin's name! I love this name it's ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! I'm not happy to see it on the list =(

Faith is my best friend's name. I think it's pretty.

What? this name sounds so graceful and elegant! why is it on here?

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44 Ethel

That's my great aunt who in 2 weeks will be 98, and I love that name

Not too many people, I can promise you that!

Who in this day and age would name a beautiful little baby, Ethel. Good grief.

Makes me think of jack eichel

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45 Shalah

Ugly name I call my blobfish that

Really? A Blobfish name! Then Shalah is just an UGLY NAME I mean, I would call my blobfish that, too! - xXGraciePrincessXx

I would call an ugly horse that!

You should name your blobfish BOOMQUIFA! LOLOLOL; hold up... you have a pet BLOBFISH?!

(and yes, I do know what that is. )

Oh shalalah lalala, oh shalalalala! And I'm awakened, I'll name my kid Shalalalalalalalalalalalah!
No, I'll name her Ether...

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46 Heather

Someone already mentioned that Heather is the name of the definitive "mean girl" from the Total Drama series. I don't think that's a problem. The problem is that Heather seems to be a name that is used for a LOT of fictional mean girls and queen bees. Like the young adult "Sammy Keyes" series has a girl called Heather who is actually the protagonist's middle-school arch nemesis. She redeems herself by the end of the series, but up until book 16, all her friends thought she was pure evil - plus her brother was dating Sammy, which didn't help her any less - turned out she picked on Sammy because she was jealous of her relaxed confident attitude.
There's other fictional mean girls named Heather that I can't call to mind right now. It's annoying, because I actually think it's a beautiful name. Coming back to the Total Drama Heather, no one should be ashamed of being compared to her, as being mean is actually NOT her defining characteristic any more. She is more defined as one of the ...more

This is actually my favorite name for a girl... I love it, it's a pretty name.

COMMENT TO ALL NAMES ON THE LIST AND PEOPLE POSTING THEM. I don't think they are bad names. Its just what YOU think and imagine the feelings the people with those names... - Roxann

Why should this name be on this list its pretty and this list is mean and cruell

A narccisistic girl who was mean to me in 5-6th grade is named this. Ugh hate her she should burn in hell with losers like trump hitler etc - Lunala

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47 Tina

This is not a horrible name! It's simply the best! My reason for this is that it is a nice simple name that is quite memorable and sounds nice

This is a beautiful quick, short name!

There are names such as Christina, Martina and Valentina but just "Tina" is a classic English name in its own right. It's petite, easy to spell and easily remembered. Surely it isn't that bad...? - Britgirl

Tina is my favorite Bob's Burgers character. I don't see anything wrong with that name.

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48 Mercedes

Um that's a car name what... um okay then

The word "Merced" in Spanish means "Mercy: or "Grace" and Mercedes comes from the tradition of naming girls after the Virgin Mary. "Nuestra SeƱora de las Mercedes" or "Our Lady of Mercies."

It is a very common name in the Spanish speaking world, and has NOTHING to do with the car. Naming your child after a car is tacky. But that's not what is happening here! - Nena89

Who names there child on something they want

Actually owner of marcedes named car brand after his daughter so it's not really after a carr

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49 Lois

I would never name my kid after the mom on family guy!

Name that was once really popular a century ago, but probably will forever be tarnished by damsel-in-distress Lois Lane and Family Guy mom Lois Griffin

Hey this is my mom's name. I think it's a good name and it's rare!

Reminds me of mickey mouse.

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50 Betty

Hey, if Betty White can rock it, so can any girl!

Betty white is a boss and she ended up as an famous actress and she is in her late 80's. I don't think somebody walked up to her and said " You have a really ugly name".

That is my 87 year old grandmother's name

BettyBloxxer... aaa I miss guests - Lunala

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51 Ashely

This is my aunts name so back off!

Sounds stuck up and too close to actually


:( Halsey's name is ashley! That makes me so sad! Halsey is LIFE! - lovefrombadlands

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52 Elan

Whoever wrote this is seriously messed up. This may not be a popular American name, but in Israel, people love this name

Don't be so rude that's your opinion not everybody's! Anyway it is amazing

It you mean Ellen than I'd have to disagree with you.

Remind me of Ekans - Lunala

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53 Amanda


Well thanks a lot because that my name

This is my sisters friends name and its pretty

I love it

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54 Charlie

Charlie's a great name, I think. I am reminded of Charlie from Supernatural, actually... It's a lovely name, I don't know why it's included on this list. It isn't overused, or especially hideous or anything.

This is a wonderful name how dare you make fun of it I don't know about you but you should think before you say!

My kitten name is Charlie how dare you


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55 Laly

When you run out of ideas - IndieHoran

Sounds like a penguin name

Like a lily pad?

I personally adore this name. I really don't understand why grown adults on this site are doing this. TOP TEN WORST NAMES EVER! I mean, your name could be on there. I find it rude and disrespectful. (Also, this would be that perfect nickname for senpai, Lily-Allison)

-Some Eleven Year Old Girl

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56 Fawn

Yeah, I'm not fawning over this name. It's Bambi all over again.

I actually think it is a nice name for animal lovers. I think it's better for a middle name.

Fawn is a great name, why are people making fun of it?

Fawn is a prety name because my moms name is fawn and if you don't like the name famn your stoopet

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57 Georgina

That's a really pretty name it's the name of Mr Darcy's little sister and it's David Tennant's wife's name

I think Georgina is a good name

It's a mainly kind of name personally George Georgina Sounds like what a guys friends will tease there other friends

Mr Darcy's little sister is Georgiana NOT Georgina.

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58 Sally

I think Sally is a everyday name like Mike or Sam.

Sally is one of my favorite creepypasta's names! I love her!

It a Beautiful sexy name and it's my name

I only like the name Sally because the girl from nightmare before chrismas

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59 Jess

My name is Jessica. I go by Jess, because its my gradfathers name. He raised mefor 9 years before he died. I am honored togoby jess.

My name is also Jess and it rocks and I'm the best of the best

This name is good.

That's my moms nick name AND that's A CUTE NAME

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60 Kat

Kat is brilliant! It is one of the most cute names out there and please do not make fun of it like saying it is an animal because the animal is just as awesome as the name.

It's a really cute name, but it's too common and overused.

Kat is a nice name but sometimes it reminds me of Kit Kat

Give me a break, give me a break, give me a break with a Kit-Kat bar!
But passing over that for now, this is my sister's friend's mom's name, and I think it's cute.

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