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61 Polly

Haha I knew I'd find my name somewhere on this list and here it is. I wouldn't have ever chosen it myself but it's tolerable

Really what the heck I love this name

Oh, God, help! I absolutely hate this name and always will

This is a good name for Parrots but for Girl is so overused and it reminds me of a lithuanian girl who like's soup and live's with goats

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62 Destiny

Does anyone know that is miley cyrus's real name? Oh wait or is that why it's here?

I guess it's not as bad as some of the "ugly" names. But, Destiny is a silly, annoying name. I just feel the mother is thinking "My baby's gonna be a hero", but that's a 1/1000000000 chance...

I think its a sexy name

Finding Dory whale. - Lunala

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63 Ana'Marci'Nea

What on earth its terrible

What the hell were the parents thinking? "Hey Bill, lets name her... *falls over, makes weird noises*" "Ok then sweetie."

I can just imagine this. I laughed so hard. This comment made my day - lovefrombadlands

What the heck is this

Too posh! - Lunala

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64 Gertrude

It just sounds gross... No offense to anyone named Gertrude.

THIS IS A TERRIBLE NAME I was almost named this but thank god I wasn't this is 2nd on my least favorite names list along with Winnifred and Destiny

It is an ugly name.

It sounds like one of those ugly words that sound like their trying to be proper like lanyard.

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65 Dana

My name got the honor of this list... Thank god it's only 230...

66 Lalue

This sounds like La Luz which is light in spanish. I kinda like this name. - lovefrombadlands

This is the name of the girl in the movie Fifth Element

Never heard of it but it's alright

Really why would name their daughter lalue like
? ////////////

67 Jazzlin

I love this name I going to name my daughter it is pretty

Reminds me of a certain male substance if you know what I'm saying.

Sound a little like jazzin...?

It does sounds good - Ananya

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68 Magda

Sorry, but it sounds like maggot. Not a good thing to have your name sound like.

This is one of the girl's names, beside Ellie and Nadine in the girls in love book series by Jacqueline Wilson (if you are British you will know what I'm talking about) and Magda is such a nice name!

It is actually short for Magdalena. It is a very beautiful and classic name in Spain, Poland or Germany. It is a form of Madeline. I know three Magdalenas and all of them get complemented for their names a lot. A girl with the name Magdalena is usually very pretty.

But at least their nickname could be Maggie! Maggie is my favorite name - lovefrombadlands

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69 Yuu

This is a unique name. So what if it is a little strange, you should not even have a bad name list because there are people in this world with this name and how do you think they feel?

This is a Japanese name. It has a lot of meanings such as "friend", "tenderness", or "courage".

"Boom! " I cried slapping my hands together like Maddie Rooney does in Liv & Maddie. "That name is going in my next book! "

You? , I thought we were talking about me.

This reminds me of song lyrics. Cause I got yu, yu oh, yuu, I got you, I got yuu. - lovefrombadlands

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70 Linda

My cat's name is Linda and I picked it you snot rags!

This name makes me wanna puke!

THAT IS MY MOTHER'S NAME what - krabsnation

71 Jonesha

Ok this is just getting ridiculous do people make up names just to tell you what not to do? - kaitlynk

Jon and esha had a kid and named it jonesha

72 Baeritto

This is like if you were danish and named your kid poop (bae) but then you really wanted a burrito so you came up with this name! - lovefrombadlands

You wonder what thoughts run through people's heads...

That sounds like Burrito. - Catacorn

It sounds like a musical note...

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73 Mac

Okay, to the eleven year old, your argument is completely invalid. You destroy the idea of ever wanting to make fun of a name, then agree that some of the names are bad too. You are part of the army of eleven year old girls who put down wanting to think a name is stupid, but maybe you're just running around commenting on them all. Also, we feel bad for the people who possess these names, there's nothing wrong with them, just that the pair of humans who spawned are complete and utter morons.

Excuse moi? My nickname is Mac and I don't see a problem with it. Frankly, I'm eleven years old and half of the names on this list I see are people in my school names. It is rude and insulting to the communities and others when you heartlessly pick out names that you don't like personally. And some of them are bad, I have to admit, but some of them are beautiful Spanish, Latin, and African American names. I am more mature than the people who made this article, and again, I AM ELEVEN! It is so so sad for me to see what pathetic adults do for a living. Judge people by their names? Really? That's what free countries do. Great. Maybe the next time all you people who say the names are horrible, take a Longwood look in the mirror and ask yourself "WWJD? " And "How would I feel if that was my name."

Sounds ugly and for a fat person (sorry to offend you all who have this name). This is the worst real name for a girl I can think of. I also think you have a deep voice if you have this name (i'm so sorry! ).

I'm getting Foster's Home vibes ;-;
Bloo: Can I see your coco cards?
Mac: No.
Bloo: MAAAC! come on! 1111111111111111111111!

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74 Braxtyn

Awesome name! If your daughter is a villain on Space Ghost.

I don't care for that name! Why would you name your beautiful baby girl such a stank name?

I love names for boys used on girls it is bold and unique,

A movie in the 2050's is gonna be called braxtyn

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75 Imogen

It's a very pretty and mature name. The English meaning for it is innocent

Whenever I hear this name, a feminist vegan from Sweden who works in IKEA comes to mind - GriffinDoge

This is my daughters name

This reminds me of emoji - lovefrombadlands

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76 Lakelyn

Sorry, I hate the name lake or any name related to it.

This is so pretty to me and not very commen

When you run out of ideas:

What about oceanna

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77 Antonia

It's much better than any of those other weirdo names. This name is beautiful and by the way it's the best name in the world. Think about it! It's much better than the names Ruth, Olga, Helga, Peggy, Amy and Anna. It's beautiful and unique and YOU KNOW IT SO STFU!

I think that this name is beautiful and I definitely name my daughter this name.

I actually like this name.

Don't like it

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78 America

Seriously. If you must call your daughter (who you're supposed to love) call her India instead. Much prettier. - Britgirl

Actually, America is a girls' name in Italy and Spain. It was custom to name new countries female names, which really makes me wonder why most of the Hetalia characters are male...

American Dad? I mean who would name there child America, over 1,000 people die from guns over there. Whats next naming your child China?

We are the new americana! Hey, americana is a much better name - lovefrombadlands

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79 Lafreaksha

She must be a freak

And here comes the freak show! Seriously? Poor kid... Is that even a name?

This name has truly inspired me, when I have a kid I will be sure NOT to call it that laugh out loud

Wow I just died! When I come back I'm naming my kid La Bouche!

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80 Ruth

My middle name Is Ruth after my late Grandmother, I think it's a very nice name. - BettyBoopFan58

Ruth is a beautiful name. My great-grandma was named Ruth, I my middle name is Ruth, because she is the kindest, most amazing person I ever knew. She's gone now, I'm glad my middle name is Ruth, it reminds me of her. Now that she is gone.

Take it off now that is my grandmothers name and she is the kindest person I ever met she never drinks cusses and is a beautiful name take it off NOW

I don't think Ruth is that bad

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