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81 Ruth

My middle name Is Ruth after my late Grandmother, I think it's a very nice name. - BettyBoopFan58

Ruth is a beautiful name. My great-grandma was named Ruth, I my middle name is Ruth, because she is the kindest, most amazing person I ever knew. She's gone now, I'm glad my middle name is Ruth, it reminds me of her. Now that she is gone.

Take it off now that is my grandmothers name and she is the kindest person I ever met she never drinks cusses and is a beautiful name take it off NOW

I don't think Ruth is that bad

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82 Bathsheba

Don't give your toshiba laptop a bath... or this happens

If you buy a Shiba Inu and give it a bath and you are obsessed with doing that, then this is the perfect name! - lovefrombadlands

She must be clean!

Bathsheba,worst name in history

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83 Aayan
84 Sedona

This name is nice for a city, but naming a kid that is odd. It's pretty, but just odd.

And know what there's someone I know that has this dumb name -

Your kid is not a city -

Uh no

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85 Agnes

I agree that it isn't ugly but saying that it's beautiful because it was used hundreds of years ago isn't proving the point.

Well, My great great aunt escaped the holocaust and her name was agnes. Stop people

Have you not heard of Saint Agnes?!

Sounds like Acne or Agony - GriffinDoge

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86 Unae

How do you pronounce that?

Now watch me whip, now watch me unaenae - krabsnation


This reminds me of someone with a unibrow like Squilliam Fancyson from Spongebob. I don't know, I know this doesn't make sense - lovefrombadlands

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87 Madison

This is my daughters name and I love it :))

Madison is my best friends

I love this this name this is so ute

Madison Wisconsin - lovefrombadlands

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88 Ravin

I think is a wonderful name because that's my name I think it's a beautiful name that mean dangerous wisdom a lot of things but my name is spelled different my name is spelled raven and people like my name and some don't but I like it that's all that matters if the person who have the name have the say so if they like it it's a nice name its nobody else decision as long the person how got the name like it that's all that matter the person who have the name and they don't like it oh, well they can change it if they want to I don't see way some people don't like it it's a wonderful name.


I am 9 years of age my name is Ravin and I think its a good name but people thinking its a bad name doesn't bother me because havinga name like Ravin makes me feel more confident about myself

I think it's a beautiful name and it's my middle name except it's spelled 'Raven'.
how dare you!

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89 Kaitlin

This is not an ugly name like really this name is really nice I honestly don't see how this name is ugly

That's my name. That's really mean. And offensive

That's not a bad name! My best friends name is Kaitlyn!

Totally good name

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90 Andrea

My favorite name! WHY IS IT ON THIS LIST?! Seriously its a beautiful name. Simple and sweet.

Andrea is a really pretty name! This is my cousins name! It shouldn't be on this list! :, (

What this is my name and how can chloe be better then andrea

I like this name!

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91 Doreen

! That is my best friends sister there! Find uglier names. :(

This is a PRETTY name!

My sister's name! It's a really pretty name.

Rhymes with chlorine, fluorine etc. - GriffinDoge

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92 Gracie

I Think This name is Beautiful So Stfu

This name is fine

This is my name :(

Why you put this name? This is my name! Also it very offensive to us! - David39

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93 Samara

Samara is really pretty and unique

Sounds like a type of salsa

Samara! That sounds like the name of a Mexican cleaning lady. Lets get real guys, like come on! Who names their infant SAMARA?!

Samara of The ring... - Ananya

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94 Fatat

"Hi fatat! " Yeah, people will start mocking you with this name instantly

Fatat is the maltese word for ghost

Sounds like a abbreviation of Fattata, the fat rattata - GriffinDoge

For your information you might as well call your kid fatty๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚hey I'm only 9!

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95 China

I bet the person who said something about the America name on the list put it here!

There was America on this list now China. What is next?

I think it's cute it reminds me of a pretty glass doll dressed in a pink dress.

First America then China, what's next? Africa? - GriffinDoge

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96 Lagina

I once met a woman named Valgina... Pronounced "Val-geen-uh" No joke. I wondered what in the world her parents were thinking! And also wondered why she would even consider going by that name, most people called her Val... I'm sure they could bare to say her real name. I could only think of Vagina when I said her full name. Anyway this name reminds me of her name... It's almost as bad. HOWEVER... We MUST remember that some typical American names would be considered ugly or strange to people in other countries who cannot pronounce them correctly. So when you read some of these names... While they may seem ugly based on our own pronunciation and association with other words in the American language, in other languages they sound perfectly normal and obviously their parents named them that because they felt it as a beautiful name.

Sounds like vagina, no one will here Lagina When you call your kid on playground! "Get back here lagina! Stop climbing up that pole! "

Lagina is a unique and pretty name

Sounds like some part of the reproductive system...

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97 Beatrice

Divergent? I love this name although it sounds kinda old

I love this name it's so pretty! I don't know why this is on this

This name sounds very old and pretty but its not my favorite

Beetroot - Lunala

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98 Ladasha

La, as in do re mi fa so la ti do. And dash as in, she dashed in front of the car. And ah because she screamed when she learned her name

This is better than La-a

Nice name I wish I was la-a

At least its not spelled "

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99 September

Haha! 'Hi I'm september but my birthdays in February! ' your so funny

I think it's cute, I have a friend with that name.

I think that the name September is a lovely name. It is even in one of my very favorite books!

I like it - Lunala

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100 McGregen

Um...what is this? sounds like a second name to me!

Sounds like McCracken (Craig McCracken's Last name)

I would definitely date a girl named McGregen

McCrary McDemy McHenng McDonald's

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