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161 Hope

This is a beautiful name! My friend is names Hope and she's kind and pretty and super nice.

Oh Gosh! Hope is a bad name?! I can't believe. It's meanings so fully.

It is a beautiful name if I have a daughter I am gonna call it Faith. - Smileybunny123

Poopy butt

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162 Riley

My twin sisters name is Riley that's insulting to me because my name could have easily been riley

Well I hate this name so much a one who has it is so rude the that rewind the name for me is a Riley and she calls me a boy and flipped me off so I hate this name and that is that

It's an Irish last name, and the first name is for both boys and girls.!

I have a friend named riley!

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163 Boomquisha

Its so disgusting and it sound like a bodily function or a kind if crap explosion it's just getto and retarded

See THIS should be on the bad names list... Not all of the other names which I happen to think are beautiful & unique.

What the hell is a Boomquisha?!?!?!

*Spits tea Out* BAHAAAHA what! HAAHHA - _Ash_Lyn_

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164 Fatima

Okay, this is crossing the line. Fatima is a cultural name, for the bozo who doesn't comprehend culture. I am not saying this because I know someone named Fatima or I am close to someone bearing that name, because quite frankly, I don't know anyone named Fatima. Cultural names are all beautiful, in their own way. Myself, I bear a cultural name meaning joy, and I would get bullied at school sometimes, until I told the bully to basically shut up. Never mind that. Point is, bullies get ideas from these things, and can pick on other kids bearing these names to make themselves feel better. Some people are allowed to voice their opinion, and the dweeb who made this list, too. But opinions can be hurtful, and I learned the hard way to keep my mouth shut, if I don't have anything good, nice, or sensible to say. And for all the people who got offended, don't get offended. Just remember this list is a demonstration of opinion, not true facts. Love yourself, chicas!

This is my name and I'm proud of it! If anyone says something bad about my name, I'll threaten to punch them in the face!

My grandmother hated her name so much that at the age of 7 she changed her name because she was bullied because constantly about her name, Fatima.

How dare you! My best friend's name is Fatima!

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165 S***head

The person who commented below, your kidding, right?

Who the hell is named this?!

They are obviously being sarcastic...

The parents must be abusive... - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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166 Minecraft

First of all, this game sucks... BUT WHERE DO YOU GET OFF NAMING YOUR OWN CHILD THIS!?!?! Anyone that names their child this has to be a complete loser that was lucky to find a companion in the first place then they go and ruin their child's life by naming him after this overrated piece of crap you call a fun time on your pc... thank you for reading and remember to stay away from anyone that offers you "candy" because in reality, that is slang for cocaine

Naming your child after a popular video game (for now)? You'll regret it by the time they're in grade school and everyone makes fun of them. It's like having a 17 year old named "Mortal Kombat".

Most of the names on this list were put on this list probably for a joke. I mean seriously minecraft definitely just for a joke.

You all suk

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167 Elsa

This name I feel like people can't name their child Elsa anymore because it will seem like you are coping Elsa from frozen...

It is a nice name, but it sounds like your parents were obsessed with Frozen...

Not an ugly name, though Elsa as a name wasn't really recognized till Frozen...


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168 Samia

I agree. Samia is great. I hate when people say a name is ugly. Jeez. All you guys who think any name is bad, then you guys are just plain mean.

What the HELL my friends name is this... why is everyone voting for theese names. It is NONE of YOUR BUSINESS to put that you hate the name. It is so RUDE! People are from different places around the world and you are saying you hate names from other countries or unique names. I would be devastated if my name was put on this list😡

169 Shakeen

I don't know, but she sounds very shaken

Yes it's Shaken but I misspelled it, sorry

Shaken sounds very stupid
First of all it's so embarrassing if I say it I would
Laugh my head off

170 Hillary

Is this on here because of Clinton?

I would kill myself if I had that name

171 Darlene

My name is Darlene and I love that name but every made fun of my name and said it was hick but I thought it was really pretty and the best part was being the only Darlene in class because how old the name was but I still loves it!

Darlene means little darling, and that sounds adorable for a daughter. The only thing is that it sounds like it is old fashioned.

My middle name, I like it. all these names on this list are actually really pretty and unique I like them.

My name is Darlene!, and I love the name darlene but everyone makes fun it and say it's a hick name, I think it's a really pretty name and the best part is no one have that name when I was in school so that was great!

OH MY GOSH this name is amazing it's my little sister's name!

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172 Joni

This name can not be a girl's name because it sounds like "Johnny. " - urnotmecuzimme

Not a big fan of this one. Though, Joni Mitchell might come to mind and therefore be a plus to those considering the moniker.

173 Courtney

Great name- cute for a child without being too overly sickly sweet or stupid sounding for an adult.

My name is courtney leigh I don't think its as
Bad as some names you complete retard this
Is offencive to peoples names

Courtney is such a cute name a girl in my class is named Courtney

My cousins mom

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174 Laura

I think this is a very pretty name. What idiot made this list? Laura is Latin for the beautiful laurel flower.

This is my name I love my name

Laura's a pretty name. Why is it even on this list?

Grace Emma your name is awful so don't judge a beautiful name like Laura. Your name is common and sounds weird together

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175 Erica

HEY... What's so bad about this name? My best friend's name is Eric... Erica ain't bad... And this isn't even my name! Or anyone I know!

It's my name and I've always hated it, I was named after my father who never loved me.

Erica in spy school is just awesomeness!

My uncles girlfriends name

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176 Immizora

What? Did someone forget to get their immunizations?

177 Elisabeth

This is my name and I think it is quite pretty

I think this is a cute name

My favourite aunt's name

Thank god. there's a z in it. anyway... I LOVE THAT NAME. ITS MY MIDDLE NAME. crying.

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178 Natasha

This is a great name

A lovely name

Some one In are school is called that and I don't like it

That is my name except spelt Nathasha, so no you can't call me ahsatan

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179 Beryl

Sounds like a name for a really fat woman, who agrees with me? - AutoUnder

Ha ha! This is my mum's name and she absolutely HATES it! Ha ha!

Hideous, sounds like a nasty old lady down the street

180 Dilara

I love this name! Sounds mysterious and also curious. I would like to get to know a girl named Dilara.

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