Worst Fish Hooks Episodes

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1 Peopleing

We watched the whole episode, and we were all "What was that? ". This is an episode that I can't stand.

2 Dances with Wolf Fish

Wolf fish absolutely makes no sense, whatsoever.

3 Pool Party Panic

That episode is tolerable for me what are you talking about? At least they look a tiny bit better as human

Why is Veronica so small disney you ruined me to die in tears - Epic123

This episode is just too retarded.

This episode felt like a rip-off of my favorite movie, "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls". This is suicide, and murder! What have you done, Disney Enterprises?!

4 Bea's Birthday Surprise

I don't care much about Bea.

5 Merry Fishmas, Milo

"Fishmas" is A fish's Christmas?! WHAT?!

Stupidity, since the Fairly OddParents.

6 Queen Bea

Bea is the queen?! She is just so boring

7 Dropsy!

Milo pretended to have the dropsy. Lame.

Is dropsy real or what because I'm not a doctor or anything so? - Epic123

8 Milo Gets a Ninja

Do fish become ninjas? I find Fish Hooks a show that tries to be entertaining with a combination of weird, random, and pointless.

9 Parasite Fright

This is a rip-off of my favorite science fiction-horror film, "The Thing".

10 Unfinished Doll Business

This is a disturbing episode where there is a baby that Cries, screams, and much more. There is even a scene where the baby doll looks like a demon and has a tantrum. I don't know why this episode even aired at all, but one thing is clear: Unfinished Doll Business is a disaster.

- Tyler Christian Otts, Born in 2002 - Gamecubesarecool193

The Contenders

11 Good times at Pupu Goodtimes

It ripoffs roller cowards episode from spongebob

12 Sixteen Clamandles

"Clamandles" is just Clam and Candles combined?!

13 Super Extreme Grandma Games to the Max

This episode wasn't funny at all.

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