Top 10 Worst Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Characters

For this list, it will only be animatronics. These robots are so pathetic, you feel like you're only trying to protect yourself from the original characters. Seriously, what's wrong with the new animatronics? Are they more scared of us more than we're scared of them?

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1 BB

He's like hello hello hi haha and its annoying he should die in a fire like what bb

If he didn't say hello and hi every second like my neighbour then I wouldn't think he is bad

He sinks takes your batteries and foxy comes to kill you(I love foxy though)

Inhale my dong engagement child. - SanicHeghog123

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2 Foxy Foxy

Everyone is like, "How do you not like Foxy? He is awesome! " and I like why do like him so much, he wants to kill you! Enough with the stupid theories!

So, people's reason for disliking foxy is because other people like him? That's a really bad justification. At least provide a reason related to the game, like he is immune to the mask or something...

I know I might start a flame war here but Foxy is my least favorite animatronic out of EVERYONE IN THE SERIES! Why do people like him so much? Wheres the love for Freddy? Chica? Bonnie? Marionette? Springtrap? Golden Freddy, and MANY more!? I'm getting SO sick of everyone going "Foxy Is Awesome! " "Foxy Is A Good Guy! " "Foxy Is My Husband! " "I Made Some porn For Foxy! " -_- I'm getting so tired of this

I like foxy,i like amngle,i like lolbit, I hate Ducking Old Foxy

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3 The Puppet

The whole story about the dead child's soul in the puppets eyes is just creepy

Without him and foxy this game would be so much easier - jbella9000

It's cool when all motion his jump scare

He is very creepy to me

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4 Mangle Mangle Mangle is a character from Five Nights at Freddy's. She has a yellow eye and a black eye. She is designed as a broken fox.

Mangle only attacks you when you see her on the ceiling & when you put your camera down, she kills you. The only way to stop her is that you see her coming close to her office & you put on the Freddy mask. One word. Pathetic.

Its backstory makes me feel like I am supposed to feel pity for it and its annoying.
I don't like Mangle. It's an OPINION. I don't like it because the people who ship it with Foxy ruined it and Fangle is overrated. The people who get angry at the people who say he is male also ruined him for me. Phone guy calls him a he, therefore he is male. The makeup doesn't make him female because Toy Freddy and Toy Bonnie also have it and the big eyelashes don't make him male because Tweetie also has big eyelashes and so does Jerry the Mouse. Guys can have pink too look up a ventriloquist. Ladies Night is not evidence for Mangle being female because in Golden Freddy custom night there are other animatronics as well, not only golden Freddy and in Double Trouble there are three animatronics which proves the titles of custom nights have almost nothing to do with them and there is also a mangle sprite that is pure white and does not look feminine at all. I also don't like Mangle because he is ...more

Shut up there's nothing wrong with mangle like balloon boy she's one of the characters who gets fooled by the mask

Mangles bad

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5 Toy Freddy Toy Freddy

I loved the first Freddy, but this one is just stupid. He's annoying and is only good for blocking the hallway with his fat. No wonder he never gets in the office. I prefer the original Freddy to him in all 3 games.

He's not fat he just built like that so don't hate him just because by hi fatness

Toy Freddy is kind of pathetic. On night 5, I didn't put on my mask for 5 seconds and still he didn't kill me.

Toy Freddy get out of the way, you're fatness is giving me no knowledge of what else is at the door. Toy Freddy is a very ignored lonely pathetic excuse for a new freddy.

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6 Toy Chica Toy Chica

What's so scary about a chicken that has no beak when it comes off stage? Nothing!

She has a lot offf sayings and don't disagree but toy chica has to much fan arts that make her hot she's not hot you fan art perverts

Toy chica takes her eyes and beak just to look scary, gawd dammit toy chica

Wow I first thought it was just because fanboys make rule 34 out of her but it's actually because she takes her eyes and her beak off oh you idiots your scared of her fnaf is the least scariest horror game actually no horror game is scary fnaf is a great game so shut up and stop taking drugs

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7 Springtrap Springtrap Springtrap is a character in Five Nights At Freddy's 3, released in March 2, 2015. He's a green and gold bunny with another character named Michael in him. While thought to be possessed by the killer, due to the new Five Nights At Freddy's game Sister Location, it was found out that he was actually more.

No he's not a idiot you are

I know he is NOT present in the third game, but he is in the first, second, and third game

He sucks he's lonely and he looks like a broken down bonnie

He scares me. The whole thing about how purple man kills puppet master to travel to the past. And also how hugest stuffed into spring traps body. Oh no! He he is just a fake copy of Bonnie, and no about how he is so cool and how he sits on the counter. Bye, 😡

8 Toy Bonnie Toy Bonnie

Toy Bonnie's not even scary as the original Bonnie. He looks like a girl.

Too cute I wish I have a stuff toy of him.

I agree I keep calling toy bonnie a girl because HE LOOKS LIKE ONE!

He never leaves the vents when I put mask on

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9 BG

What the hell there is nothing wrong with her there is something wrong with you it's that your taking drugs and hating on fnaf

Aww, not only BB is getting hated on, now his hallucination is too...

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10 Bonnie Bonnie

Definitely not scary. The only reason people say he is scary is because Firstly, he lacks eyebrows, which somehow makes people think he is scary. And Second, Scott had nightmares about him. And finally, there will NOT be a fnaf movie.

Bonnie is the sceryest in Five Nights at Freddy's he should be in the movie

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11 Freddy Freddy Freddy Fazbear (originally known as Freddybear, as seen in the Kickstarter) is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.

Freddy is one of the best characters cause my friends favorite is Foxy but he only likes Foxy cause he has a hook and he said Freddy is actually the best characters

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12 Nightmare Freddy Nightmare Freddy

Just because he has 3 sons you idiot

He look badass because I love his style but not good as foxy anyways look at him he is so aswome and is my 5th favorite

13 Endoskeleton

Way why DID HE DO SOMETHING TO YOU nu he did not you fool

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14 Phantom BB

Phantom BB is Satan in an animatronic form. Enough said there, I think we all agree on this one.

15 Plush Trap

Oh you idiot because you put springtrap on this list you decide to put his son wow what a idiot fnaf is so epic

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16 Nightmare Bonnie Nightmare Bonnie
17 Shadow Bonnie Shadow Bonnie

He's not that scary and he has the shape of toy Bonnie.and I hate that he doesn't at least try to scare you.U want challenge in the game right?

18 Nightmarionne Nightmarionne

He's not scary but he is the easiest one to scare me

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20 Circus Baby Circus Baby V 1 Comment
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