Top Ten Worst Five Nights at Freddy's Fangames


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1 Five Nights in Anime

This game is so gross, and sexist.

I hate this game. Some sick pervert must've made this. - Powerfulgirl10

Why did I decide the jumpscare video was the best one to watch first? - slenderbrine123

2 Five Nights With Ponies

Bronies everywhere... - SamuiNeko

3 Five Nights At Sheepy's
4 Five Nights In The Past
5 Springtrap: The Return
6 Five Nights At Frozen

The screen is broken, and the game is stupid overall.

NO! - SamuiNeko

7 Five Nights At Pinkies V 1 Comment
8 Five Night at Kawai's
9 Five Nights at Thomas's

This game sucks. My brother watched a video of it, and we both agreed that it was pure crap. All you do is put coal in a furnace, and funny thing, it is in the shape of a turd. Then Thomas the train, jumps at you. What was the creator of this thinking?!

It may look crappy but I have to say. The phone calls halairious in this game. - SanicHeghog123

10 Five Nights at Zoidberg's V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Five Nights at Justin Bieber's V 1 Comment
12 Five Nights at Celestia's
13 Five Nights at FredBear's V 1 Comment
14 Fredbear's Pastaria

The name is misleading. Foxy was the main antagonist. Other than that, this fangame isn't that bad. - ExxonWireless

15 Seven Nights at Buddy's
16 Five Golden Nights at Freddy's
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