Top Ten Worst Five Nights at Freddy's Fangames


The Top Ten

1 Five Nights in Anime

This game is so gross, and sexist.

I hate this game. Some sick pervert must've made this. - Powerfulgirl10

Why did I decide the jumpscare video was the best one to watch first? - slenderbrine123

Why do people even make people girls? I hate it! - Datguyisweird666

2 Five Nights With Ponies

Bronies everywhere... - SamuiNeko

3 Five Nights At Sheepy's
4 Five Nights In The Past
5 Springtrap: The Return
6 Five Nights At Frozen

The screen is broken, and the game is stupid overall.

NO! - SamuiNeko

7 Five Nights At Pinkies

No. Just no - SanicHeghog123

8 Five Night at Kawai's
9 Five Nights at Thomas's

This game sucks. My brother watched a video of it, and we both agreed that it was pure crap. All you do is put coal in a furnace, and funny thing, it is in the shape of a turd. Then Thomas the train, jumps at you. What was the creator of this thinking?!

It may look crappy but I have to say. The phone calls halairious in this game. - SanicHeghog123

10 Five Nights at Zoidberg's

Just look it up... - RalphBob

The Contenders

11 Five Nights at Justin Bieber's

. Why did this game have to be made. This sounds so stupid.

12 Five Nights at Celestia's
13 Five Nights at FredBear's

All you have to do is
1. Make some poorly editied photoshop charactera
2. Take every single asset from any FNAF game
3. Stuff into a FNAF fan game engine

And you're done!

14 Fredbear's Pastaria

The name is misleading. Foxy was the main antagonist. Other than that, this fangame isn't that bad. - ExxonWireless

15 Seven Nights at Buddy's
16 Five Golden Nights at Freddy's
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