Scarred For Life: FNaF World

FNaF is a great yet dead franchise that has 5 main games and a spinoff. And I'm going over that spinoff. Welcome to Scarred For Life, where we look at something that got a lot of hate and is constantly being shunned on by fans and left a permanent scar on a great franchise. Today, we are looking at FNaF World, the RPG spinoff that was hated by fans.

Plot And Story:
To be honest, there isn't a plot. You're just in a world full of monsters and a cute band of the Toy and Regular Animatronics in FNaF 1 and FNaF 2 to fight them. We don't know how they got here, why Scott turned on them and released these creatures and why the characters of FNaF are scattered and why you fight them. No plot or story. Just multiple endings and 3 new dimensions which are the Flipsides, a random Halloween Dimension where overpowered and unfinished projects are banished and the Glitched World. There are many things that could have made a good plot like Flipsides and the fact Scott turned on the animatronics, but they don't have a story. This is also disappointing since I remember Scott made the FNaF timeline, you know, the one with a lot of mystery and story and that stuff. Creating a story for a RPG spinoff not even canon to the franchise is not hard Scott. You improved the graphics and got rid of all the bugs. It could happen, Scott.

It's surprisingly easy to operate. You have your simple WASD controls, a save button, a button to check on your characters, bytes, chips, and you walk around and fighting monsters. It's not that hard to fight a monster. You use your mouse and you drag it to an attack you want to use. If you just put your mouse on top of the attack, it tells you what the attack does. If you click it, surprise! A bright as hell attack flies across your screen. It's basically like any RPG game. The bytes and chips were nice surprises. If you don't know, bytes are small little things like a grim reaper, a UFO, a wasp or a First Aid Kit, that help you fight. For example, UFOs, wasps, and bombs do damage, Medical Kits help you heal, grim reapers have a chance to kill a random enemy, and so forth. Chips help boost your party's stats like speed or the element of surprise. Personally it's not that bad. It's simple enough so everyone could use it.

The graphic's gold mines are where you enter fights. Each enemy looks so unique to the others and it's really pleasing to look. All the bright colors and attacks are amazing and on part with the canon FNaF games. That's not surprising though, since almost every FNaF game had the same enhanced graphics. Nonetheless, however, it's still visually beautiful.

My Opinion:
To me, FNaF is dead, but not because of FNaF World. The FNaF RPG spinoff game didn't ruin the FNaF franchise. This is just one of the worse installments to the franchise. Sort of like Ben 10. It's not ruined, it's just getting worse with every installment. (Except Sister Location)


With FNaF World, it's placed in the 4th spot, since unlike the other 3, didn't ruin the franchise. It just wasn't as good as the other games.

šŸ„‡Teen Titans Go
šŸ„ˆTransformers Energon
šŸ„‰Justin Bieber
4) FNaF World

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