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1 Alcohol

I'm kind of glad I have to wait - Peppapigsucks

Fine if you just have a glass of wine.
I have never been drunk but you could end up being a complete idiot.

Tastes terrible, the reason why idiots keep drinking it is because after drinking A LOT, the bitter taste fades away.

Alcohol is terrible, I grew up watching it be abused all the time which Is why think I dislike it so much, I've seen lots of negativity caused because off alcohol & I think It brings out the worse in people & causes chaos. Better just to stay away from it, it's bad for your body, it tastes vile, it makes people do stupid things, it causes problems, it causes people to commit crime, street brawls, arguments, violence, stupidity, vulnerability and it can KILL you.

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2 Sardines

Whoever likes these are disgusting - DrayTopTens

Can I be honest everyone thinks there gross it tastes like chicken just fish instead its not gross but I do agree it is gross when cold

My dad eats these.

If I eat this I would you know, BARF. Especially if it is raw! Eww!

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3 Bacon

American Bacon is stupid

I only like turkey bacon. :P - Luckys

American Bacon.

I feel sorry for the pig I eat but I can't help it it's good but there are some foods better - bolbi9

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4 Shark Fin Soup

The people who hate this food are not Chinese

Sharks rule! stop the soup!

People should NOT eat this.

Sounds high in mercury...

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5 Raw Egg

This is the only thing I found that isn't tastebud worthy

Oh god

6 Soda

It's kind of funny when people blame soda for making them unhealthy and fat when they're ordering three Big Macs, and drinking diet long term is actually worse than regular.

Oh screw you all Soda is the best tasting drink in the world. May not be the healthiest, but if you don't drink like 5 cans a day you'll be fine.

Should be higher

Really soda why is it on there who cares if its bad then don't drink it

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7 Fish

I hate fish - Luckys

Bass Fish, Salmon, Tiplia, White Filling! You call that the worst food - JaysTop10List


8 Beer

Believe it or not, the country that drinks the most beer is the Czech Republic, not the USA! - TheInsomniac

Beer should be no. 2!

Beer should be no.2

Beer, this for a fact is actually the most unhealthy drink of the United States, England and France.
English: Beer
US: Beer
France: Beyer - lizard302

9 Candy

I mean it has a lot of sugar..I don't really care about that...IT TASTES GOOD! - Luckys


Candy can be made healthier if you do your research on it or make your own :3

Candy should not be here.
1# Candy is not a food, it is loads of foods
2# THE BEST - lizard302

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10 Energy Drinks

Where'd ya hear that? 2 at the same time is pretty bad though I would not suggest that. Energy drinks help people like me, but I'm assuming the people who don't like it are the ones unaffected.

2 monster + 1 human=Death

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11 Beans

Peanuts are beans.
I have started to like Heinz Beans.
I started to like beans when I had them in a b&b in a hotel delicious.

12 Potato Chips

Potato Chips are fine, if you eat a small or medium bag every weekend not everyday

In matters concerning health, they are bad. - Kiteretsunu

You Mad? It's SO AWESOME! - AlekhyaDas

13 Pickles

I Am Seriously Offended, I like pickles... - DapperPickle

I don't think pickles should be in this list. It should be on the top ten BEST foods in the world!

14 Hot Dogs Hot Dogs A hot dog is a cooked sausage, traditionally grilled or steamed and served in a sliced bun as a sandwich.

Lol you can't put Hot Dogs on the list it will insult every single American born.
Every single American loves Hot Dogs.

You have got to be kidding me hot dogs are amazing you idiots

Are you kidding hot dogs are the best

I agree with this one because, with all the pervy stuff I've heard, I've lost appetite for these. Chili Cheese Dogs are fine.

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15 Diet Water

Its just stale out of date fizzy water why do people drink this lol? - Morefunthanfun

When water just isn't enough...

16 Black Licorice
17 Sushi Sushi

I hate sushi - CedreticFomento

18 Congealed Pork Blood

WHAT? I'm Asian and I eat this and it's delicious

Somewhere in the world, people eat that crap.

19 Cookies

No I like cookies

Whoever made this deserves a giant cookie.
And hit with it. On the head. - BlastZER0


20 Onion

Now why is this here? Any reason for it? Please think about your health before your tastebuds, people. - Kiteretsunu

21 Mushrooms
22 Sashimi
23 French Fries French Fries French fries are served hot, either soft or crispy, and are generally eaten as part of lunch or dinner or by themselves as a snack, and they commonly appear on the menus of fast food restaurants. Fries in America are generally salted and are often served with ketchup; in many countries they are topped more.

Its stupid more calorie version of chips.

How could you! My favorite lunch. You're a heartless person ( cries loud) - JaysTop10List

Hey,i will beat the person who made the list

Dude. I have them two to one a week. I like it.

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24 Wine
25 Lobster Lobster
26 Clam
27 Hamburger

I really don't like fast food greasy hamburgers. Homemade are nice though.

Homemade ARE nice. Whole wheat buns and cooked meat patty

28 Cheese

Cheese may smell bad,but it has an delicious taste Yummy,I love it... - Idiot244

This used to be Number 1. - lizard302

İt smells bad yuck

Ok,ok. I don't like swiss.YUCK!

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29 Pufferfish

Can kill you. One spike o venom. Kills before you can say mouse!

5-to-6 people die of it a year because the chiefs were not careful.

Whoever in Japan decided to make it food was insane.
Its illegal everywhere except for Japan I think.
Because if its not cooked properly it kills you.
Chefs have to be trained between four and six years.
Its very expensive.
But the Simpsons episode was funny, and the ending was originally going to be a Homer did a barbecue.

30 Marmite
31 Macaroni and Cheese
32 Deep Fried Butter

Ewww deep fried butter sounds nasty - NightmareIsHere_

33 Anchovies
34 Sweet Pickles

I don't know why I hate them. There's something about them.. But I just can't put my finger about them..

35 Vegemite
36 Crabs Crabs Crabs are decapod crustaceans of the infraorder Brachyura, which typically have a very short projecting "tail", usually entirely hidden under the thorax.
37 Tomato

Tomatoes are my least favorite so many people just love them but not ME! - Jaedenisdabomb

38 Salmon Salmon
39 Tuna Tuna

This is VERY disgusting. - Raccoon234

40 Ice Cream

Whoa whoa why is this on here!?! It may not be healthy but its good - EpicJake

Isn't this a dairy?

Should’ve put diet ice cream instead.


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41 Spinach

This stuff is insanely healthy for you, yet it tastes terrible

I'll never eat this junk again in my life.

42 Olives

Worst thing ever

43 Yogurt

Even the thought of it is enough to make me vomit. - Raccoon234

44 Pickled Tomatoes
45 Hot Pockets

What?! I love hot pockets! - NightmareIsHere_

46 Hertz Donuts
47 Canned Bread
48 Carrot Juice
49 Potatoes
50 Caviar Caviar
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