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Except for a bit or beer, I don’t like alcoholic drinks. Drinking too much of it can damage your mental health as well. Basically why I barely drink it even though I’m 21

Alcohol is terrible, I grew up watching it be abused all the time which Is why think I dislike it so much, I've seen lots of negativity caused because off alcohol & I think It brings out the worse in people & causes chaos. Better just to stay away from it, it's bad for your body, it tastes vile, it makes people do stupid things, it causes problems, it causes people to commit crime, street brawls, arguments, violence, stupidity, vulnerability and it can KILL you.

IT POISONS YOUR CELLS THE PEOPLE WHO DRINK IT ARE SO STUPID! IT ALTERS YOUR MIND (not trying to sound like Cindy Bin because I won't attack someone if they drink it I will just silently disapprove)

I HATE the taste of alcohol. Whenever there's a party at my house with wine, I always ask my parents to try the wine, but I always hate it.


Can I be honest everyone thinks there gross it tastes like chicken just fish instead its not gross but I do agree it is gross when cold

Never tried them but from the picture I can tell they would taste bland

If you eat them, you live in Swallow Falls.

If I eat this I would you know, BARF. Especially if it is raw! Eww!


@airplane313 you are a raciest basterd and I'm a not a Muslim just because they can't eat pig doesn't mean a thing and ya I agree bacon is fatty as hell and gross and and it macks you fat and girls guys downt like a fat girl.

Airplain313 that is the most racist thing ever. you have no idea about anything. ok get your facts right because someone didn't put this up because they were Muslim they simply put it up because bacon is bad for you if you eat to much its basically fat. and we don't hate pork we just can't eat it. racist.

The internet worships it and it is so overrated and there is better meat than it, like ham or grilled chicken.

Who ever said bacon was the worst food is stupid because bacon is one of the best foods in the world

Raw Egg

This is the only thing I found that isn't tastebud worthy

Has anyone tried this?

Oh god

Shark Fin Soup

The people who hate this food are not Chinese

I hate this... *vomits* but some chinese still drink it for a reason...
To me it is the most revolting thing in the world

People should NOT eat this.

Sounds high in mercury...


Bass Fish, Salmon, Tiplia, White Filling! You call that the worst food

I actually really like fish.


I hate fish


Believe it or not, the country that drinks the most beer is the Czech Republic, not the USA!

Beer, this for a fact is actually the most unhealthy drink of the United States, England and France.
English: Beer
US: Beer
France: Beyer

Beer should be no. 2!

Beer should be no.2


Peanuts are beans.
I have started to like Heinz Beans.
I started to like beans when I had them in a b&b in a hotel delicious.

Beans are actually delicious.

You fart from them.


Candy can be made healthier if you do your research on it or make your own :3

I mean it has a lot of sugar..I don't really care about that...IT TASTES GOOD!

Candy should not be here.
1# Candy is not a food, it is loads of foods

Most candies have high fructose corn syrup.

Energy Drinks

Where'd ya hear that? 2 at the same time is pretty bad though I would not suggest that. Energy drinks help people like me, but I'm assuming the people who don't like it are the ones unaffected.

2 monster + 1 human=Death

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Now why is this here? Any reason for it? Please think about your health before your tastebuds, people.

Onion is gross it tastes really bad


I don't think pickles should be in this list. It should be on the top ten BEST foods in the world!

I Am Seriously Offended, I like pickles...

They are good tastewise and healthwise!


It's kind of funny when people blame soda for making them unhealthy and fat when they're ordering three Big Macs, and drinking diet long term is actually worse than regular.

Yeah, a few years ago I might have defended soda, but really it doesn't even taste that good. Gives me a stomachache whenever I drink it and sometimes tastes like ketchup.

Oh screw you all Soda is the best tasting drink in the world. May not be the healthiest, but if you don't drink like 5 cans a day you'll be fine.

I always used to wonder why do people like Coke to see if I did I had Coke ITS to overrated tasted worse than garbage.

Potato Chips

Potato Chips are fine, if you eat a small or medium bag every weekend not everyday

In matters concerning health, they are bad.

You Mad? It's SO AWESOME!

Black Licorice

I hate sushi

Diet Water

Its just stale out of date fizzy water why do people drink this lol?

When water just isn't enough...

Why is this even a thing?


I loathe wine, it has such a dry taste and it has lots of alcohol. I’m probably the only one in my family who doesn’t drink wine. It’s even worse than beer in my opinion

Alcohol ruins and kills many lives. I Think it should be illigal.


Tuna is gross it one of the worst foods

This is VERY disgusting.

Congealed Pork Blood

WHAT? I'm Asian and I eat this and it's delicious

Somewhere in the world, people eat that crap.

Potato Salad

Potato salad is gross I can't stand it at all

This is the worst foods it tastes bad

Egg Salad

Egg salad is gross I can't stand it at all

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