Top Ten Worst Foods to Eat Large Quantities Of


The Top Ten

1 Sugar

Sugar would get boring, and unhealthy. - Turkeyasylum

2 Candy

You'd be bouncing off the walls! - Turkeyasylum

I only like chocolate I hate all other candies

3 Oatmeal

Yes, I mean just flavor less oatmeal. - Turkeyasylum

4 Peanut Butter

It's high in fat, but worth it In a way! - Turkeyasylum

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5 Black Licorice
6 Lemons

You would really have to have an appetite for sour things. - Turkeyasylum

7 Beans

I could imagine this happening! - Britboy

You would have lots of farts. - Turkeyasylum

8 Hot Wings

It's pretty bad to eat too many... - Turkeyasylum

9 Whale

It's illegal to whale, so... - Turkeyasylum

10 Chocolate

It's bad for you and if you want one you will want more. - Sabbath

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The Contenders

11 Ice Cream

Ice Cream would be good to eat, but also unhealthy, and give you a brain freeze. - Turkeyasylum

12 Ghost Pepper
13 Cheesecake

The first bites are amazing but too much turns icky!

14 Burgers
15 JalapeƱos
16 Ramen
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