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1 Cow Tounge

That is just nasty. now what kind of human would eat this?!? - mc14

Ill be honest few of these things on this list disgust me why are all the gross fermented meats and stuff eaten around the world not in the top ten but things that really just look gross I do not know how and cow tongue tastes but my favorite part of a lamb is the tongue. - Ilyas678

This is by far a very underrated meat. It is very tender and cooked up, sliced thin, served on good rye bread with some thin slices of onions and a little fresh horseradish, hard to beat. Go to a good Jewish delicatessen in New York and you'll stand in line foe one of these sandwiches.

Dustyy crusty

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2 Brussels Sprouts

There are other, healthier, less NASTY veggies. This is obvious.

Have you tried them cooked and spiced? They're delicious if prepared correctly. - Solacress

I love em and all the vegetables on this list

They smell like hell, and probably taste gross too. There are better veggies I would rather eat and taste better, like carrots and spinach.

What’s so bad about them? I tasted them before and they taste delicious!

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3 Lamb Heart

Come on. It's a damn organ. That's just disgusting.

My friend ate cow tongue and said it tasted like steak so lamb heart is my choice - DogeFan132

Who would eat an organ that came from livestock?!

Imagine if u were eating a lamb heart the poor lamb. this is harsh

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4 Salmon

Why is salmon here? I love salmon!

Living in Norway (and with all the damn darkness) eating salmon is basically a requirement in order to produce big amounts of that healthy D vitamine... But I can't eat this thing I just gag by the smell.

True fact: The name Salmon derives from the biblical figure Solomon which at one point managed to remove an evil spirit hiding inside a fish, then Solomon looked at the fish and said "I bless thy with the mark of my divinity" as such the unnamed fish's name was Solomon as the name over time became corrupted into Salmon.

The true part about this story, is that I made it up just right here and now.

What, it's like the best fish ever, especially with some lemon juice sprinkled on it

So gooey

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5 Frog Legs

People have said this tastes like chicken. I tried it, and to my surprise, it ACTUALLY tasted like chicken. Frog Legs get a thumbs up from me.

Frogs are natural for me...but try to eat it! It's tasty! If you are an adult, you surely get beat by a kid because my cousins only 8 & 9 but they already eat frogs! Oh and my first time eating this is when I am 11 years old

They are good they taste like chicken actually!

Not that bad compared to some foods I have heard of.

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6 Rocky Mountain Oysters (Bull Testicles)

That was actually going to be a prank beer but it got so many hits that they decided to make it - bravenwolfzx

This is below Brussels sprouts, spinach, and pizza?! People need to get their taste buds fixed.

So gross that it's both 6 and 7 on this list

Why would I want to eat BULL TESTICLES?! - KingSlayer93316

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7 Bull Testicles

So you guys are saying that Brussel Sprouts and Spinach are worse than bull testicles? - 445956

What, the f***, who had the mind of eating testicles? I mean, how you people feel if (WARNING, DISGUSTING) bulls ripped our testicles off? - darthvadern

Surprised this is below salmon. I hate salmon, but this seems way worse. Eating the privates of a bull.. - TeamRocket747

How is eating Salmon WORSE than eating TESTICLES? - BlueBobYT

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8 Anchovies

Anchovies I love anchovies!

That smell. That smelly smell. That smelly smell that smells. Anchovies. ANCHOVIES!

They are just way too salty for me they like burn my mouth with the salt in them. - Ilyas678

Anchovies are gross!

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9 Mayonnaise

I love mayonnaise I could eat it plain I know a lot more people who hate mayonnaise than they like it but I love it with turkey I would eat it any day

That's an instrument!

Just tell us your opinion, this is what the website is for, not everything is a reference to spongebob website. - TeamRocket747

What are you talking about, I love Mayonnaise, especially on Fries like they do in Belgium! - TrueWolf99

Mayonnaise are good well on sandwhiches if there was no mayonnaise all my subs would be dry

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10 Pizza Pizza Pizza is a yeasted flatbread generally topped with tomato sauce and cheese and baked in an oven. It is commonly topped with a selection of meats, vegetables and condiments. The term was first recorded in the 10th century, in a Latin manuscript from Gaeta in Central Italy.

I like pizza, its just some pizzas were made horribly wrong and the people who don't like it, ok. You may have had a bad experience and I still respect you.

Pizza is a great food. - EpicJake

Sometimes pizza is bad because of the people who make it. Once I was at the hotel, got a pizza there, and it was STILL RAW. Other than that, pizza doesn't deserve to be on this list.

Pizza is great but the people here are overreacting about it being here. I know I made a list of foods you'd have to be crazy not to like and but this on number one but that doesn't mean I disrespect the opinion - DrayTopTens

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11 Lasagne

It's edible heaven! Who put this on here?

This is actually pretty good - I like a good lasagne now and again. - Entranced98

This stuff is awesome.

WhAaAaAaAaAaT iS GoInG oN

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12 Spinach

Are you kidding me? Spinach is a great vegetable! I can't believe you people would put Spinach on here! It's good for you! - TopTenJackson

Spinach doesn't taste like anything and they are fresh. Put this lower on the list or take it off. I like spinach.

What! Spinach beat out cow tongue, lamb heart, and frog legs? Damn you people need to eat your veggies. - vavagavoon

Spinach looks gross and tastes gross

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13 Sardines

It's a little fish they fit into a small can. The worst part is the fish juice.

Should be above pizza immediately. - TeamRocket747

Ok we can agree canned ones are bad but If you ever had fresh you would change your mind. - Ilyas678

This is bad

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14 Surstromming

Why is this thing not in the top 10 a cow tongue really this is frigging rotten fish pick your poison. - Ilyas678

Why do people hate salmon more? This smells like rotten fish

Canned fish again... - TeamRocket747

This stuff nasty...

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15 Nutella

Nutella does not have peanuts in it...

Nutella is really tasty, but it's sooo dry that it bothers me after I have some, and I have to have something like milk to wash it down. Tasty, but it makes your mouth the equivalent of a desert. - MasonOcker

It's the best dip

That's not a food

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16 Macaroni and Cheese

What? Macaroni and cheese is my favorite food! Why did you listed it here?! - DinoLover4242

To be honest, I really hate this food. I was forced to eat this once, it was so disgusting. I nearly barfed after.

I agree about this being here. Yes, I know I'm a crazy person that has wrong taste buds for this. - DrayTopTens

Why the heck ya put mac n cheese here?!?

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17 Swiss Cheese

I'm Allergic To Swiss Cheese, So I Can't Have Any - Cartoonnetworkfan1990

Swiss Cheese is good. - AliciaMae

Swiss cheese is good. - TeamRocket747


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18 Ricotta

Or how to vomit.

WHAT? I like this! - TeamRocket747

It’s fine

19 Artichokes

I eat artichoke hearts all the time. - Curtis_Huber

I love artichokes!

I don't eat artichokes.. - TeamRocket747

I don’t eat them by themselves, but I love Spinach and Artichoke dip!

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20 Avocado

Avocado is too mushy and plain for me. First time I tried it, I puked. What human can even like this? Am I the only one who just HATES avocadoes!?

This is awesome stuff idiot

This is the ingredient they use to make guacamole, and I like guacamole. So, that must mean I like avocadoes.

AVOCADO yum! I love avocado toast it's the best food ever! - Puppytart

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21 Cheese

Cheese is disgusting. It's literally made from rotten milk. At least the other things on this list are obvious enough, not cheese. Everyone eats it. Cheese is evil incarnate.

Only grilled cheese sandwiches and pizzas, it taste disgusting on almost everything else

What? I love cheesy foods, take this off the list. Too much tastes disgusting though.

Come on, Great American Cheese is great!
Only problem is one night, I ate 6 cheese before bedtime and the next morning, I had to hold in poop for lots of hours because too many cheese. I never eat 6+ cheese anymore. It was hard to poop it out by the way. - TeamRocket747

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22 Mozzarella

Mozzarella is love, mozzarella is life.

It's like cheese which cheese is great! - TeamRocket747

This is awesome

It’s good unless it’s breadsticks.

23 Curry

Curry flavours are always a bit bizarre for my liking - either that or they start liquifying the insides of my mouth. The smell of it is also pretty unbearable and gets everywhere... - Entranced98

What's your problem? Curry is life dude

Curry flavours are plain nice. They are creamy and flavoursome. What smell is better than curry. If you eat it like a proper person, it won't get anywhere put your mouth and your mouth will love it. From a curry fan

Fair enough I don't really like curry either - Doragao

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24 Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese is really good! - AliciaMae

I like Cottage Cheese! - TeamRocket747

25 Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is good. Honeydew Melons are worse. - AliciaMae

Who put this here? This is a delicious fruit.

I like cantaloupe - TeamRocket747

I actually like cantaloupes.

26 Vegemite

This is a gross kind of spread you put on food.

I had this before and it tasted like trash.

They're so gross.. - TeamRocket747

The vegemite is so bad, why you guys (Australians) like it?! - DinoLover4242

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27 Fish

Many fish of many types (even tuna, catfish, salmon, anchovies, etc) tastes good! Please remove this! - DinoLover4242

I love eating certain types of fish. - DinoLover4242

It depends on what kind - DrayTopTens

28 Tuna

Tuna is awesome - Leafstar12

I like tuna, but the problem is that live tuna are close to being endangered species. - DinoLover4242

I like this - AliciaMae

TUNA!? NOPE! - TeamRocket747

It tastes disgusting, and it has mercury in it, which is a poisonous liquid metal that can kill a person if too much of it is ingested. - IceFoxPlayz

29 Sushi Sushi

I love sushi! Whoever posted this is a lazy American who loves only chips. - DinoLover4242

Whoever put sushi on here is a complete idiot. Sushi was perfected by the Japanese for thousands of years, and it’s still a popular food. I’ve had it quite a number of times, and I like crunchy rolls, California rolls, and my two all time favorites, masago and shrimp. Lobster rolls are quite tasty, too! - IceFoxPlayz

30 Honey

I tried this once and I vomited all over the table. I was sick for three weeks.

Maybe you're allergic to honey, cause I ate it many times and never got sick of it. I like honey. - DinoLover4242

I ate honey, and it was gross. - TeamRocket747

31 Peanut Butter

Whoever put it on here is totally wrong I love peanut butter sandwiches

To me, peanut butter does not taste good. I rather have honey and jelly sandwiches instead of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. - DinoLover4242

I can't eat it I'm allergic to it

It's great! - TeamRocket747

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32 Pasta

Who puts this here and why is it so high?

Pasta is awesome, the person who put this has no taste in food.

I like pasta but I can respect your opinion!

Pasta is awesome! So many good foods on the list, and yet I’m not even past the top 30. - AliciaMae

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33 Grits

Grits are basically mashed up corn kernels, it’s no different from mashed potatoes! Grits are probably some of my favorite breakfast foods! - 8chAnonymous

34 Jellied Eels

Eww. What is jellied eels? - DinoLover4242

35 Silkworms

I know right if you chew them fast and wiggle around I think it would help you eat them but who knows.

Who even eats silkworm caterpillars? Normally when I think of insects as food, I think of crickets and mealworms. - DinoLover4242

Who would eat worms - Dvafan2

They're not worms, they're moth caterpillars, despite their names. - DinoLover4242

Eating larva? EWW! - TeamRocket747

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36 Applesauce

Applesauce and avocado toast are the best foods ever - Puppytart

All fruit is gross - RedTheGremlin

37 Cow Brain

So, this is lower than pizza, tacos, cheese, bread, sour cream, and ham! Why! Needs to be in top 10! - TeamRocket747

This is disgusting. - DinoLover4242

38 Sashimi
39 Meatloaf

Yuck, needs to be higher in the top tens. It looks disgusting and tastes disgusting. I feel like puking when I see it.

I was forced to eat this and I hate it. - TeamRocket747

I like this food too. - AliciaMae

Meatloaf is actually good if you don’t douse it in tomato sauce like a moron. - 8chAnonymous

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40 Mackerel

I think I would love to try this fish. - DinoLover4242

I don't eat fish - TeamRocket747

41 Bacon

Smells gross, looks gross, probably tastes gross. All filthy and oily and fleshy and disgusting. Pigs might be adorable but their sizzling flesh is the opposite.

Why does the internet worship bacon

Why is bacon on this list? If tastes really good! - DinoLover4242

Crazy people. - AliciaMae

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42 Marmite

Gross. - TeamRocket747

Worst - BraixenBreak

Disgusting. - DinoLover4242

Rip of Aussie's Vegemite, taste more worse than that :P

43 Salami

Salami is my favorite meat blend - 8chAnonymous

I like Salami though! - TeamRocket747

Salami is awesome - AliciaMae

44 Barbecue Sauce

I love BBQ! - TeamRocket747

45 Cow Liver

Who eats this crap?

You guys are sick. Cow liver is one of the most delicious things I’ve eaten, and it’s literally a meal in itself. Liver is LITERALLY one of the healthiest things you can eat, and it’s DELICIOUS.
Keep eating your Brussel Sprouts and spinach then, since it-
Oh wait, you guys think that’s nasty too...
Have fun being fat then I guess! - 8chAnonymous

UGH... - TeamRocket747

46 Processed Meat

Yet I bet that you eat McDonald's..

*looks at the closest McDonald's restaurant* - TeamRocket747

McDonalds anywhere is plain nasty. - IceFoxPlayz

47 Cheeseburgers

I don't like meat but my brother is always making disturbing noises while eating burgers and saying it's the best thing ever lol. - Puppytart

I love cheeseburgers. Especially homemade - NightmareIsHere_

Cheeseburgers are horrible. Hamburgers are way better.

The cheese burgers from in & out are the best. Have them make it animal style, and it’s even better. - IceFoxPlayz

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48 Caviar Caviar

I love caviar, why is it on this list? - DinoLover4242

You insulted me. I LOVE masago, which is sushi-grade caviar. It isn't as expensive as normal caviar, and has a slightly salty taste.

edit: * cough * I had to change some stuff since I put in a Shrek reference._. - IceFoxPlayz

49 Sprouts

My nan made me eat them and now I like sprouts.

YES! THEY're bad. - TeamRocket747

50 Almonds

I love almonds, they are natural and healthy. Especially almond milk, so good.

I hate almonds

Almonds are the second best nut to me. - AliciaMae

What‘s wrong with almonds? - PugsfromMoon

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