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1 Cow Tounge

Ill be honest few of these things on this list disgust me why are all the gross fermented meats and stuff eaten around the world not in the top ten but things that really just look gross I do not know how and cow tongue tastes but my favorite part of a lamb is the tongue. - Ilyas678

This is by far a very underrated meat. It is very tender and cooked up, sliced thin, served on good rye bread with some thin slices of onions and a little fresh horseradish, hard to beat. Go to a good Jewish delicatessen in New York and you'll stand in line foe one of these sandwiches.

That is just nasty. now what kind of human would eat this?!? - mc14

I ate these one time, they are so disgusting! :(

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2 Brussels Sprouts

There are other, healthier, less NASTY veggies. This is obvious.

I love em and all the vegetables on this list

Believe it or not, Brussels sprouts are my second favorite veggie behind broccoli

Oh don’t even get me started on how much I hate these little green devils😂

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3 Lamb Heart

Come on. It's a damn organ. That's just disgusting.

My friend ate cow tongue and said it tasted like steak so lamb heart is my choice - DogeFan132

Who would eat an organ that came from livestock?!

I love this it tastes like normal meat but it sounds gross

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4 Salmon

Why is salmon here? I love salmon!

What, it's like the best fish ever, especially with some lemon juice sprinkled on it

The only thing I don't like about salmon is the mercury

WHat the what? how is salmon bad? and seriously, salmon is worse than bull testicles? some peoples taste buds have a dirty mind, get them some therapy.

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5 Frog Legs

They are good they taste like chicken actually!

Be a human. Who the heck eats amphibian legs

Dude, that's just gross.

delicious - stoner69

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6 Spinach

Are you kidding me? Spinach is a great vegetable! I can't believe you people would put Spinach on here! It's good for you! - TopTenJackson

Spinach doesn't taste like anything and they are fresh. Put this lower on the list or take it off. I like spinach.

What! Spinach beat out cow tongue, lamb heart, and frog legs? Damn you people need to eat your veggies. - vavagavoon

What TopTenJackson said is 100% correct.

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7 Bull Testicles

So you guys are saying that Brussel Sprouts and Spinach are worse than bull testicles? - 445956

Yuck, even the name is disgusting... - PeeledBanana

Gosh this is just inhuman


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8 Mayonnaise

I love mayonnaise I could eat it plain I know a lot more people who hate mayonnaise than they like it but I love it with turkey I would eat it any day

That's an instrument!

What are you talking about, I love Mayonnaise, especially on Fries like they do in Belgium! - TrueWolf99

I can instantly kill my appetite just thinking about it

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9 Rocky Mountain Oysters (Bull Testicles)

That was actually going to be a prank beer but it got so many hits that they decided to make it - bravenwolfzx

This is below Brussels sprouts, spinach, and pizza?! People need to get their taste buds fixed.

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10 Pizza Pizza Pizza is a yeasted flatbread generally topped with tomato sauce and cheese and baked in an oven. It is commonly topped with a selection of meats, vegetables and condiments. The term was first recorded in the 10th century, in a Latin manuscript from Gaeta in Central Italy.

I like pizza, its just some pizzas were made horribly wrong and the people who don't like it, ok. You may have had a bad experience and I still respect you.

Pizza is a great food. - EpicJake


My first experience of eating pizza:

It smelled SO GOOD! I can't believe they go on diets and leave pizza. IT TASTES SO GOOD! I CAN EAT UP TO FOUR SLICES!

PS to people who get fat by eating pizza, get some excercise and you can still eat it whenever you want to. No offense.

This list gave me cancer

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11 Artichokes

I eat artichoke hearts all the time. - Curtis_Huber

I love artichokes!

Ugh - DCfnaf

But this is my favorate. :(

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12 Nutella

Nutella does not have peanuts in it...

It's the best dip

This stuff is terrible, it taste like fake chocolate. Anyone who hasn't eaten it, don't EAT IT!

I hate this stuff

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13 Anchovies

Anchovies I love anchovies!

They are just way too salty for me they like burn my mouth with the salt in them. - Ilyas678

Spinach and Brussel Sprouts are great - 445956


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14 Ricotta V 1 Comment
15 Lasagne

It's edible heaven! Who put this on here?

This is actually pretty good - I like a good lasagne now and again. - Entranced98

This stuff is awesome.

It's lasagna, not "lasagne". - reed99

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16 Curry

Curry flavours are always a bit bizarre for my liking - either that or they start liquifying the insides of my mouth. The smell of it is also pretty unbearable and gets everywhere... - Entranced98

What's your problem? Curry is life dude

I love curry

17 Sardines

It's a little fish they fit into a small can. The worst part is the fish juice.

Ok we can agree canned ones are bad but If you ever had fresh you would change your mind. - Ilyas678

I don't Know Much about The acual taste but I Know they can smell

Should Be 3 - BraixenBreak

18 Cream Cheese

I like cream cheese - PeeledBanana

Cream cheese makes me gag.

19 Pasta

Who puts this here and why is it so high?


I love pasta 'asties!

20 Mozzarella

Mozzarella is love, mozzarella is life.

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