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Brussels Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts are actually good, or have you guys never TRIED it?

Am I the only one who likes brussel sprouts? - Yoshiandaglover

There are other, healthier, less NASTY veggies. This is obvious.

Have you tried them cooked and spiced? They're delicious if prepared correctly.

I like Sainsbury's Brussel sprouts but I hate any other - Unnamed Google User Remade

Bull Testicles

Get this back to #1. Brussels sprouts don't taste that bad in my opinion. Bull testicles sound disgusting.

So you guys are saying that Brussel Sprouts and Spinach are worse than bull testicles?

What, the f***, who had the mind of eating testicles? I mean, how you people feel if (WARNING, DISGUSTING) bulls ripped our testicles off?

I already eat human testicle

Lamb Heart

Lamb Heart! Poor lamb. I've had one and it was the worst thing ever! I still had veins yeah nasty you hear. My friend ate it for a dare and she got sick, stomach sick. I do not recommend eating this. If you like this I understand, this is my opinion.

Come on. It's a damn organ. That's just disgusting.

My friend ate cow tongue and said it tasted like steak so lamb heart is my choice

Who would eat an organ that came from livestock?!

Frog Legs

People have said this tastes like chicken. I tried it, and to my surprise, it ACTUALLY tasted like chicken. Frog Legs get a thumbs up from me.

Frogs are natural for me...but try to eat it! It's tasty! If you are an adult, you surely get beat by a kid because my cousins only 8 & 9 but they already eat frogs! Oh and my first time eating this is when I am 11 years old

They are good they taste like chicken actually!

Be a human. Who the heck eats amphibian legs


Why is this thing not in the top 10 a cow tongue really this is frigging rotten fish pick your poison.

Why do people hate salmon more? This smells like rotten fish

Why is pizza above this abomination of a food?

Literally rotten fish in a can.


Why is salmon here? I love salmon!

Living in Norway (and with all the damn darkness) eating salmon is basically a requirement in order to produce big amounts of that healthy D vitamine... But I can't eat this thing I just gag by the smell.

True fact: The name Salmon derives from the biblical figure Solomon which at one point managed to remove an evil spirit hiding inside a fish, then Solomon looked at the fish and said "I bless thy with the mark of my divinity" as such the unnamed fish's name was Solomon as the name over time became corrupted into Salmon.

The true part about this story, is that I made it up just right here and now.

Salmon and any type of fish has mercury and that's a fact! so every food is basically cancer

What, it's like the best fish ever, especially with some lemon juice sprinkled on it

Casu Marzu

It translates to Rotten Cheese! Its even illegal, my italian friend ate this and he said it was disgusting

It's just looks and sounds vile... although I must admit as a cheese lover I think I would love to try it..,hmmmhmm maybe one day!

Hard Boiled Eggs

These are delicious!

Rocky Mountain Oysters (Bull Testicles)

That was actually going to be a prank beer but it got so many hits that they decided to make it

This is below Brussels sprouts, spinach, and pizza?! People need to get their taste buds fixed.

So gross that it's both 6 and 7 on this list

Are you kidding? These are one of my favorite foods!


Best condiment in my opinion. I can't eat most sandwiches without and I love a lot of it on them.

Tastes bad when mixed with cheese in a sandwich and grilled together.

Mayonnaise is gross. I hate it’s horrible vinegary aftertaste.

I love mayonnaise I could eat it plain I know a lot more people who hate mayonnaise than they like it but I love it with turkey I would eat it any day

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? Cow Tongue

To be honest it taste delicious to me. Half of the people that hate it haven't even tried it

That is just nasty. now what kind of human would eat this?!?

This is by far a very underrated meat. It is very tender and cooked up, sliced thin, served on good rye bread with some thin slices of onions and a little fresh horseradish, hard to beat. Go to a good Jewish delicatessen in New York and you'll stand in line foe one of these sandwiches.

Ill be honest few of these things on this list disgust me why are all the gross fermented meats and stuff eaten around the world not in the top ten but things that really just look gross I do not know how and cow tongue tastes but my favorite part of a lamb is the tongue.

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That smell. That smelly smell. That smelly smell that smells. Anchovies. ANCHOVIES!

Anchovies I love anchovies!

They are just way too salty for me they like burn my mouth with the salt in them.

These are almost as salty as my mom on a GOOD day!

Yak Penis

Is this even a food-

OH NO that's just wrong

Who eats this

Yak Penis?

Pizza Pizza is a yeasted flatbread generally topped with tomato sauce and cheese and baked in an oven. It is commonly topped with a selection of meats, vegetables and condiments. The term was first recorded in the 10th century, in a Latin manuscript from Gaeta in Central Italy.

Everything about pizza is bad. The sauce. The sauce. And the sauce. This should be number one

No offense but I think you vegans are taking things a step too far.

Who hates pizza? I thought pizza was liked by everyone I never met anyone who hated pizza

I like pizza, its just some pizzas were made horribly wrong and the people who don't like it, ok. You may have had a bad experience and I still respect you.

Mashed Potatoes

why are these here


It's edible heaven! Who put this on here?

This is the best thing I ever tried and who put this on here doesn't have a tongue

This is actually pretty good - I like a good lasagne now and again.

This stuff is awesome.


they are only one US dollar, or about 100 Japanese Yen, so go one and eat a fishn eye surrounded by fish muscle and fish fat! YUM!

Tuna is awesome

I like tuna, but the problem is that live in the wild tuna are close to being endangered species.

Tuna sucks it is really gross


Are you kidding me? Spinach is a great vegetable! I can't believe you people would put Spinach on here! It's good for you!

Spinach doesn't taste like anything and they are fresh. Put this lower on the list or take it off. I like spinach.

What! Spinach beat out cow tongue, lamb heart, and frog legs? Damn you people need to eat your veggies.

Who ever put this here is a stupid kid who hates vegetables and never tried them before, stupid kids... How,would they know vegetables tasted bad if they never even tried them!


HEY. HOW IS THIS ON HERE. Curry is one of the best foods ever! (Although some kinds I will pass) TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF!

Curry flavours are always a bit bizarre for my liking - either that or they start liquifying the insides of my mouth. The smell of it is also pretty unbearable and gets everywhere...

What's your problem? Curry is life dude

Curry flavours are plain nice. They are creamy and flavoursome. What smell is better than curry. If you eat it like a proper person, it won't get anywhere put your mouth and your mouth will love it. From a curry fan


It's a little fish they fit into a small can. The worst part is the fish juice.

Should be above pizza immediately.

Am I the only one who loves sadines

Ok we can agree canned ones are bad but If you ever had fresh you would change your mind.


Nutella does not have peanuts in it...

Nutella is really tasty, but it's sooo dry that it bothers me after I have some, and I have to have something like milk to wash it down. Tasty, but it makes your mouth the equivalent of a desert.

It's the best dip

This stuff is terrible, it taste like fake chocolate. Anyone who hasn't eaten it, don't EAT IT!

Swiss Cheese

Swiss Cheese is good.

Swiss cheese is good.

I'm Allergic To Swiss Cheese, So I Can't Have Any

I honestly hate any type of cheese except cheddar

Turtle Soup

That sounds down right disgusting.

My stomach is churning now...

Poor turtles

turtle soup?


Avocado is too mushy and plain for me. First time I tried it, I puked. What human can even like this? Am I the only one who just HATES avocadoes!?

This is awesome stuff idiot

This is the ingredient they use to make guacamole, and I like guacamole. So, that must mean I like avocadoes.

I'm a millennial who hates avocado. Deal with it or else.


I can see why this is here. If the fish aren't handled properly or you get the wrong fish, then you're screwed. Also it's an acquired taste to many because raw fish is served on most sushi.

I love sushi! Whoever posted this is a lazy American who loves only chips.

Tried eating this but it is not for me.

I love this stuff! Why on Earth is sushi on this list?


Or how to vomit.

WHAT? I like this!

It’s fine

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