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41 Hot Dog Hot Dog A hot dog is a cooked sausage, traditionally grilled or steamed and served in a sliced bun as a sandwich.

Sorry, but I really hate Hot Dogs. When a family member forced fed me this... It made me hate it years afterward. Lesson is don't FORCE SOMEONE TO EAT FOOD!

Only like it grilled. Otherwise, it's nasty

Hot dogs are delicious what ae you talking about nasty

Never liked hot dogs... it just tastes gross

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42 Beans

God no - BraixenBreak

Jeffy, I agree. - TeamRocket747


43 Cheese Sticks

One time I ate a cheese stick and then I threw up.

Hell no - BraixenBreak

44 Mushrooms

Mushrooms taste super bad. I am a chef at Outback and I never use mushrooms

I like them, but they feel weird when you chew them up.

They just taste horrible. they are to strong.

45 Marmite

Worst - BraixenBreak

Rip of Aussie's Vegemite, taste more worse than that :P

46 Balut

Balut is a developing duck embryo that is BOILED. It is also a popular street food in some Asian countries

Another gross one eh? This one is so nasty I almost puked looking at it.

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47 Porridge
48 Mussels

Mussels are only good if you cook them right. Maybe I'm just saying that because I love seafood.

Conch is good. Therefore mussels must be good too.

49 Chicken Liver

Most people eat these, I never knew how they would.

Disgusting 🤢🤢. how is this lower than pizza?

50 Cow Liver

Who eats this crap?

51 Honey

I tried this once and I vomited all over the table. I was sick for three weeks.

52 Onions

My friend eats onions like apples. I do not like them at all

Raw onions are nasty. I prefer them to be cooked.

I tasted a raw onion before. It wasn't that bad.

Wheres sweet potato?

53 Tofu V 2 Comments
54 Peppers
55 Sugar

This shouldn't be on here. If the person who put this on here likes junk food, then he/she is an idiot because those kinds of food are contained with sugar.

What the? Sugar should not be on here signed by ethan murphy

The unhealthiest food ever


56 Vegetable Fat V 1 Comment
57 Meecrob
58 Celery

No offense, but how do you know what sweaty socks taste like?

59 Steak
60 Avocado

This is the ingredient they use to make guacamole, and I like guacamole. So, that must mean I like avocadoes.

This is awesome stuff idiot

Most healthy food ever

Without the avocado we would have no guac and without guac we would have no LIFE.

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