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61 Sugar

This shouldn't be on here. If the person who put this on here likes junk food, then he/she is an idiot because those kinds of food are contained with sugar.

What the? Sugar should not be on here signed by ethan murphy

Seems like someone hates all food. - TeamRocket747

The unhealthiest food ever

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62 Vegetable Fat

Is this Kim Jong-un's breakfast, lunch, and dinner? - TeamRocket747


63 Meecrob

gross. - TeamRocket747

64 Steak

I like steak! - TeamRocket747

65 Avocado

This is the ingredient they use to make guacamole, and I like guacamole. So, that must mean I like avocadoes.

This is awesome stuff idiot

Most healthy food ever

I like avocado! - TeamRocket747

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66 Meatloaf

Yuck, needs to be higher in the top tens. It looks disgusting and tastes disgusting. I feel like puking when I see it.

I was forced to eat this and I hate it. - TeamRocket747

Tastes more like tomatoes than meat. I hate tomatoes.

67 Canned Tomatoes

*burps* - TeamRocket747

68 Jam

I hate jam. - TeamRocket747

69 Pork Blood

Wait you can drink pork blood?

Ugh, Makes me puke every time.

What the heck did Dracula and Count Orlock work together to make this? - TeamRocket747

Blood is delicious, what are you talking about WIGLE WIGLE WIGLE YEAH

70 Fish Pie

Who's the idiot who thought of making a pie with fish inside of it? That sounds down right nasty.

How can anyone like any type of fish. - ActionninjaT

What idiot Would Make this... - BraixenBreak

*scoots chair away* - TeamRocket747

71 Lamb

Lamb is gross.. - TeamRocket747

72 Lutefisk

Aged stockfish... - TeamRocket747

73 Kale

Yup, I don't eat leaf cabbage. - TeamRocket747

74 Escargot

Who'd eat snails? How is this better than the wonderland called lasagne?

Wouldn't eat this if you paid me a million dollars - GamingGodPrime

Poor snails... *sob* That's just disgusting!

Ewww... eating snails... - TeamRocket747

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75 Ham

I love ham! - TeamRocket747

76 Marmalade

It's gross! - TeamRocket747

77 Tacos Tacos A taco is a traditional Mexican dish composed of a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling.

This is one of my favorite foods in the world. - Ilyas678

I love tacos take it off here - elmoworldrocks

Take it off

Take it off.. - TeamRocket747

78 Pringles

Pringles are good just not the odd flavors.

Why is this here! - TeamRocket747

79 Cow Brain

So, this is lower than pizza, tacos, cheese, bread, sour cream, and ham! Why! Needs to be in top 10! - TeamRocket747

80 Chicken Paprikash

I don't eat it. - TeamRocket747

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