Top Ten Worst Foods


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81 Kiwi Fruit
82 Smooth Peanut Butter
83 Banana Bread

I hit the wrong button. I thought I was hitting a button that said I LIKED it. I'm sorry banana bread.

Banana bread is amazing


84 Canned Mushrooms
85 Peanut Butter

Whoever put it on here is totally wrong I love peanut butter sandwiches

I can't eat it I'm allergic to it

The mixture is horrible.

I'm allergic to PB.

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86 Blackberries

Have weird taste and are to sour

They are way to sour.

87 Honey Nut Cheerios V 1 Comment
88 Cheeseburgers

I love cheeseburgers. Especially homemade - NightmareIsHere_

Cheeseburgers are horrible. Hamburgers are way better.

Cheeseburgers could use a lot less cheese

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89 Nacho cheese

If you don't like it, and it's not yours, then it's nacho cheese. *drums* Get it?

90 Tuna
91 Funnel Cake

I judge a food by its look, feel, taste, and health for you. Funnel cakes look just weird, they feel to greasy, they taste too sweet. No offense to people who eat a lot of funnel cakes but they are ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE for your health.

I like funnel cake. It is amazing!

92 Cantaloupe

I actually like cantaloupes.

93 Prawns

They made me vomit

94 Sun Dried Tomatoes
95 Turtle Soup

That sounds down right disgusting.

96 Black Liquorice

This is the worst candy in history. It tastes like coffee, except WAY WORSE.

97 Grasshopper
98 Corn Dogs

So overrated! I can't survive a bite.

99 Hakarl
100 Kiviak
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