Top 10 Worst Football (Soccer) National Teams

We always hear about the best in the world, but rarely about those sides that feature towards the lower end of the FIFA rankings. However the rankings aren’t always correct with how good a team actually is, and is calculated with points on which teams you play, the competition and the result. An example is Switzerland, who sit in 8th place in the rankings, whilst France are in 20th. Although most other countries are happy to see France so far down the list, it is a clear misguided table on how good each nation actually is. Looking at the wrong end of the scale, mostly not in the FIFA rankings at all, here is a list of the 10 worst national sides.

The Top Ten Worst Football (Soccer) National Teams

1 Kiribati

How can you expect a country no bigger than a peanut to be any good at football

As of June 2012, Kiribati has lost all ten of their games. They lost twice against Papua New Guinea, three times against Fiji, once against Tuvalu, once against Solomon Islands, once against Vanuatu, once against Cook Islands and once against Tahiti. - SamHalls2015

I did not know this country existed

This country shouldn't even have a team or play because ITS ONE OF THE SMALLEST COUNTRYS IN THE WORLD. I still don't believe that COOK ISLANDS has a team since its literally A PROVENCE.(NOT A COUNTRY)

2 Palau

What?! Does Palau play soccer

So weak that CR7 and LM11 can score 1000000 in thirty minutes against them

Palau rice am I right - crazycat9999

Only 2000 people live there and they have a natioal team!

3 Eastern Samoa (American Samoa)

They did lose 31-0 agenst australia. But at least they are better than the country samoa.

They should be number 1 they lost To Australia 31-0 and that's a world record - CoolCat999

31-0 to Australia? That's unimaginable. How can a Island with so many wars and tiny tiny territory can even win a team? It isn't fair for this team to play soccer.

Got absolutely wrecked to Australia and are a joke, don't even know hoe to play!

4 Bhutan

If you look at the FIFA World Ranking on the Official FIFA app, they're at the very bottom, with 0 POINTS!

The only nation to lose against India, yes India!

Of course bhutan has lossed much game but remember they are improving. And when they improve, they win by heart not by skill so hats off to bhutan and the dragon people

Rubbish. How are they even allowed to play

5 England

In terms of expectation vs. reality, England is quite easily the worst of the bunch. In every major tournament, they come in with lofty expectations of making the semi-finals, but more often than not, they crash and burn to a team with passion. The England team hasn't put in a decent performance at a major competition since the 1996 Euros, and really shouldn't be expected to considering how little the team seems to care about their nation. In addition, the fans are delusional, as well as, although it has improved, a track record of hooliganism. It also appears as though all England fans love to bash the US, when, in reality, we have consistently outperformed them when it matters most.

Your all just wishing that your team has good players plus how is England bad when they got to the semi finals of the World Cup 2018

England is gonna get crushed every World Cup

They suck because they don't know Interpolation method like India

6 United States

They focus on basket ball not soccer

That's why they are the worst football team because Donald trump is ugly and old!

They reached farther than group stages in recent years... They aren't worst than England anyway...

LeBron James should play for them

7 Pohnpei State's National Team

There just a stupid team playing like there going mad

You guys are way too funny. I had not laughed this much in a very long time.

Pohnpei what?

This is rubbish than england

8 Vatican City

Who even plays for the Vatican. The Vatican only has 800 residents and nearly all of them have a job related to religion like a cardinal or a bishop and even a pope.

They are not even a member of FIFA!

How can they even create a soccer team when they have like 1k people living in there?

They're not a team

9 Saint Pierre and Miquelon

With the smallest population on the list, just 5,774 inhabitants, it was always going to be difficult for this little self-governing French territory. They have played just 7 games as a nation and all since 2010 in the French Territory Cup. Their results are impressive though. They have scored just 2, whilst allowing their opponents 78 goals. An average of 10.1 conceded per game. Jose Mourinho would have a tough time with this nation. Their smallest loss to date is a 7-0 to French Guiana, whilst their largest a 16-1 defeat to New Caledonia. Still, least they scored. With the islands 3 airports, at least they can escape the brutality of their defeats once they are over.

They never won!

Where the flip is that

what ( where is that )

10 Anguilla

With a population of 15,000 people, Anguilla should be proud of being above 6 other countries. They have won 3 times in their 48 outings as a national side. Their last win was as recent as 2010, in a Caribbean Cup fixture against Saint Martin 2-1. They have had a few big loses, with their biggest being a 14-0 loss back in 1998 to Guyana. For an island that is 16 miles long, and just 3 miles wide, their stats are far more impressive than they appear.

Ranked 210th in FIFA ranking

worse in fifa ranking

The Contenders

11 Argentina

Whoever put this here is either mad or is a Chilean or Brazilian

What the heck is the person thinking putting Argentina here. Just because they lost the world cup doesn't mean they suck! And they have Messi.

I know, but they are here because they are BULLIES. They bullied Chile, Brazil, and Uruguay. - Gabo147

Yeah your exactly right Argentina are a gun team, almost beating Germany in the World Cup and who doesn't know Messi best soccer player in the world and plays for the Argentinian soccer national team!

They think they are better then every other national team because they have Messi, and half the time messi is only good when there are other good players with him..

12 San Marino

Fun Fact: San Marino has only 1 win (1-0 Liechtenstein in 2004), 4 draws (Turkey 1993, Latvia 2001, Liechtenstein 2003, and Estonia 2014) and lost many other games.

Lowest FIFA rating out of the 209 countries in FIFA. That is VERY impressive!

They're terrible they don't have even 5 games won

The tied Estonia and only scored after 30 seconds like Dempsey against Dempsey

13 Turks and the Caicos Islands

No because billy Forbes plays for them

No way

Turks and the Caicos have been described as the worst team in the world on more than one occasion. They sit joint bottom of the FIFA Rankings with two other sides on this list with 0 points. This island paradise in the Bahamas chain hasn’t played a game since 2011, but that hasn’t stopped for teacher from England Matthew Green attempting to get them off the bottom. Their last win was in 2008 against St. Lucia. They have only played 14 games, whilst winning 2 have scored 8 and conceded 51. As an island, they are more interested in Cricket, but we’re more interested in their capital, Cockburn Town (How childish).

14 Northern Mariana Islands

They suck! I AFC challenges cup or maybe something else their smallest loss was against Bangladesh it was 4-0 and biggest loss was against Palestine 9-0 and they lost with Nepal by 6-0 in that same competition.

15 Somalia

They have terrorists which will kill the ref for bribes, that makes me worried putting them on this list

People who act like this are a disgrace and should not be banned because they are incapable of showing sportsmanship.

It's 205th above many

Yeah they were once charged for farting in the Samoans kings face and then made an excuse saying it is a sign of honour towards the caca king of the south

16 Tonga

Tonga is another small nation in the OFC that will probably never qualify for the World Cup. With a population of around 100k the island nation doesn't have a huge population to choose from. Tonga once lost to Australia 22-0. AKA they suck

They are currently tied for the worst national team in the FIFA rankings.

They are ranked last, I'm surprised that they have a team.

You are so dumb they are good

17 South Korea

South Korea isn't bad I think there a pretty good team

South Korea is the team that tries to cheat, and gets pissed whenever they get caught.

They're 50th in FIFA best teams they're not bad

South Korea is good they beat Fiji

18 Ireland

Ireland is actually an alright team they're ranked 27 in the FIFA world rankings

Ireland should not be on this list. They don't often get to semi finals but there good

Ireland isn't bad they even have the soccer club celtic which is a pro team

You idiot Ireland is actually pretty good!

19 Tibet

Not even a country...

I don't think they have a football team

What is this Country?

where is that

20 Indonesia

They have never won any title in last 5 years

FIFA gave a penalty. They can't play anymore

FIFA gave them a red card

Hahaaahahaaha ha ha ha

21 Micronesia

The u-23 sucks losing 46-0 and 38-0 in just two games worst team ever hardly winning a match

Um I forgot what I need to say

The best team ever

They are tiny 'micro'nesia

22 U.S. Virgin Islands

Not as bad as some other nations, but included because of their large goals conceded per game ratio. Letting in an average of 5.31 goals per game, their keeper spends more time in his own net picking out the ball than out of it altogether. Having only played 35 times, the last a 6-1 defeat to Curacao in 2011. With a population of 106,000, this small nation might not be qualifying for a major tournament anytime soon.

They have a good player called Bryan Melendez.


23 India

India is a champ stop saying that our country sucks,1 day. India will win every fifa world cup

I agree with you guys India sucks I highly doubt that they will ever win a cup they are the worst team ever

India has defeated Australia 5 - 0 australia should come here in this place

Here is the thing. Australia made it into at least one world cup. How many world cups have India competed in? - AnLSUQB

What India are so good they are rated 1 star on FIFA 15 and have won the World Cup 3 times also Ronald's plays for them and he is born in kolkata

24 Nauru

There a island that knows nothing about football

They play football?

Bad forwards, bad midfields, bad goalkeeper and bad back people

they do not have a national team

25 Iran

Iran is not a perfect team but not worst team in world - Rhapsody

They are the worst if don't know how they made it to the World Cup

Iran is by far in my opinion the best team in asia. Don't believe me? Search it up

26 Iraq

I think this opinion is good

best team

27 Niue

They have a team?

28 Guam

Once Iran defeated them with 20 goal - Rhapsody

They lost to North Korea

They just stand there

They beated India

29 Mexico

Bruh mexico is always is going to beat us they won the gold cup

Mexico is trash, they say they are so good now since they beat Germany. Well its not like that. Mexico lost against Jamaica! they also lost against the us

Mexico is the best team because they won germany and beat usa a lot of times.

Mexico isn't one of the worst teams In the world

30 Kosovo

Really are you kidding with population 90 % albanian he is a Albanian province so keep dreaming bye bye

Not even an official soccer team!

Why would a Serbian province be a national team?

More like Albanian province. Serbia lost the war, just like Serbia lost all wars, you worthless trash. - 32537690968969


31 Monaco

They're epic!

As Monaco Has Radmel Facol

32 Canada

I live in Canada! ;( And none of the teams are bad! It's just they don't win every year are you SMART!

Ok, Canada was boss in 1986, but so far, I will never forget them making the world cup in 1986 - SuperBacca

I only think that Canada should be the worst because they do not make it a lot to the World Cups but I think once they did.

Canada only plays hockey that's why there not that good

33 Portugal

Yeah also back in 2005 the Portugal national team were charged with stealing money from Japan to not be poor also they were so stupid to have told Spain what they did and how there better than Spain

I just had to vote for Portugal, because they have the two worst soccer player of all time, Ronaldo and Pepe. I have nothing against the rest of the team, but Portugal gets my vote.

True Ronaldo will go to prison for 2 years being a the world meanest show off and being mean Ronaldo get out of football fighting is his sport

Ronaldo is just a big show off showing is bad skill saying he is good at goalkeeper in FIFA 15

34 United Arab Emirates

Liars they are not bad, They are at least better than average

35 El Salvador

Won 2-1 to honduras

No that bad

they sexy

7-0 Against Cuba

36 Spain

They may have got flattened but they produce good players

This is the worst list ever

Only reason I voted is because of Diego Costa

They're like #3 on FIFA ratings right now

37 China

Stop with all the lotion, you guys need to age

They are actually getting better players

They produce bad players

They are getting better - PopGeorge1678

38 Australia

They are alright I like them

I'm sorry, they are trying.

Australia is just too gritty and disorganised

Trent Sainsbury is crap

39 Venezuela
40 Gibraltar

Their biggest win was 1-0 against Malta in 1994.

41 Italy

What the hell Italy are the best

Take Italy Germany and Argentina out and this would be a good list

Come on, 4 world cups, 2 euros not enough?.

Jeez just because you hate Italy doesn't mean that they are bad at playing football
I am from Denmark by the way - Skrimby

42 Saint Barthelemy
43 Croatia

They were 2nd in the World Cup. Croatia is more like the best. - 32537690968969

But they beated spain and turkey

44 Namibia Namibia, officially the Republic of Namibia, is a country in southern Africa whose western border is the Atlantic Ocean. It has the second lowest population density in the world. The capital city is Windhoek. It shares borders with Angola to the North, South Africa to the South and Botswana to the east. more.

this team sucks

45 Germany

Fake info! Germany won the world cup they are the best team in the world!?!?!?

Well they got knocked out in the group stage by South Korea, and lost against Mexico.

They have lately been awful, though.

This is a lie Germany won the world cup whoever that put this here is stupid

46 Malta

Worst team ever if they were against Jamaica they would easily lose and Jamaica are horrible

Malta sucks at everything

47 Barbados

There all right

48 Russia

In such a big country they can't find 11 decent players..

What? They tied with Spain, so how are they a bad team?

They tied with Spain, a powerhouse. They are great.

They simply don't know how to play

49 Afghanistan

These people are horrible I don't know why they even play

They should piss off

My god wathing these guys play makes me wanna cry

50 Malaysia
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