Top 10 Worst Football (Soccer) National Teams

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21 Micronesia

The u-23 sucks losing 46-0 and 38-0 in just two games worst team ever hardly winning a match

They reaaally suck.They lost to three teams by more than 30 - 0 and had more than 100 goals conceded on just three games!

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22 U.S. Virgin Islands

Not as bad as some other nations, but included because of their large goals conceded per game ratio. Letting in an average of 5.31 goals per game, their keeper spends more time in his own net picking out the ball than out of it altogether. Having only played 35 times, the last a 6-1 defeat to Curacao in 2011. With a population of 106,000, this small nation might not be qualifying for a major tournament anytime soon.

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23 Nauru

There a island that knows nothing about football

Bad forwards, bad midfields, bad goalkeeper and bad back people

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24 Iraq V 3 Comments
25 Iran

Iran is not a perfect team but not worst team in world - Rhapsody

They are the worst if don't know how they made it to the World Cup

26 Niue V 1 Comment
27 Guam

Once Iran defeated them with 20 goal - Rhapsody

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28 India

I agree with you guys India sucks I highly doubt that they will ever win a cup they are the worst team ever

What India are so good they are rated 1 star on FIFA 15 and have won the World Cup 3 times also Ronald's plays for them and he is born in kolkata

India suck and PS 1star is terrible and they have not won any world cups and Ronaldo does not play for India and whoever says India is good are CRAZY

What India should be 11 in place of Argentina

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29 Kosovo

Not even an official soccer team!

Why would a Serbian province be a national team?

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30 Monaco V 1 Comment
31 Canada

Ok, Canada was boss in 1986, but so far, I will never forget them making the world cup in 1986 - SuperBacca

I only think that Canada should be the worst because they do not make it a lot to the World Cups but I think once they did.

I live in Canada! ;( And none of the teams are bad! It's just they don't win every year are you SMART!

Canada only plays hockey that's why there not that good

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32 Mexico

Mexico isn't one of the worst teams In the world

After the loss that they had against to Chile, they deserve to be demoted all the way down to the bottom. They were not even trying; as the fans alleged they gave the game away. The fans were so pissed off after some of them paid $500 dollars to watch that trash.

They can't be here just because they lost 7-0 other teams lost more and there not here.

Fans are more delusional than England they really thought they could beat Germany's b team

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33 Portugal

Yeah also back in 2005 the Portugal national team were charged with stealing money from Japan to not be poor also they were so stupid to have told Spain what they did and how there better than Spain

I just had to vote for Portugal, because they have the two worst soccer player of all time, Ronaldo and Pepe. I have nothing against the rest of the team, but Portugal gets my vote.

True Ronaldo will go to prison for 2 years being a the world meanest show off and being mean Ronaldo get out of football fighting is his sport

Because there is Ronaldo

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34 United Arab Emirates
35 Spain

They may have got flattened but they produce good players

They're like #3 on FIFA ratings right now

What the hell?!?!?!?

They suckkk

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36 Saint Barthelemy
37 Afghanistan

These people are horrible I don't know why they even play

They should piss off

My god wathing these guys play makes me wanna cry

38 Barbados
39 Germany

Fake info! Germany won the world cup they are the best team in the world!?!?!?

They have lately been awful, though.

This is a lie Germany won the world cup whoever that put this here is stupid

Lost to France? Oh god

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40 Namibia Namibia Namibia, officially the Republic of Namibia, is a country in southern Africa whose western border is the Atlantic Ocean.
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