Top 10 Worst Football (Soccer) National Teams

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41 Barbados
42 Namibia Namibia
43 Australia V 3 Comments
44 China

Stop with all the lotion, you guys need to age

They are getting better - PopGeorge1678

No, China rocks!

They are OK, at least better than NZ(New Zealand), I am a New Zealander. - PopGeorge1678

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45 Italy

Jeez just because you hate Italy doesn't mean that they are bad at playing football
I am from Denmark by the way - Skrimby

Take Italy Germany and Argentina out and this would be a good list

Come on, 4 world cups, 2 euros not enough?.

What the hell Italy are the best

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46 Croatia V 1 Comment
47 Belgium V 2 Comments
48 Eritrea

They have good players but every time they leave the country for a football they don't come back. While they have good players they are ranked as the worst.

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49 Bangladesh

They just do not know how to kick the ball Syria is much better

Bangladesh the best team in the world

They sucked people their are poor yet hiw di they come here and afford a Jersey and cleats.

50 Bosnia

Bosnia do have a good player but he is useless

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51 Gibraltar

Their biggest win was 1-0 against Malta in 1994.

52 Pakistan

Pakistan is a good team and Muslims are not terrorist

Worst team in the universe

Their not terrorists but their futbol team suck.

Terrorists. Enough said.

53 Estonia V 1 Comment
54 Poland

They have Lewandowski and qualifies for euro 2016 so they are not that bad

They are really good


Yeah but he didn't mean [not that bad] he ment [the best team in the world]

55 Vietnam V 1 Comment
56 Mongolia V 2 Comments
57 Nepal
58 Western Samoa
59 Malta
60 Moldova
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