Top 10 Worst Football (Soccer) National Teams

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61 Pakistan

Pakistan is a good team and Muslims are not terrorist

Worst team in the universe

Their not terrorists but their futbol team suck.

Terrorists. Enough said.

62 Estonia V 1 Comment
63 Poland

They have Lewandowski and qualifies for euro 2016 so they are not that bad

They are really good


Yeah but he didn't mean [not that bad] he ment [the best team in the world]

64 Vietnam V 1 Comment
65 Mongolia V 2 Comments
66 Western Samoa
67 Moldova
68 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
69 Lesotho
70 Hong Kong
71 North Korea
72 Puerto Rico
73 Finland
74 Romania
75 Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka are balls

Sri Lanka sucks

No goal fests for U.

76 New Zealand

Mexico destroyed This team and it was for who cloud go to the World Cup 2014 the scores were 5-1 and 4-2 Mexico won both of them

They were not in the world cup 2014 FIFA they are rubbish even Bukino faso are better than them

V 3 Comments
77 Ivory Coast

They never got past the group stage.

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78 South Africa V 1 Comment
79 Djibouti

Honestly, I have nothing to say about them other than they just purely suck.

Absolutely positively legendary

80 France

They're good. They made quarter final of 2014 World Cup. They might have gone farther if they didn't run into the Germany Buzzsaw. They also have Benzema and Lloris

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