Top 10 Worst Football (Soccer) National Teams

We always hear about the best in the world, but rarely about those sides that feature towards the lower end of the FIFA rankings. However the rankings aren’t always correct with how good a team actually is, and is calculated with points on which teams you play, the competition and the result. An example is Switzerland, who sit in 8th place in the rankings, whilst France are in 20th. Although most other countries are happy to see France so far down the list, it is a clear misguided table on how good each nation actually is. Looking at the wrong end of the scale, mostly not in the FIFA rankings at all, here is a list of the 10 worst national sides.

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81 France

They're good. They made quarter final of 2014 World Cup. They might have gone farther if they didn't run into the Germany Buzzsaw. They also have Benzema and Lloris

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82 Singapore

None Of Their Players Are Even Decent

83 Denmark

;(, They won Euro 1992 and the confed cup, And Sweden, Norway, Belgium, England, Portugal. Haven't won the euro cup. so SUCK IT! - Skrimby

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84 Bulgaria
85 Qatar

The government kicks Human RIghts with their feet

FIFA went on drugs and gave them host nation for 2022

86 Timor-Leste

This team's best win was 5-1 against Cambodia! Their biggest defeat was 10-0 against Saudi Arabia! I didn't even know Cambodia had a soccer team!

87 Bonaire
88 Northern Cyprus
89 Bahamas

They lost 12 to 0 against Mexico.

90 British Virgin Islands

Their name is "virgin" what you excepting

91 Montserrat
92 Taiwan
93 Liechtenstein

I know right though they did lose to San Marino they are like the best team ever. I mean have you guys heard they've won the World Cup 5 times they are the best *sarcasm

No but seriously Argentina Poland France England Germany and many other good teams are apparently worse than them so like...

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94 Myanmar
95 Lebanon

They are awful, ranked 150th

96 Luxembourg
97 Madagascar
98 Togo
99 Guatemala
100 Honduras
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