Top 10 Worst Football (Soccer) National Teams

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101 Scotland
102 Norway
103 Albania
104 Peru
105 Costa Rica
106 Uruguay
107 Colombia V 1 Comment
108 Brazil

If you think Brazil is bad you suck

Just horrible they got brat just without two players.

5 goals in 10 minutes vs Germany!

That's because they didn't have Neymar nor Thiago Silva during that game! (by the way I'm Colombian)

Brazil sucks

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109 Netherlands

They are 100% cheaters and frauds

They cheat Mexico could of won if it wasn't for the fake penalty

Failed at winning world cup, qualifying for euro, playing good. Why do they even try

What is this the neatherlands are great making it to the world cup is good 4 times how are they bad

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110 Zambia
111 Tuvalu

Their only win was against Liechtenstein where they won 1-0. - bumy

I didn't know this country existed

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112 Singapore

None Of Their Players Are Even Decent

113 Nicaragua V 1 Comment
114 Greenland

They do not have an national team - Skrimby

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115 Sint Maarten
116 South Sudan
117 Wallis and Futuna
118 British Virgin Islands
119 Andorra
120 Cayman Islands
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