Top Ten Worst Ford Cars

Ford has a great line of success. But that doesn't always apply to its cars...

Note: The list was originally based on consumer reports. Some information here may be wrong. This list was numbered according to amount of complaints and what type of complaints (not severe/very severe).

The Top Ten

1 1971 Ford Pinto

My dad had a Pinto and hated it. I think he purposefully crashed into that water tank to get rid of it.

Meaning "small pen**" in Brazil, this car was a car, more or less. But what really ticked people of in the ol' days was that the Pinto had a tendency to erupt into flames when rear-ended, causing charges of up to $50 million. Let 'em burn. Also, there isn't anything that makes the Pinto stand out. If you want the car which is Mini Hell, get a 1971 Pinto. - DontMakeARookieMistake

Give the crap to the USAF so they can drop them on enemies as thermobaric weapons.

Yep, I knew this would hit #1. It's a piece of crap - Mcgillacuddy

2 2006 Ford Explorer
3 1990 Ford Escort

Why would you need to escort, when you have a Ford Escort from the 1990's! Anyway, the Escort didn't have anything wrong with it, but it's what it's not. There's no beautiful display, no great fuel economy, no anything... - DontMakeARookieMistake

4 2000 Ford Focus
5 2003 Ford Taurus
6 2006 Ford Escape
7 2003 Ford Windstar
8 2004 Ford Expedition
9 2011 Ford Fusion
10 1974 Ford Mustang II

The Contenders

11 1990 Ford Tempo
12 2010 Ford Flex

Engine went at 73,000 due to water pump leaking into crankcase and transmission going at 97,000. Worst car I've ever owned

13 1998 Ford Expedition
14 1995 Ford Festiva
15 1994-1997 Ford Contour

They are heavily unreliable. Most last no more than 75k

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