Top 10 Worst Fortnite Skins

Uglyass skins that shouldn't be in the game
Also this isn't a return to content.

The Top Ten

1 Pathfinder

The noah fay

2 Flytrap

Easily the WOAT legendary, no backbling, no backbling goes good with it, looks like a roasted tomato with a mohawk. - PeeledBanana

3 Squad Leader

Okay, it isn't that bad but it's so disappointing for a tier 87 skin. Elite Agent > - PeeledBanana

Rook > Squad leader and Elite Agent - B1ueNew

4 Cipher
5 Moisty Merman
6 Drift Drift

This skin looks like Ninja and the One villain in Big Hero 6 so that's why I don't like it, It looks like 2 bad guys - B1ueNew

I like this skin, but that’s my unpopular opinion. - RadioHead03

@B1ueNew The pink lightning is pretty cool in my opinion. - PeeledBanana

7 Liteshow

Looks awful!

8 Nitelite
9 Toxic Trooper

Ninja skin - MrCoolC

10 Leviathan

Ugly dumb skylanders fish - B1ueNew

The Newcomers

? The Scientist

The Contenders

11 Skull Ranger
12 Zoey Zoey

Puke wish I didn't have this skin

Just ugly, and I find her pants disgusting. - MrCoolC

13 Dynamo
14 Mission Specialist Mission Specialist
15 DJ Yonder

Its not bad but calamity is way better

16 Brawler
17 Chromium

Ugly metal robot thing. - PeeledBanana

18 Ghoul Trooper

Looks like a fugglier version of the default skin - Not_A_Weeaboo

19 Whiplash
20 Sparkle Specialist

If anything disco diva gives off a larger lesbian vibe

Stupid ugly skin.

This should be at least top 3. Terrible, filler skin. Epic should’ve made a silver knight or made the red knight a battle pass skin. It’s overrated and looks like a lesbian. The only reason people like it is because it’s rare and it’s *hot* (it’s not.) Funk ops is better, by 100000000 miles, because that actually gives off a disco vibe. This skin gives off a lesbian vibe. I bet if they re-release it it’ll become a hated and criticized skin, proving the hypocrisy in some of the player base. So, in my opinion, this is the worst battle pass skin of all time. Worse than the moonwalker, worse than Zoey (I like her a bit), and battlehawk combined. Congrats sparkle specialist, you are officially the worst battle pass skins, the most overrated skin, and one of the worst skins of all time. And I bet it’ll stay that way for many, many more seasons. Well, I’m out of paper, so I guess this is THE END!

21 Default Skin Default Skin

One of the girl default skins look like a literal serial killer... - Qryzx

I like it just for the memes

Default Dance intensifies. - RadioHead03

Defaults suck - LightningStrike

22 Maverick

It's a Logan Paul skin. So yeah it's bad. - B1ueNew

23 Zenith

Boo disgusting

24 Nightshade

Tomato thot

25 Luxe

Basic, AND FOR A TIER 100?

26 Sun Strider

Eww, what is fortnite thinking while making this skin - B1ueNew

27 Black Knight Black Knight

WHAT? This skin is amazing. - DarkBoi-X

Are you kidding me? - B1ueNew

Looks like po BOI

Overrated - MrCoolC

28 Moonwalker


Moonwalker was the worst season 3 skin.

29 Teknique

Probably the worst Season 4 skin. - B1ueNew

30 Diecast

Just plain bad

31 Enforcer

Worst skin ever

32 Brite Gunner
33 Tracker

Its rare but it sucks

34 Fishsticks
35 Brite Bomber Brite Bomber

Needs to stop appearing in the damn store

36 Renegade Raider
37 Riot


38 Aura
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