Top Ten Worst Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Episodes

Foster's is a great show, but it had some bad episodes.

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1 Everyone Knows It's Bendy

I Know Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends Is Kind Of A Mean-Spirited Show But Did It Ever Had To Be This Mean-Spirited? I Mean Come On! Whoever Says This Is A Good Episode Is An Idiot.

Bendy is a complete brat that always tattles on the friends. My cousin makes fun of him for his hair. - RalphBob

This Episode Is So Bad. That It Makes All The Other Episodes That Was Ever In This Show Look More Watchable.

The worst thing is that this was my first foster's home episode

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2 Goodbye to Bloo

What a terrible way to end a show, it was so badly made, first it was boring, the producers didn't put an attempt in solving Mac's problem of living with Terrence, Bloo is still the unlikeable jerk-head, and Worst of all Cheese appeared to ruin it all. Because of this unfunny and mindless doofus, all the characters suffer because of this annoying "character". Great work, Cartoon Network!

That ending was awful. My favorite character (Cheese) finally moved in the house, BUT then the house gets erased and the show ends. - RalphBob

Why do you hate this episode? Its awesome. Its Everyone Knows its Bendy that needs to be blaimed. - TopTenJackson

I thought up other plots of the series finale. (It's fine if you don't like them)
Coco could finally see her creator, her creator a grown woman now (they reunite, and I heard that Coco's creator was a female, so...;-;)and the others see her too ;-;. (This must be bad because I heard they were suppose to keep it a secret...)
Mac's mom reunites (WHY DID I DO THIS ;-;) with her old imaginary friend (She mentioned him/her in the pilot episode. I DON'T KNOW HOW IT LOOKS LIKE.)
*WARNING: This will be so sad ;( (but wait what if you aren't upset.-., based off of how Craig McCracken's father passed away when Craig was seven...although I don't know if this will be allowed on a kids cartoon..*
So, it's father's day, Mac sees that EVERY kid is with their fathers, and Mac is upset. Bloo sees how sad Mac is. So Bloo asks what's wrong. Mac won't speak. Mac sniffs. He cries. (I DON'T KNOW WHY I THOUGHT THIS UP, I JUST DID O_O) Finally, Mac says it's because he doesn't have a father, and ...more

3 I Only Have Surprise For You

This is a really mean spirited episode. Since Mac is my favorite character this episode actually made me both sad and angry. I know Bloo can be selfish but he would never do anything as what happened in that episode. Poor Mac. I wish I could've give him a hug. He could've need one after this disaster. - CartoonsGirl

I don't like what Bloo did to Mac in this episode. - cosmo

This was the episode that made me wake up and realize that bloo is nothing more then a little bloo ass. I mean my goodness what right does he have to make macs life miserable. After Mac practically created him, gave, him a new home, promised him to visit him so he can stay at that house he should be utterly great full for him and this is how he repays him. And the other so called friends were just as terrible. If I were Mac I whole have told every last one off them to [censored] off and auction bloo off to the highest biding kid and gave him one final middle finger to finish him off. Then beat the living hell out of Terrence because it was his fault that bloo became a reality. And the worst part is blue is my favorite color, and the fact that this turd is the living embodiment of it sickens me. But luckily Gumball made the color blue awesome again. Can't forget Sunil and Mordecai too

This is how it SHOULD have been like. (I saw this on
Okay so Mac destroys the decorations, and Artie sees, and Artie was actually real. Mac tells them what he thought and then the others are like "Wow Bloo actually does that to you on your birthday? " and then they both plan a party for both of them :D
And Bloo gets what he deserves, a punishment, he cleans the whole house outside and inside >:) (That part wasn't even in, but he was in a pinata and he falls out of it when Artie hits it. )
Oh an also, to the person who said they would beat up Terrence, just beat up Mac's blanket from when he was three, Mac thought up Bloo after he had to give the blanket up. (I LEARNED ABOUT THIS ON THE WIKI)

4 Imposter's Home for Make Em Up Pals

A one time ass character, and a main character who is an ass torture someone till they lose their mind. Can this trope die already?

Frankie I feel like was supposed to be the one who's wrong, but if that's the case, they failed miserably, because goofball is incredibly mean, Herriman is incompetent, and Frankie is blamed for others mistakes. Because of all that, Frankie deserves to be angry, and Harriman deserves to do the chores that he made Frankie do, along with goofball and bloo

This should be #1 or at least #2

This one was awful. I feel bad that Frankie had to do EVERYTHING! Come On, She Deserves A Break. If I Was In The Episode, I Would lock Mr. Herriman In A Closet, Then Dress Up As Him, And Tell Frankie That She Would Have A Day Off, Than I Would Tell Bendy To Do Frankie's Work, Or Else I Would Kill Him, And I Would Dress Him Up As Frankie, Than Mr. H would be unlocked from the closet, and then nothing bad would happen. - Fabricitem

5 Duchess of Wails

An episode for my least favorite character. - RalphBob

6 House of Bloo's

Wait this is the pilot episode, I thought it was alright but not terrible. - htoutlaws2012

This episode was really good and a great way to start the series.

Terrance and Dutchess ruined the episode. Dutchess is a whiny brat, and Terrance is a jerk that try's to be funny, but just makes the show look dumb. - RalphBob

7 Foster's Goes to Europe

Um this episode is boring exept for one thing Eurotrish she is the worst character that I have ever seen her voice is annoying her singing almost broke my ears and Isn't it illegal to wear a dress like a flag example a dress of the UK flag. - Uno4165

8 Berry Scary

Too freaky and psychotic for my taste.

9 Bloo's the Boss
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1. I Only Have Surprise For You
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3. Imposter's Home for Make Em Up Pals
1. I Only Have Surprise For You
2. Everyone Knows It's Bendy
3. Goodbye to Bloo



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