Top Ten Worst Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Episodes

Foster's is a great show, but it had some bad episodes.

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1 Everyone Knows It's Bendy

A terrible episode, but 'Imposter's Home for Make Em Up Pals' and 'I Only Have Surprise For You' are worse. - SamHalls2015

The most cruel episode for a cartoon! And worse, it had no happy ending!

Bendy is a horrible character - ElSherlock

I Know Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends Is Kind Of A Mean-Spirited Show But Did It Ever Had To Be This Mean-Spirited? I Mean Come On! Whoever Says This Is A Good Episode Is An Idiot.

2 I Only Have Surprise For You

This is a horrible surprise - ElSherlock

While I hate "Everyone Knows It's Bendy" as much as Mandy Moore hates her first 2 albums, this episode is worse by about 1-5%

Not only was this unnecessarily cruel to Mac, it required certain characters to act completely out of character to work. For example, why would Mr. Herriman or Frankie go along with anything Bloo says? And why would Wilt of all people want to see Mac hurt like that?

I actually like this episode

3 Goodbye to Bloo

Remember the person who had the ideas for the series finale? That's me.

I've thought of something else instead.

So it's basically father's day, Mac is sad and is sitting on the porch of the Foster's Home. Bloo notices, and goes outside. Mac curls up into a little ball, sniffling. Bloo puts his hand on Mac's back (IN A NORMAL WAY) and asks what's wrong. Mac says "My d-dad is divorced a-and I don't have a dad to c-celebrate father's day w-with I guess." (I decided his dad was divorced instead because I want the story to be longer so Bloo and Mac can go on a hunt for Mac's father.) and Bloo then says "Wait a minute you have a father? We could try to find him." and Mac says "R-Really? " and then Mac and Bloo walk across town to find him. His mother notices that Mac is not in the house. He asks Terrence where he is. She then hears that he went to see Bloo. In fact, he's been doing it for years and his Mom didn't know.

Meanwhile, Mac and ...more

What a terrible way to end a show, it was so badly made, first it was boring, the producers didn't put an attempt in solving Mac's problem of living with Terrence, Bloo is still the unlikeable jerk-head, and Worst of all Cheese appeared to ruin it all. Because of this unfunny and mindless doofus, all the characters suffer because of this annoying "character". Great work, Cartoon Network!

That ending was awful. My favorite character (Cheese) finally moved in the house, BUT then the house gets erased and the show ends. - RalphBob

Why do you hate this episode? Its awesome. Its Everyone Knows its Bendy that needs to be blaimed.

4 Imposter's Home for Make Em Up Pals

Goofball sucks big time, he's ugly, stupid and unlikeable. Frankie was the only adequate character in this episode.


A one time ass character, and a main character who is an ass torture someone till they lose their mind. Can this trope die already?

You know what bothers me is that it took a bunch of seasons for everyone (even Wilt) to notice that they treated Frankie Foster like a maid.

5 Duchess of Wails

An episode for my least favorite character. - RalphBob

6 House of Bloo's

Wait this is the pilot episode, I thought it was alright but not terrible. - htoutlaws2012

This episode was really good and a great way to start the series.

Terrance and Dutchess ruined the episode. Dutchess is a whiny brat, and Terrance is a jerk that try's to be funny, but just makes the show look dumb. - RalphBob

7 Foster's Goes to Europe

They never went to Europe - ElSherlock

Seriously they went through all that craziness only to have Madame Foster steal their tickets, what a bummer

Um this episode is boring exept for one thing Eurotrish she is the worst character that I have ever seen her voice is annoying her singing almost broke my ears and Isn't it illegal to wear a dress like a flag example a dress of the UK flag. - Uno4165

8 Berry Scary

Too freaky and psychotic for my taste.

9 Bloo's the Boss
10 Squeakerboxxx

The Contenders

11 Where There's a Wilt, There's a Way
12 Pranks for Nothing

This episode is way too mean-spirited.

13 Cookie Dough

Bloo's greediness to be rich.

14 Beat with a Shtick

I just found this episode really weird. Apparently Bloo insulted a new guy and now everyone turns against him. Bloo also gets killed. NO ONE CARES THAT BLOO DIED. That is what irritates me

15 Adoptcalypse Now

That ending still haunts me to this day

16 Phone Home

This is the worst episode of season 1, basically what happens is that Wilt saves an imaginary friend and Bloo gets jealous, he brings an adult man dressed up like a phone and calls it an imaginary friend. After Bloo finds out that that is not an imaginary friend, he is sad, Wilt tells him its not a contest and he excepts it, and then Mac shows up saying that he saved an imaginary friend and everyone treats it like a competition, Bloo learned his lesson, but now they gotta trick him.

17 Land of the Flea
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