Worst Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Characters


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1 Duchess

She has the ugliest nose. It's shaped like a faucet!

2 Bendy Bendy

He Blams Every Single Imaginary Friend, I wish he could die

He's The Worst Imaginary Friend Ever! He's Even Worse Than Goofball.

You know bloo deserved this in I only have surprise for you - Uno4165

I also hate him.
Even Lauren Faust HATED him AND the episode he was in.

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3 Terrence

He's a jerk

4 Extremeasaurus
5 Fluffernutter
6 Berry

She's freaky and scary. She freaks out over the littlest things. I hate her!

She's a creeper just like Michael Jackson from 2005. I like Michael Jackson, though. I don't like the one from '05.

OH MY GOD! I HATE BERRY WITH A BURNING PASSION! She's worst than Duchess! She tries to stop Mac from coming over to see Bloo, & also a snot and a stalker! She is spoiled, mean, whiny, & just a B*TCH! She also forced one of the imaginary friends to move with her obnoxious "THIS SEATS TAKEN! " when she wants to sit with Bloo. As for Bloo calling her a different name that rhymes with Berry, great job! Thank god she's only in 2 episodes! Berry needs to be at least #2 & Bendy at #1. DIE, BERRY, DIE!

7 Crackers

Nobody likes you crackers

8 Sloppy Moe
9 Bloo Bloo

I think we've all had that moment where back in our childhood, we cherished a cartoon character so much for his fun demeanor and energetic nature and loved that character to death more than any other character in the cast. And then that moment leads us up to adolescence and adulthood where we then look back and realize that that cartoon character was not as great as we used to perceive them as. Basically, BLOO is essentially the prime example of this. While he's nowhere near as bad as Bendy or Duchess, he hasn't aged well with me and the rest of the FHFIF fandom considering he's pretty much a spoiled brat who only cares for himself. Not to mention they really toned up his selfish Jerkass attitude in later seasons. Don't get me wrong, I still love Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, but Bloo is simply dead to me now. Nowadays, I prefer Wilt and Eduardo over him. They're far more mature and nicer than Bloo ever will be. - ModernSpongeBobSucks


10 George Mucas

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11 Peas

He's that stupid little green lad in "The Big Cheese" spin-off, who's not Jackie Khones.

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12 Coco

My friend hates her for some reason. - RalphBob

13 Mr. Herriman Mr. Herriman

Mr. Herriman is too strict. While I do value rules he's such a perfectionist

Watch Imposters Home For Make Em Up Pals.

I hate this character. SO MUCH!


14 Frankie
15 Eurotrish
16 Goo
17 Madame Foster
18 Goofball John McGee

He's Almost As Bad As Bendy.

19 Cheese V 3 Comments
20 A Pickle Jar

moo. - jackwoodrick

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