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1 Duchess

She has the ugliest nose. It's shaped like a faucet!

2 Bendy Bendy

He Blams Every Single Imaginary Friend, I wish he could die

He's The Worst Imaginary Friend Ever! He's Even Worse Than Goofball.

You know bloo deserved this in I only have surprise for you - Uno4165

I also hate him.
Even Lauren Faust HATED him AND the episode he was in.

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3 Terrence

He's a jerk

4 Extremeasaurus
5 Fluffernutter
6 Berry

She's freaky and scary. She freaks out over the littlest things. I hate her!

She's a creeper just like Michael Jackson from 2005. I like Michael Jackson, though. I don't like the one from '05.

OH MY GOD! I HATE BERRY WITH A BURNING PASSION! She's worst than Duchess! She tries to stop Mac from coming over to see Bloo, & also a snot and a stalker! She is spoiled, mean, whiny, & just a B*TCH! She also forced one of the imaginary friends to move with her obnoxious "THIS SEATS TAKEN! " when she wants to sit with Bloo. As for Bloo calling her a different name that rhymes with Berry, great job! Thank god she's only in 2 episodes! Berry needs to be at least #2 & Bendy at #1. DIE, BERRY, DIE!

7 Crackers

Nobody likes you crackers

8 Sloppy Moe
9 George Mucas
10 Peas

He's that stupid little green lad in "The Big Cheese" spin-off, who's not Jackie Khones.

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11 Coco

My friend hates her for some reason. - RalphBob

12 Bloo Bloo


13 Frankie
14 Eurotrish
15 Goo
16 Mr. Herriman Mr. Herriman

Mr. Herriman is too strict. While I do value rules he's such a perfectionist

I hate this character. SO MUCH!

17 Madame Foster
18 Goofball John McGee

He's Almost As Bad As Bendy.

19 Cheese V 3 Comments
20 A Pickle Jar

moo. - jackwoodrick

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