Worst Fred Videos

The Top Ten Worst Fred Videos

Fred Goes On a Field Trip

Fred is mean to pigs, I hate him for this episode - ChefSquidward

Disgusting and meanspirited to pigs

48/100 - ChefSquidward

Safety First: House of Robots Ep 3

Robot's ruin your life, more like this episode ruins my life - ChefSquidward

Annoying and insulting to fat people

45/100 - ChefSquidward

Fred On Halloween
Fred On May Day
Lucas Defeats Yuksung

No more fred :( - ChefSquidward

Tater Haters

You either love, like, dislike or hate potatoes because of how your taste buds work. Fred is just a heartless, mean-spirited nobody that needs extra hate. The sharp graphics are very unfitting towards the insufferable universe of Fred. Thank God Fred's dead.

Everybody doesn't have to like potatoes - ChefSquidward

Fred Meets Bertha
Fred Gets Babysat
Fred and Weezer Go to the Moon

Weezer's in a Fred video. That just makes me cry up a storm.

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