How to Make a Fred Video

Here are tips on how to make a generic FRED video. Make sure to follow all of these tips and you'll be able to make your own cringe for the internet to despise. If you follow all of these tips then you can easily be the next FRED. Do you want to be the next ear raping/ hurting abonimnation on the internet or not? Now let's get this long list started shall we?
  • Have terrible camera angles: You need this because you're cheap and can't afford green screen.
  • Have a terrible script or improvise all of your dialogue: Screw being creative man.
  • Always scream and shout: It'll hurt the viewer's ears but it'll be fun for you.
  • Pitch up the audio a lot: While the viewer's ears bleed you don't care.
  • Always be melodramatic/ overreact to everything: To become just as obnoxious as Fred is.
  • Be a complete dumbass: You can't dare be intelligent.
  • Be a complete jerk/ nusiance to everyone: Because being likable is a sin now isn't it?
  • Always film in your house: Because variety is so overrated.
  • Have terrible special effects: Quite essiential.
  • Have TERRIBLE editing: It can't look nice so why bother editing in a good way?
  • Always wear the same clothes: Again you're cheap and can't afford much but also no variety.
  • Pretend that your parents are drunk and neglectful even if they're not: It's totally something that won't backfire.
  • Crossdress for female characters instead of having females do the female characters: You're cheap so why put effort in it?
  • Lastly make sure that your video looks cheap, has no effort and looks like it only take twenty minutes to make.
  • Watch the views and dislikes come in faster then a Justin Bieber music video.
Now that you've done all of those tips, you're the next FRED congratulations! Get used to making cheap awful videos because you'll be doing it for a while. You can't be original but at least you'll have thousands of dislikes to look forward to. Maybe even your own crappy trilogy of movies and horrendous TV show made about you as well. Good luck new FRED, hope you enjoy getting hate mail and dislikes because that's all you get to look forward to.