Worst Free Pay-To-Win Mobile Games

These are the mobile games that purposely limit your progress if you don't spend real world money.

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1 Game of War: Fire Age

All of the original Top 3 games on this list which are Game of War: Fire Age, Mobile Strike, and Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire are made by the same company. Don't believe me? Google it. All 3 of these games are virtually the exact same things with the only difference being the visual style. These games are so aggressive with microtransactions that you need to spend hundreds of dollars on these games a week to stay relevant within the community. These games are everything wrong with the mobile app landscape today. Waiting times? Yes, and they are ridiculously long. Paywalls? You bet. Purposely limiting your progress if you don't spend money? Absolutely. Your progress in these games are only dependent by how much money you're willing to spend on it. It would probably take thousands of years to get far in these games without spending money. The worst part is these games keep harassing you with ads everywhere you go, so it has to be good, right? NO! Turns out, there are many idiots who ...more - thunderstar1124

2 Mobile Strike

Literally the exact same game as Game of War but the only difference is the modern warfare visual style. - thunderstar1124

No, just no.

8 k in this lol

3 Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Pay walls for game mechanics that are included in gameplay of other titles. Pay walls upwards of 100$ for an overview map that literally everyone should have.

Literally the exact same game as Game of War and Mobile Strike but with a Final Fantasy skin over it. - thunderstar1124

4 Candy Crush

Any game that forces its demographic into multiple Facebook SOS messages and paying money to advance need to be pulled. For real. - Swellow

I played Candy Crush and hated it. The "lives" concept is getting VERY old, and not just in Candy Crush but in all mobile games. I feel like they rig some levels so that you have to lose a certain number of times before you can win.
I was glad that this game was slowly fading from existence until King started putting out ads EVERYWHERE and made that awful Candy Crush game show (yes, you heard me right, there is a CBS T.V. show.)
Anyways, I'm just glad that this "game" relies only on hype and will be forgotten within the next 5 years, where it will only be remembered as that game you chose to pay instead of saving for college. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

5 Clash of Clans

It seems like the majority of games on the app store are tycoons where the premium currency is basically required to get far in. - thunderstar1124

There are hundreds of stories of little kids accidentally draining their parents' bank accounts or obsessed adults who go to extreme lengths to pay for/get enough time to play this game. I remember reading an article about one of COC's top players and how he brought 5 iPads covered in plastic into the shower with him so he could always play. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Every enemy sucks

This game follows the “lets all make the same game where the guy on the app icon makes this face and its literally just tapping and no action” model.

6 Clash Royale

This game is like playing early NHL games against ai. It just decides you have to loose with no options, reason to be counter decks in this game.

It's almost impossible to reach league 2 or 3 without paying

Total rip off. Should be under pay more and more to win..

As pay to win player I can confirm that the game mehanics wants me to lose with like 70-80% lose ratio. They want me to be angry and with this maximize profit. NEVER EVER BUY ANYTING IN CLASH ROYALEVOR YOU WILL BE FACED FOREVER WITH COUNTER DECKS WHICH OWNS YOUR CURRENT DECK. Many real players see my skill saying 'join my clan' on 2v2. But even Surgical Goblin (top CR player) can be beaten with the perfect counter deck. The games chose your opponent on ladder or challenges so it searches a player against you will counter deck so you lose... then pay...

7 The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Altgough I must agree that it is pay to win,its still posible to get really far in the game and I have a lot of fun playing it

8 Angry Birds Go!
9 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The game is ridiculously p2w. Skins add stats, but require diamonds. And the only way to acquire diamonds is to spend real money or start a stream. Even streams, not everybody is willing to give away diamonds. So wallet warriors have an advantage. You only get few hundred gold after each match, while emblem upgrades requires gold which are very costly, as they require certain emblems to be upgraded. And those emblems themselves only drop a few. Heroes cost up to 32000, and you only get up to 200 gold after each match! Ridiculous.

The skins not just for cosmetic but adds stat too

Pay To Win: Gang Bang

10 War Robots

This game is pure Pay to Win and Free to Play.

Pay to win 100%

Impossible to get the new items without spending 1k+ money and upgrading it to the max level cost 70 million silver and 50 days not to mention upgrading it AGAIN to max max level (MK II ) so 100 days and 140 million silver lmao

Best game ever... Just be ready to spend money 凸^-^凸 (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵)

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The Newcomers

? Rise of Civilization

So many whales who spend thousands of dollars to stroke their egos.

? Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gay 3D

This game sucks a lot
The community is toxic
Completely pay2win
You must paying insane price to get weapon parts
Microtransactions are everywhere
Filled with lag spikes, hacker, and bug
People trashtalked everyday
5 years old child stole their mom credit to buy things
People do s*x everday on sandbos

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11 Gardenscapes

I could tell from that guy's look on his face that this was another terrible cashgrab when this ad popped up. - thunderstar1124

12 Star Wars Battlefront 2
13 Vikings: War of Clans

The "update" made it virtually impossible for anyone to keep up who wasn't spending tons of cash each week.

14 Lords Mobile

Not only this app is pay to win, I'm literally tired of seeing it's ads on other games. The advertisement is so misleading and intrusive that will annoy anyone who seen it.

its trash

There are literally tons of content vital for your gameplay that you just can’t grind and achieve for free. You have to pay and you have no workaround for this. Only buyable non-skin content = worst p2w game

15 Hearthstone Hearthstone

Hearthstone is free to play, but must pay to win,. If u not pay, you'll stuck at level 18 or 17,.

16 Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time

Eventually the difficulty here spikes up so impossibly high that you basically have to spend money to progress - thunderstar1124

Why the hell is this up here? I understand that you need to pay cash in order to level up your plants, but come on, its only for the arena. you could just play normal pvz without the players. And once your plants are lvled up by going grinding a bit you can do lots of stuff.

17 Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links
18 Sniper 3D Assassin
19 Club Penguin Island

You can't do anything without a membership. Disney stole my childhood

TRUE! I heard that Disney was on drugs while making this game!


20 Jurassic World: The Game
21 Heroes Charge
22 South Park: Phone Destroyer
23 Battle Warship: Naval Empire

An upgraded carrier with its 3 planes will cost you $500. Some carriers are on auctions and means you gotta pay $500 to get it in it's basic version. I've seen players waste 8k here and they're not finished yet

24 Tibiame
25 DomiNations

This company just added speed ups which are in all games but with this one you only get about 10% of what you would get in top games like clash of clans,Vikings War of Clans, and Mobile Strike. The new Museum feature has to be the most outrageous scam I've ever witness. For one item it would cost you roughly 60 to full about half way not to mention it's 7 items in the museum as of now. Benefactors, researchers, and Supplies are all very hard to come by and you only get 2-7 once a week. Reminder that you need 200 or 400 just to upgrade one item just one level up. At that rate it would take a faithful player about 2 years to do a full upgrade on just one item. Unless you of course brought 10 of each, which is the package it's sells as a pay to win feature, if you decided to pay to win you'll be spending $400 on a single level up. This is criminal at it's finest. Not to mention you also have to worry about upgrading your others buildings. Which they are constantly making more impossible. ...more

26 Magic the Gathering

It's pay to win

27 Asphalt 8 Airborne

Don't ask me why

Cause yes

28 Asphalt 9 Legends

Things that only good in this game is :
1.) The graphics

The rest?

29 Battle Bay
30 Fortnite
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