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21 Kai
22 Percy's Girlfriend
23 Princess Rapunzel

Rapunzel and Eugene appeared in Frozen cameo attending Elsa's coronation.

Rapunzel is cool. Elsa isn't. Period.

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24 Grand Pabbie
25 Wolves

The wolves were just trying to survive hunting for prey! The only good characters are the wolves. Wolves count caribou as prey. And this trash makes another exaggeration on wolves. They try to survive in a world where people throw torches at them. It hurts badly and the wolf-hating jerks should of lost Sven to the enduring predators.

Why are they on here?! They would've killed Anna and Kristoff if they didn't throw fire at them! Poor wolves, they should be PRAISED!

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26 Percy
27 Snowgies

The snowgies are adorable you are putting very cool character on here and you hate everyone so please if you hate everything THAT much I suggest instead of doing this you could just do nothing

28 The Dignitaries
29 Sitron
30 The Duke's Henchmen
31 Gerda
32 Prince Flynn Rider
33 Kid Kristoff

Now this is just a list of characters what the heck

34 Unnamed Ice Sellers
35 Oaken's Family
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